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A Quick Guide to Creating Casting Calls

Here's our quick guide to creating casting calls whether you are looking for a model to pay or collaborate with or whether you are a travelling model looking to fill an empty day on a tour.

Added on 06/04/2013

The Guide to PurplePort Lists

Here's our brief guide to PurplePort Lists, what they are, what they can be used for and how to get the most out of them.

Added on 05/04/2013

The Guide to PurplePort Image Collections

Here's our brief guide to PurplePort Image Collections, what they are, what they can be used for and how to get the most out of them.

Added on 05/04/2013

Why do I get image views but no profile views (or vice versa)

Statistics are a funny old beast and this article explains why your account can get few profile views but plenty of image views or vice versa :-)

Added on 17/03/2013

Why do hidden images still get views?

Hidden images are hidden from your portfolio. They are visible on PP in all other respects. If you want to hide an image completely from PurplePort then it's best to delete it. If you've hidden an image and it's still getting views then here's why...

Added on 17/03/2013

Casting calls: What you can do and what you can't

A brief article outlining the general do's and don't's associated with creating casting call.

Added on 16/03/2013

Terms of use for PurplePort

Here's our terms of use in simple English. These are to be read as social guidelines such that stepping beyond them may result in some kind of loss or punishment. No-one wants that!

Added on 16/03/2013

Agencies - facts, fiction and FAQs

This is a quick guide to what makes an agency, how an agency works, and to hopefully dispel some of the myths about agencies.

Added on 16/03/2013

Etiquette in the groups

Everyone loves good banter, but things can quickly get out of hand, and can often result in bad feeling, someone getting suspended, or worse. Here's a quick guide to avoiding the pitfalls of posting in the Groups. This advice applies to practically every website with forums or groups.

Added on 16/03/2013

How does getting suspended work on PurplePort

A brief overview of how suspensions work on PurplePort and what individual privileges can be suspended or permanently revoked.

Added on 16/03/2013

Glossary of Terms

The photography and modelling industry uses all manner of specific terms and acronyms, and this can be confusing. In this article we list out many of the common terms so you don't have to try to figure them out :-)

Added on 16/03/2013

Blocking someone: How does it work and what does it do?

On PurplePort it's possible to block someone from interacting with you. They don't know they have been blocked until they try. Here's a brief article explaining how you block someone and what activities get blocked.

Added on 16/03/2013

How to get PurplePort VIP membership for free!

It's surprisingly easy to get free upgrades on PurplePort. In fact with a little effort you could probably never pay for your PurplePort VIP subscription. Here's how...

Added on 16/03/2013

How to get your images in the PurplePort Front Page Image (FPI) Collection

Here's a brief article explaining how images are selected for the Front Page Image (FPI) Collection and some things to avoid in your images if you would like your images to be considered.

Added on 16/03/2013

Late cancellations and 'no-shows'

Late cancellations or someone not showing up to shoot can be incredibly irritating, can ruin reputations and cause all manner of fuss.

Here's our advice on how to deal with either not being able to make it to a booked shoot or managing the aftermath if someone cancels or fails to turn up.

Added on 14/03/2013

Photographers new to working with models

A quick run down for those new to model photography. Lots of great advice including...improving your skills by finding a mentor or getting some photography tuition, working with professional models to gain experience and a valuable portfolio, contacting models, arranging shoots, handling rejection, shoot etiquette, agreements and more...

Added on 13/03/2013

New to modelling: How to become a model...hints, tips and how to's

If you are new and want to get the most out of your modeling and your PurplePort membership, we recommend you read this article. It's full of useful information to help you further your modeling career, and includes such things as setting up your Purpleport profile, selecting the best images to use, finding and arranging shoots, safety, rates and getting the most out of PurplePort!

Added on 13/03/2013

Passwords, security, what it means and best practices....

A brief guide to passwords used on PurplePort with advice on best practices for passwords used on other web sites too.

Added on 13/03/2013

A model's tips for UK Tours

A giant grab bag of tips and handy advice for models touring the UK.

Added on 03/03/2013

How to get paid modelling work on PurplePort

Get your portfolio in order

Before looking for work on PurplePort (or any similar website) ensure your portfolio is the best it can possibly be.

