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Lyme Disease - What Every Art Nude Model (and Photographer) Really Should Know.

There is already an in-depth article on Lyme Disease here https://purpleport.com/articles/1121/preventing-lyme-disease-and-the-risks-1/ which is recommended to those who want to know more.

My aim here is to provide a lighter, more practical guide for those who spend time in the woods, especially those who frolic around with no clothes on.

Added on 19/04/2023

Rules for Adding Keyword Tags to your Images

A list of the rules for adding keyword tags to your images.

Added on 26/05/2022

How to Search for Images using Tags

The PurplePort Guide to searching for images tagged with members and keywords.

Added on 26/05/2022

The PurplePort Guide to Image Tags

The PurplePort Guide for keyword and member tags, including how to add these to your images.

Added on 25/04/2022

$20,000 giveaway rules and terms

The rules for our $20,000 giveaway.

Added on 16/03/2022

Get your prpl.pro link

A brief introduction to the prpl.pro handy link for keeping all of your website links in one place.


Added on 11/02/2022

Tailor your searches to be slick and exclude profiles already looked at

Add specific search lists with filters and make searching drop results already looked at.

Added on 03/03/2021

How to add (or change) shoot styles

How to add (or change) shoot styles listed on your account. 

Added on 09/02/2021

What kind of work can I upload to my portfolio?

Guidance on the type of images you can upload to your portfolio (depending on your account type).

This article covers the following:

  • Images which can be uploaded to different account types on PurplePort (and exceptions to this)
  • Some reasons why different account types are important
  • How to share work on PurplePort that is not relevant to your current account type

Added on 09/05/2020

What measures can we take to continue shooting safely during the Corona pandemic crisis?

I was thinking about how we could continue shooting but mitigating the risks form Coronavirus as much as possible. I am not for one moment claiming to have devised a foolproof solution, but I hope my thoughts help some people to continue shooting and hopefully stimulate intelligent conversation about how else we might improve safety but keep shooting.

Added on 19/03/2020

Shutter Drag - Or How To Liven Up Dancefloor Images

A technique you may not have used before to utilise light trails using slow-sync flash photography - useful for weddings, events, and model shoots too!

Added on 24/02/2020

Crediting other members in images

How to credit (aka "tag") other members in your images, why it's of benefit to both of you, how to manage which images you're credited in, and why some images don't have anyone credited.

Added on 25/01/2020

Model's Notes ~ Advice

Some simple advice on how to write good notes for your folio.
What to include. What to leave out.

Added on 02/01/2020

Preventing Lyme Disease and the Risks

Lyme disease is one of the risks that needs to be considered by nature photographers and during location shoots with models, potentially affecting anyone involved in the shoot. If left untreated, it can cause serious disease, but it is easily preventable, with some care and awareness.

Added on 13/12/2019

How to work with body paint (NSFW)

Working with body paint is a great way to unleash your inner artist.

Added on 25/10/2019

Lens Sharpness (Nikon)

How much does glass make a difference to sharpness?

Added on 12/08/2019

What Camera Should I Get?

Every now and again, someone asks the members of Purple Port for advice on buying a camera. Often this is a model or someone looking for advice for a family member who is looking for their first camera. Sometimes it is someone looking for advice on upgrading. Whatever the reason though, much of the advice that can be given is very similar and there are some questions that you need to ask yourself, as well as information that you need to give to get the best advice possible. This article is meant to provide that starting point to give you a head-start and to think about the information you are going to be asked for.

This article walks you through the questions you need to ask and the information you need to make a more informed choice.

Added on 11/07/2019

The Meet and Greet (MaG) Team

The purpose of the Meet and Greet (MaG) Team is mainly to welcome new members to PurplePort, but also to assist existing members too. This may be helping members to acclimatise to PurplePort, answer any questions they may have, or give site-related advice where needed.

Added on 09/06/2019

Self(ie) Aware

Selfie Aware.

