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  • Full time Photographer
  • More than 2 years experience
  • I work for either pay or trade depending on assignment
  • I can travel for shoots
  • See message reply rate [?]

Shoots styles

Beauty, Commercial, Fashion, Fitness, Landscape, Pinup, Portrait, Promotional and Swimwear


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My name is Mark.

I have been interested in Photography ever since I was a child.  I enjoy most styles as a rule.  I will generally consider anything except weddings, and I am not keen on macros of insects aka creepy crawlies.

For some styles I like doing Portrait, Landscape, Street and Travel photography.

Overall, I like portraits especially because they are a moment captured in time. Rather like all photography. I have had success in the past, such as young children and other's including family.

I do know my area in the West of England quite well and certain others further afield. Including travelling abroad.

For influences, many, Daddy, David Bailey HonFRPS, Sir Don McCullin HonFRPS, Jean Shrimpton, Twiggy and many others including those on Purpleport!

Please take the trouble to read my port notes in full. I shall presume if booking me or enquiring you have, so make sure.

Qualifications and Courses.

I have the RPS Certificate of Photography taken at The Open University from 1st August 2017. All courses and workshops including beginner and improvers related to Photography at The Bristol Folk House.

Apart from that various books, You Tube (Weekly Imogen is where I found out about Purpleport for instance), websites like Digital Photography School (most useful).

Other than the above self-taught.


£30 per hour                        (2 hours minimum preferred)

£100 for 4 hours

£200 per day                       (I expect there will be a break for lunch during that time)

For Prints of my Photograph's (Framed or Framed and Mounted) A4 is £250, other sizes on request.  

I don’t normally charge Travel Expenses if my rate will cover it. So, if not I will then charge.

Same for Studios if wanted that would also be chargeable.

Note while I prefer my minimum time. I may be agreeable to a quick 1-hour shoot if local.


Absolutely no problem provided the expense is covered, either by my rate or expenses.

Most happy to fly or go by sea, long distance no problem as I travelled wide when I have been able to.

I do hold a Driving Licence and most importantly a British Passport. Presently my main means of travel is Train within the British Isles or my own Legs.

Photographing with me.

I am not someone who likes blowing their own trumpet, but I am someone who doesn’t pretend to be someone they’re not. I always try to keep an open mind and I am certainly a deep thinker!

I always like to capture reality with my photograph’s, a portrait should be that person as they are.

I have an allergy to post-processing, that is I don’t like to manipulate or alter the final photograph. I am strictly in camera what can be done with the camera. I don’t have Photoshop and I have trialled Lightroom before (4, 5 and 6) but my Computer presently cannot run that. I note all my references don’t think of that as a problem. I am fully aware of those who have special conditions for post-processing and in such a case that would be no problem at all.  

I would say that people think of me as polite, courteous, organised, understanding. I am a perfectionist and like to get things just right. I like going into precise details in depth, but I like to be flexible too. I have had to change things on the day of a shoot and some of my best photos have been unexpected but moments in time captured literally.

I like to give everyone a fair chance.

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing” Socrates

I love this quote.  

Even better if you read my lovely references.  I even have been referred to as a Professional!  I have had lots of loves, kind comments and some lovely messages to me and said in person about me and my photography, especially considering from whom. All in all, suggests I can take a decent photograph.

I believe a photoshoot is 2-way both photographer and model who work together to produce something greater than the sum of its parts.

Presently I don't have a Studio or anywhere suitable myself to do Studio work or shoot Indoors.  So normally my shooting will be Outdoors in Natural Light and subject to the Weather.

There are several Studios I can recommend or have been recommended to me, see my rates.

My camera is not weatherproof so in the event of bad weather if unable to shoot indoors I shall endeavour to rearrange the shoot at no extra charge. 

I do hold Membership of The Royal Photographic Society from 27th August 2016

Presently that membership has lapsed from 2018 for some months, so I am not current, my RPS Certificate though is permanent.

