Black Swan

Black Swan / Photography by Athena Rose, Photography by ❀ Chiara Elisabetta, Model ❀ Chiara Elisabetta, Stylist ❀ Chiara Elisabetta, Assisted by Athena Rose / Uploaded 24th November 2019 @ 08:19 PM

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Self-portrait at Studland Bay House, but the focus & shutter was pressed by Athena Rose's lovely mum as I couldn't get the focus right for this after setting everything up & didn't have long enough to sort it out myself!

Thank you! x

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Natural Happy WomanNatural Happy Woman said, 1579040331

OMG this is stunning, I've only just seen this! Studland looks different, you look different... you always bring something new...a true creative.. I agree with Jewelled Earth...

Jewelled EarthJewelled Earth said, 1574727718

This is something special. There is such a story. You convey a wisdom and knowing here, that's so powerful and thought provoking. I see a ballet dancer, actress or opera singer looking back at memories of her life on the stage, from the warm light I imagine her thoughts replaying the scenes in front of her. It's magnetising! There's a sense of grief, and sadness, but such strength, dignity and elegance. As glowing star as ever! Whether any of that relates or not, thank you for capturing my imagination. Stunning work Cheryl!!

BoomerBoomer said, 1574705035

Stunning images

❀ Chiara Elisabetta ❀ Chiara Elisabetta said, 1574669507

Thank you Capture 77 & Gary!

Gary StuartGary Stuart said, 1574661064


Capture 77Capture 77 said, 1574656538


❀ Chiara Elisabetta ❀ Chiara Elisabetta said, 1574634442

Aww, it was such a pleasure to meet you both! Beautiful people!! Hope I see you again soon x

Athena RoseAthena Rose said, 1574632238

Thank you for allowing me to assist, truly beautiful x

❀ Chiara Elisabetta ❀ Chiara Elisabetta said, 1574629728

Wow thanks so much Darryl & Stanmore!

StanmoreStanmore said, 1574629672

Tippity toppity.

Darryl J DennisDarryl J Dennis said, 1574629314

Sucha beautiful shot

❀ Chiara Elisabetta ❀ Chiara Elisabetta said, 1574628258

Thank you Shiny!

ShinyShiny said, 1574627946

Love this !

❀ Chiara Elisabetta ❀ Chiara Elisabetta said, 1574627333

Aw, thank you Mark & Freya! x

FreyaFreya said, 1574627187


Mark21Mark21 said, 1574627173

Another Masterpiece of a portrait!