Are you? Do you know what I'm even talking about? Well you should. And if you don't, I suggest you read on.

Added on 07/02/2019

Indecent Exposure

An article intended mainly for new (and some seasoned!) models and photographers, to know some of the ways images may be manipulated quite easily to reveal things you would rather not share.

Added on 05/02/2019

Advice to photographers to minimise missing model events.

How to get notified when models you are interested in working with are on tour or holding studio days without being inundated with notifications.

Added on 18/01/2019

Why You Didn't Book the Job

There are many reasons why models and actors don't book the job.
This might be why.

Added on 12/01/2019

Avatar images on PurplePort should be Suitable for Work

A brief article explaining why we want avatar images to be suitable for work.

Added on 05/12/2018


Battery choice, use and charging are frequent topics.  Here are some frequent answers.  

Added on 22/11/2018

Photographers' Pictures (in Their Profile)

Some photographers use their own likeness as an avatar or include a picture of themself in their profile.

Some others become angry at the suggestion it should be standard.

No new light has been shed by many recurrent threads, they usually turn nasty, and may be the wrong question.

Added on 30/10/2018

Shooting in Hotels

Booking hotel rooms for shoots is a recurring topic in the forums.

It seems usually to work well.

Collected thoughts.

Added on 31/08/2018

The PurplePort Guide to Shoot Plans

Using a shoot plan to map out and store your ideas will go a long way to ensuring the success of your shoot. But what is a shoot plan? Read on to find out more, including why you should use shoot plans for your projects and how to use the Shoot plan feature on PurplePort. 

Added on 16/08/2018

A Guide to the PurplePort Calendar

The PurplePort Calendar allows you to keep track of when you are free to shoot, busy with something else, booked on a shoot, or away (amongst other things).

Added on 16/08/2018

Tethering: camera to computer or screen

Connecting the camera to a computer or screen has some uses and some failure modes.  Models tend to appreciate it and it is practically useful to production teams working in real time.

In the Coronavirus years remote shoots over the Internet have made this a wider and more important topic.  It was originally written for shoots in person.

Added on 25/06/2018

Model Release: Do I need one? Should I sign one? (England & Wales)

A recurrent question in the forums.

The recurrent answer is that although you might not need it, you may want it later on and so you may as well get one done now.

Added on 12/06/2018

Life Class (drawing) modelling

Collected advice to first-time models for a drawing class.

Generally a fun and rewarding experience.

"You are the canvas, the plate and grapes, the vase and sunflowers; it is easier than photographic modelling in some ways, and more difficult in others (i.e. pose holding)"

Added on 08/06/2018

For Models: How Not To Get Burned On A Trade Shoot

Trade shoots (like everything in life) can sometimes go wrong for reasons that are beyond our control. Though this can be frustrating there are some problems that can be easily avoided.

Added on 11/05/2018

Instagram ShadowBan: What is it? How to avoid it? What to do if you get one?

There are a LOT of things being written about Instagram currently: algorithms, shadow bans, reach, exposure, etc. The list is endless. ShadowBans are a real thing. Read on for more info...

Added on 01/05/2018

Abuse on PurplePort

Information regarding Abuse on PurplePort.

Added on 16/03/2018

Multiple accounts and changing account types on PurplePort

Information about changing your account type and creating multiple accounts on PurplePort.

Added on 05/12/2017

Find out more about Images on PurplePort

Here you will find lots of articles about images on PurplePort. 

Added on 05/12/2017

Important Information: Younger Members (aged between 16 years and 18 years)

Important information for all members who are either:

  • Under 18 years of age
  • Over 18 years of ages and wanting to work with members who are younger than 18 years

Added on 07/09/2017

Why has PurpleBot deleted my excess images?

PurpleBot has been set the task of tidying up a few things, if he's gone and removed some of your images, this explains why.

Added on 11/07/2017

Find out more about Groups on PurplePort

Here you will find lots of articles about groups on PurplePort. 