All communications will be kept on Purpleport, once confirmed in the calendar I shall exchange mobile numbers.

I love what I have done so far, who I have photographed on Purpleport. I am confident of my own abilities in the sense I wouldn’t do anything that I was unsure of. I am always happy to learn more.

I don’t like the idea of having a chaperone present and I have got on fine with those I have photographed and others. If there is an important specific reason you need one, I may allow it, as long as no interference during the shoot.

Whom I want to photograph.


In more detail and in light of bitter experience. I am looking for people who are honest and reliable as absolutes.

I have no specific preferences of who I want to photograph, except I want to photograph the person.

I note I have all photographed redheads so far; I do like red, Robins! Basically 18+ as a rule, I have photographed a range of ages (can’t tell of course) and heights and I usually have someone in mind.

Piercings well basically earrings, tummy button and that’s about it.

Tattoo’s I have done so but I may be inclined not to, if your decorated like a walking Sistine Chapel.

The P&T are not set in stone so more importantly if you are the first sentence and I like you then I may photograph you unless I have a specific requirement in my casting. In the same letter if you are on my Professionals I Trust or PIT list for short, that is deeply in your favour.

If I add you to a Want to Work With list, it is just that, a statement of intent. I have an intention of working with you if at all possible.

Nothing against Male Models but of course I look to photograph the fair sex, I have ideas. Now if I had an idea that would suit a Male Model then by all means.

“Which of my photographs is my favourite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow” Imogen Cunningham

Another quote I love. No reason to be discouraged, I like to give everyone a fair chance, the next portrait I take could be of you!

Lastly but important information.

Since the 1st December 2017 I have now been entirely reliant on my photography for my income. So like models and everyone else I have to pay bills. Surely, I don’t need to spell it out. Of course, if I was in funds, I could pay some of you, your fees to arrange a paid shoot. It is a 2-way street. For a Model you depend on a Photographer to turn up and photograph you, paid or unpaid either way in order for either of you to have a functional port of photos. So please don’t tell me I am here for Model Photography to pay Models in order to insult my Intelligence. Perhaps walk a mile in someone else’s shoes and think about how hard it is to start and keep going? I also do trade, not only my preferred paid shoot. Who knows, just maybe I will travel to you to photograph you just for expenses.

Levels are on my port under shoot styles. This may change but referring to the Glossary of Terms I can say with absolute confidence, Adult, and everything inclusive from Top Shelf Levels down I will not be photographing.

In terms of Deposits I don’t ask for one, just paid after the shoot on the day. In addition, I won’t be paying deposits unless a) Studio, b) Photographic Tours, c) Workshops. Now if your policy is reciprocated then I am agreeable.

In terms of Cancellations, yes it does affect me. That said there can be many reasons, at the moment I don’t have a policy and have never needed one. My usual approach in the event of problems is to re-schedule such as the weather. Of course, if yours is a genuine problem that cannot be solved such as an emergency, I shall be happy to rearrange the shoot. As above if your policy is reciprocated then I am agreeable.

All communications will be on Purpleport and once the shoot is booked in the Calendar and confirmed then I exchange Mobile Numbers. I do have another request is to send me a Text (or similar Messages if Apple) to let me know you have arrived home safely.

All needed information is on my page and note my Flickr page and my Website (not updated but still active), typically features my non-Model photography but I do feature people there too.

I have also never failed to write a reference for each shoot.

Lastly My Health. A tricky subject but I am agreeable as above. It is possible however unlikely that I may need to cancel at short notice. I always offer to reschedule as my policy. It is possible that something may go wrong with me or I am needed somewhere else urgently for the same reasons. Again, my policy is to reschedule. Some days I am good, other days I cannot function or do anything. I thank you in advance for your understanding.

Having got this far, thank you for reading!

I look forward to photographing my next shoot.

My Best Wishes and Light and Smiles!


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