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How to get PurplePort Unlimited for free!

It's surprisingly easy to get free upgrades on PurplePort. In fact with a little effort you could probably never pay for your PurplePort Unlimited subscription. Here's how...

Added on 16/03/2013

How to get your images in the PurplePort Front Page Image (FPI) Collection

Here's a brief article explaining how images are selected for the Front Page Image (FPI) Collection and some things to avoid in your images if you would like your images to be considered.

Added on 16/03/2013

Late cancellations and 'no-shows'

Late cancellations or someone not showing up to shoot can be incredibly irritating, can ruin reputations and cause all manner of fuss.

Here's our advice on how to deal with either not being able to make it to a booked shoot or managing the aftermath if someone cancels or fails to turn up.

Added on 14/03/2013

Photographers new to working with models

A quick run down for those new to model photography. Lots of great advice including...improving your skills by finding a mentor or getting some photography tuition, working with professional models to gain experience and a valuable portfolio, contacting models, arranging shoots, handling rejection, shoot etiquette, agreements and more...

Added on 13/03/2013

New to modelling: How to become a model...hints, tips and how to's

If you are new and want to get the most out of your modelling and your PurplePort membership, we recommend you read this article. It's full of useful information to help you further your modelling career, and includes such things as setting up your Purpleport profile, selecting the best images to use, finding and arranging shoots, safety, rates and getting the most out of PurplePort!

Added on 13/03/2013

Passwords, security, what it means and best practices....

A brief guide to passwords used on PurplePort with advice on best practices for passwords used on other web sites too.

Added on 13/03/2013

A model's tips for UK Tours

A giant grab bag of tips and handy advice for models touring the UK.

Added on 03/03/2013

How to get paid modelling work on PurplePort

A grab bag of advice, hints and tips on how you can get paid modelling work on PurplePort.

Added on 03/03/2013

Shooting TF: Expectations and agreements

A short article detailing what TF shoots are and what you should expect and agree to prior to the shoot.

Added on 03/03/2013

How to add/change a cover image

A brief explanation on how to add/change a cover image

Added on 03/03/2013

Easily use PurplePort Unlimited for FREE!

PurplePort Unlimited is awesome! It's Unlimited!

This article describes the numerous ways you can get PurplePort Unlimited for free.

Added on 21/02/2013

Some common questions...and answers!

Some common questions and answers...

Added on 21/02/2013

Create more impact with your casting calls

Here's our quick guide to making sure your casting calls have impact and reach the right people.

To create a casting call simply click "Castings" above and then click the "Create new casting" button near the top right.

Added on 20/02/2013

I can't log in, help!

If you're struggling to log in then this article details a number of ways you can overcome the problem.

Added on 20/02/2013

I keep getting email notifications for group posts

This discusses why you get email notifications for group posts and how to manage them.

Added on 16/02/2013

Shoot Styles - Work Preferences

A list of shoot styles available for work preferences.

Added on 02/02/2013

Image Upload Guidelines

Image upload guidelines

Added on 05/01/2013