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What is a trade shoot, and what are the benefits of working this way? Read on for practical advice and essential tips to help you book trade shoots and get the most out of them...

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by Penelope Purple

What is machine-generated art, and why are we banning its use?

124 loves | 114 Comments | 1663156503| 3 min read

by Russ Freeman

We interviewed PurplePort photographer, Graham McCowen, a concept storyteller and photographic art director based in London, UK. Find out more about Graham's fabulous work...

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by Penelope Purple

We interviewed PurplePort hairstylist, Chris Evans, a freelance stylist and artist based in London, UK. Read on to find out how Chris began his creative journey and entered the hair and model-photography industry...

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by Penelope Purple

This guide is perfect for photographers who want to start their career working in the model photography industry.

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by Penelope Purple

Don't have a million pound prop budget for your next shoot? Making CGI props may be the answer!

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by Owen Lloyd

Lose yourself in a mysterious purple wonderland with this collection of purple-themed PurplePort images. You may find yourself inspired to use this luxurious colour in your photoshoots!

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by Penelope Purple

Check out this juicy collection of orange-themed PurplePort images and get inspired to burst this colour into your upcoming photoshoot!

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by Penelope Purple

Get some shoot inspiration with this masterly monochrome collection of PurplePort images exclusively of male models.

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by Penelope Purple

Have you ever featured a warrior (or wanted to be a warrior) in your photoshoots? You'll be inspired to do so after you've seen this collection PurplePort images!

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by Penelope Purple