Added on 14/06/2017

Should I leave a reference?

Sometimes shoots get cancelled, sometimes someone cancels at short notice, and sometimes a shoot becomes uncomfortable. The question "Should I leave a reference" is a common one in the groups.

This is designed to help you to decide whether to leave one, and what sort.

Added on 25/05/2017

Common FAQs for using PurplePort

Here are some common frequently asked questions for using PurplePort.

Added on 05/05/2017

Studios: How to get more bookings

We want your studio account to be first-class because we know it will boost your bookings. In fact, we want to be THE best place for you to get your bookings from. So we’ve decided to help explain what we expect to see from all our studio accounts on PurplePort.

Added on 05/05/2017

Why PurplePort is a better choice than ModelMayhem

Just a few of the reasons why PurplePort is a better choice than ModelMayhem.

Added on 13/03/2017

Photoshop Basics

This will show new (and some old) user of Photoshop the basics of the program. From preference settings, through the basic tools and saving your works of art.

Added on 09/03/2017

Modelling With a Hearing Loss

Tricky situations and possible solutions for those who are (or work with) hearing impaired models.

From my blog post: http://www.safiapixie.com/single-post/Modelling-With-a-Hearing-Loss

Added on 02/03/2017

How do I leave a reference?

Explains the different types of references available, and how to create them.

Added on 02/03/2017

How do I upgrade my account?

This article contains information on how to purchase VIP membership. 

Added on 23/02/2017

Groups are amazing: How they can help you

Why PurplePort groups are amazing and how they can help you.

Added on 03/02/2017

Find out more about Casting Calls on PurplePort

Here you will find lots of articles about casting calls on PurplePort. 

Added on 06/01/2017

Find out more about References on PurplePort

Here you will find lots of articles about references on PurplePort. 

Added on 06/01/2017

Creating a link to your Front Page Images in your portfolio notes - the easy way

I see a lot of posts asking how to create a link to show your FPIs on your portfolio notes, with that little rosette we all love so much. A lot of replies include using HTML which some users will find a little daunting.

Here's the easy way to do it.

Added on 04/01/2017

A Quick Guide for Reporting Issues

A quick guide for many of the things you can report on PurplePort.

Note that all reports and information provided to us are confidential. Only the PurplePort Admin team (full-time staff members) will see this information.

Added on 28/11/2016

References System & Rules Explained

Information about what the references system is and the rules for using it.

Added on 26/10/2016


A rough guide to photography in the wild.

Added on 18/10/2016

One account, one person

Article explaining why PurplePort has been designed for one person (or one purpose) per account.

Added on 06/10/2016

General Advice for New Models.

A photograher's view of how a new model should approach trying to break into serious full-time modelling.

Added on 01/10/2016

My helpful hints for new Photographers!

My top ten list of things I wish someone else had taken the time to tell me two years ago!

Aimed at the beginner hobbyist!

Added on 27/08/2016

Valid reasons for taking communications off Purpleport

There's plenty of advice saying that all communications should be kept on the site, using the site's messaging system, and there are many very worthwhile benefits of doing this, but there are also valid reasons for taking communications off the site.

Added on 28/06/2016

Sharing a shoot (aimed at hobbyist photographers)

For hobbyist whose main objective is to create great images with a team of people for creative or artistic purposes and want to create a great relationship and partnership with the  team you are working with the following recommended steps are suggested.  This article is not focused on photographers who have a commercial reason or specific objective to meet for a client.  The audience is purely focused on the hobbyist photographer looking at building their portfolio and relationships with others on the site.

Added on 05/06/2016

Last minute availability - What is it and how does it work?

A short article explaining the last minute availability, how it works and when to use it.

Added on 05/06/2016

How to get the most out of Share a Shoot post

This is just a quick guide for those who are still not sure how to make their images click-able in a share a shoot forum.