This includes not just your images, which should include some mostly-unedited and clear shots of you, but also your portfolio notes and your stats.

Ensure your portfolio notes read well. Ensure they are grammatically correct, no spelling errors or txt spk. Use formatting options such as bold/italic to make section headers and to emphasise important bits. Use bullet points to create lists of things.

If you are new and you don’t have strong images then you may be better off trying to collaborate with awesome local photographers first.

Once you have made sure your portfolio is as good as you can get it feel free to post in the Portfolio Review group to see if there is anything else you can do.

Be active on PurplePort

Being active on PurplePort attracts attention and there are many things you can do to get noticed.

  • Post in the groups
  • Collect images into an inspiring images collection
  • Comment on images
  • Give images some love.
  • Add people to lists
  • SHOUT on the shoutbox!

None of these things will guarantee you’ll get any attention or paid work but you will get noticed more and you will increase your chances of success.

Create casting calls

A casting call is a great way of gaining modelling work on PurplePort. It’s very quick and easy to do.

Ensure the location is correct and much like your portfolio notes ensure the text has no spelling or grammar mistakes, and no txt spk.

By all means, use similar formatting options as you do in your portfolio notes, and if you like you can include images but don’t put images that are too big.

When complete you have a grace period of 10 minutes before any casting call notifications are sent out. Use this time to review your casting call and ensure it’s as good as it can possibly be.

Use the last minute availability feature

This is a super handy way to make yourself available for shoots and anyone searching for a model to work with today, tomorrow or the next day can search and find you. It takes a few seconds each day but could yield some amazing shoots.

Read our brief guide to how to use it and how it works

Studio days

Arranging studio days is a great way to fill a day with paid shoots and also to network with a wide variety of photographers who may want to book you again.

It may seem a little daunting but most studios often run studio days so they can help with both organising and promoting your event.

On PurplePort we have our events system and we’d suggest posting your event day there, and then posting a link to it on your Facebook and Twitter pages.

Search for local studios and send the owner a message detailing the sort of day you think you would like to do - and once you have it arranged message photographers local to the studio that you think may be interested.

Direct messaging

Most photographers don’t mind being directly messaged by models but some do. If someone gets grumpy about you sending a direct message to them be humble and apologetic. Do not argue with them.

When directly messaging a photographer ensure your initial email contains all of the information the photographer would need in order to make a decision about whether to hire you. This should include the location if you are travelling, rates and detail anything special e.g maybe you have just bought some awesome latex or wigs.

Don't be offended or upset if you don't get a reply from everyone. Many people are very busy and simply won't reply if they don't have the time and don't wish to shoot.

And of course "no" means no. It's often difficult dealing with rejection but it's also normal and natural. Just say "Thanks for letting me know" and move on. It really isn't a big deal.

Consider a tour

Touring is an effective way of reaching photographers who would otherwise be too far away to shoot with.

Many photographers make lists of people they would love to shoot with if only they were closer and you may be on that list.

Touring may sound scary but it’s really not. As long as you are organised it will be a fabulous experience and you’ll get to work with many people you would normally not be able to. Here's our quick guide to touring (Aimed at the UK but probably applies anywhere).

Added on 03/03/2013

Shooting TF: Expectations and agreements

A short article detailing what TF shoots are and what you should expect and agree to prior to the shoot.

Added on 03/03/2013

How to change (or add) your cover image

A quick guide for how to change (or add) your cover image.

Added on 03/03/2013

Easily use PurplePort VIP for FREE!

PurplePort VIP membership is awesome! 

This article describes the numerous ways you can get PurplePort VIP membership for free.

Added on 21/02/2013

Some common questions...and answers!

Some common questions and answers...

Added on 21/02/2013

Create more impact with your casting calls

Create more impact with your casting calls

Added on 20/02/2013

I can't log in, help!

If you're struggling to log in then this article details a number of ways you can overcome the problem.

Added on 20/02/2013

I keep getting email notifications for group posts

This discusses why you get email notifications for group posts and how to manage them.

Added on 16/02/2013

Shoot Styles - Work Preferences

A list of shoot styles available for work preferences.

Added on 02/02/2013

Image Upload Guidelines

Image upload guidelines

Added on 05/01/2013