Added on 12/05/2016

How to get started shooting great photos of models (and your kids) for under £450

What do you really need to spend to get started shooting great model photos?
Not nearly as much as you might think, and the same kit works just as well for family shots.
This isn't about getting "the best gear"- it's about getting great shots on a small budget.

Added on 11/05/2016

Replying To Casting Calls.

A guideline for anyone applying to a casting on PP

Added on 05/04/2016

How to link accounts

How to link accounts

Added on 05/04/2016

Studio Advice- From the Models Point of View

An article on what models need and look for, as well as the Do's and Don'ts!


Added on 04/04/2016

5 steps to getting the best from your model

5 helpful tips to creating a comfortable working environment for your model.

Added on 29/03/2016

How to avoid scams

A quick overview of some common scams and how to avoid them.

Added on 15/02/2016

Constructive Criticism - asking for, giving and receiving it!

One of the great things about being on a networking site like PurplePort is the ability to use the collective knowledge of the community to help make you a better photographer, model, MUA, stylist or studio.

One of the worst things about being on a networking site like PurplePort is the small group of people who seem to thrive on being deliberately provocative, trying to show-off with how much they ‘know’, and just being critical rather than providing insights.

Although the latter will never disappear, this article aims to help people get the most out of the constructive criticism process.

Added on 03/01/2016

Model Safety

A look at some of the ways your modelling experience can be made nasty and how to avoid the,

Added on 24/10/2015

Back it up!

If you’re serious about your images - whether you’re a photographer, a model, Make Up Artist, etc - you need to be serious about backing them up, too.

Added on 22/09/2015

Tools for Shoot Planning

Not everyone likes to plan shoots to the nth degree, and some people survive solely by a process of what those of us in the know call ‘winging it.’ But sometimes, it does pay to plan your shoot in advance.


These are some of the useful tools, websites, and techniques that you can use to plan your shoot more effectively and get the most out of the time you have.

Added on 24/07/2015

How not to be a GWC - 10 tips to not being a creepy photographer

We all know of them. If you’re new to model photography, you’re probably wary of the dangers of being thought of as one. They seem to be everywhere, infiltrating our ranks like a disease, making us all look bad in the process.

You know what I mean: ‘Those’ guys. The GWC - Guy With Camera.

Added on 14/07/2015

Giving the right impression in your profile

Even if you are newbiest of newbies and consider yourself the amateurest of amateurs. If you are just dipping a tentative toe in the water, your profile text is the first thing I will ever know about you. It might be the last.

Added on 10/07/2015

Photographic Copyright - what does it mean, who has it and who doesn't

A summary of the law of copyright describing: authorship and ownership, acts restricted by copyright, certain moral rights that are relevant, and licensing.

Added on 09/07/2015

Using Shoot Plans For The Important Stuff

A quick overview of using shoot plans to communicate everything your model wants to know about you and your ways of working.

Added on 08/07/2015

Taking the Plunge - Arranging an Outdoor Photo Shoot.

A rough guide for your first attempt at outdoor model photography.

Added on 06/07/2015

Got a question to ask in the groups? Check this list first!

As Purpleport continues to grow many new members, both new and a little experienced, may have a question they want to ask in regards to photography/modelling. Although there are a vast number of things people might need to know, there is also an increasing number of the same questions being asked over and over again. Many newer members might not be familiar with the search system, or simply do not know how best to search for what they want to know, so here is a list of the most commonly asked questions, along with the most unbiased answer you could possibly have.


Added on 06/07/2015

No references? No experience? NO PROBLEM!

If like me you started on PurplePort with no references, never having worked with a model, and a less than thrilling portfolio, then you may be wondering just how to get started. Models won't be keen to work with you if you have no references, and you can't get references without working with models. You feel stuck. Here is how I went about making a start.

Added on 06/07/2015

Deposits, Payments and Cancellation Fees!

Some helpful advice to protect yourself from financial loss when paying people in advance and when something goes wrong.

Added on 26/04/2015

How to treat a model on location shoots

Do you know how to treat a model and look after them on an outdoor shoot. I have heard some horror stories recently so thought I would jot down some basic principles as a guide. 

Added on 25/04/2015

The dangers of beautiful watery locations and a few things to make them easier.. :)

A few helpful and essential safety tips for shooting watery locations such as waterfalls, rivers, coast etc.. :)

Added on 20/04/2015

Quick Guide for newbie models :)

 includes tips for those who are considering modelling or are new to modelling and wanting to get ideas about building a basic profile...hope its helpful!

Added on 21/03/2015

Adding PurplePort emails to your Safe Senders list

Depending on what email platform you use, you may experience issues receiving emails from PurplePort. Adding us to your "Safe Senders" list will resolve this issue. Here's how to do it.

Added on 17/10/2014

The PurplePort Guide to Member Created Groups

A quick guide to PurplePort member created groups.

Added on 03/10/2014

Here’s why you should use PurplePort for your shoot communications

Here are some key reasons for using PurplePort for your shoot communications.

Added on 30/07/2014

When the sunlight is good enough

I love using off-camera flash and additional lighting, but it's also important to recognise when the available light is good enough.....


Added on 28/02/2014

Group participation suspension and ban policy

On PurplePort we have the ability to suspend group participation from 1 day right through to permanently.

Added on 14/02/2014

Cleaning up top heavy light: On-Camera bounce flash

On-camera flash work does not have to give you harsh shadows and distinctly obvious 'flashy' results.  

Here's how thoughtful use of on-camera bounce flash can improve unflattering or poor quality available light!

Added on 10/02/2014

Emoticons :)

An introduction and brief reference to Purpleport's emoticons

Added on 09/02/2014

The PurplePort Guide to Image Albums

The PurplePort Guide to creating, using and adding images to image albums.

Added on 27/11/2013

Image Filter Enabled: How to view NSFW or Adult images

A guide to toggling the content filter on PurplePort

Added on 11/11/2013

How to show or hide images from your portfolio

A quick guide for how to show or hide images from your portfolio.

Added on 11/11/2013

Five tips for spicing up your Bio and folio this Autumn!

I’ve recently been looking through a lot of profiles (looking for people who might be suitable to work on a project that I have) and one thing that struck me is how hard some folks make it to a) see how good they actually are and b) let you know what work they are actually looking for and how relevant they might be for your project.

I mean, isn’t that kind of defeating the object of posting a profile in the first place? Surely the objective is to sell yourself and make it easy for folks to find this sort of stuff out about you? Not make it hard?

It certainly made me think carefully about my own profile pages. To the point that I am presently busily revamping them, to make them more concise and attractive to the people browsing them.

Anyway, I thought I would share 5 tips for an Autumnal spice up for your own Bio’ and ‘folio.

Added on 28/10/2013

What is a reply rate, and how does it work?

A short guide about how the reply rate works on PurplePort.

Added on 18/10/2013

Copyright in photography

A guide to copyrights in photography.


Added on 05/10/2013

A Guide to the PurplePort Messaging System

An in depth guide to getting the most out of the Purpleport messaging system.

Added on 30/09/2013

Purpleport messaging system

An in depth user guide on the messaging system on Purpleport

Added on 28/09/2013

A Brief Guide to Image Tagging

Here is a brief guide on how to use the image tag features on Purpleport, how to tag images and how to search for image tags

Added on 15/09/2013

Issues with Microsoft-based email (hotmail / live / msn / outlook)

Since our PurplePort server upgrade at the beginning of August, Microsoft have blocked our emails, here are some more details about it and what you can do to help!

Added on 20/08/2013

How to raise your profile and get noticed on and off PurplePort

A quick overview of some of the simple things to do on (and off) PurplePort to get noticed, find collaborators and work.

Added on 11/06/2013