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In February 2021, the UK Government announced its ROADMAP for easing restrictions in England which will begin on 8th March 2021. 

Many people have already been working under existing restrictions, but the easing of lockdown now brings new opportunities for all of us. These include the ability to leave our homes for recreational purposes and meet other people (and in larger numbers too), the re-opening of previously closed venues, and also attending large events. 

This is the moment that our PurplePort community has been eagerly anticipating. We are thrilled that everyone - whether you’re a hobbyist or professional - can finally be reunited once again.  

Key dates for easing of restrictions in England

Below is a quick run-down of some key dates and information from the UK Government’s ROADMAP, and what we believe this means for organising shoots (no longer just for work).

You can view the full list and other details from the ROADMAP here.

Outdoor one-to-one shoots - 8th March 2021 

From the ROADMAP: 

  • Recreation or exercise outdoors with household or one other person (no household mixing indoors)

We believe this means outdoor one-to-one shoots can go ahead. 


Outdoor shoots (larger than one-to-one) - 29th March 2021 (no earlier than)

From the ROADMAP:

  • Rule of 6 or two households outdoors (no household mixing indoors)

This means outdoor shoots (six people from different households or two households) can go ahead.

Studios, MUAs and hairstylists are back - 12th April 2021 (no earlier than) 

From the ROADMAP:

  • Personal care premises (such as hairdressers, salons and close contact services) 
  • All retail 

We believe this means that studios, make-up artists (MUAs), and hairstylists can open for business again. 


Indoor shoots, outdoor group shoots, and large events - 17th May 2021 (no earlier than)

From the ROADMAP:

  • 30 person limit outdoors
  • Rule of 6 or two households indoors (subject to review)
  • Some large events (except for pilots) - capacity limits apply

We believe this means indoor shoots (six people from different households or two households), along with outdoor group shoots and other events (with a 30 person limit) can go ahead. Also, good news for those hosting, working and attending some large events.

Normality returns - 21st June 2021 (no earlier than)

From the ROADMAP:

  • No legal limits on social contact

We believe this means the return of normality.


Check restrictions, and be safe

Different regions may have different restrictions, so always check what applies in your local area. The dates referred to as “no earlier than” in the ROADMAP are not set in stone and could change (remember it's about data, not dates!). Make sure you are aware of what you can do, and how to do it safely. Social distancing and other safe behaviours should be followed when applicable.

Seize this opportunity and get organised 

Make sure your portfolio is looking its best, dust off your equipment, and start booking those shoots. It’s time to take your foot off the brake, step on the gas and start moving towards success!

We have everything you need on PurplePort for each stage of your shoot:

  • Planning your concept and scouting shoot locations
  • Looking for inspiration and creating mood boards
  • Searching for others to work with and booking in that finalised shoot
  • Showing off those amazing images you’ve created from your shoot 

Plan your shoots

From shoot conception to finalisation, Shoot plans are a great tool for planning your shoot. You can keep shoot plans private or share them with other members (and even give them editing abilities). There’s a quick rundown about shoot plans in A Guide to Shoot Plans.

Browse inspiring images

Whilst we never miss an opportunity to shout about FPIs (which you can find in our Front Page Image Collection), if you’re looking for something a little different or perhaps some hidden gems, take a look through our site-generated image collections which are available via your Images home page.

If you’re looking for something more specific to inspire you, use our Image Search feature to browse images using keywords and member tags. 

Create a mood board

You can use an image collection to create a mood board for your shoot (which can be kept private or public), made from images created by your fellow PurplePort members. Check out The Guide to PurplePort Image Collections if you’ve never used this tool before.

Get networking and find others 

Our Search feature is a key tool you can use to search tens of thousands of active PurplePort members worldwide. Use the search filters to tailor your results as specific or general as you need. 

Start following others

Another useful networking tool is following other members. Following others is simple, but the benefits can be huge. It allows you to be notified of new image uploads, casting calls and events created by anyone you follow (and so much more). To follow someone, view their account and click the Follow button (top right). You may even get followed back!

Create and use lists 

Lists are a great way of keeping track of anyone who inspires you, who you want to work with (WTWW), and more. You can even use lists to filter results when using our Search feature. To add someone to a list, view their account and click the Add to List button (top right). You can find all of your existing lists via your Images home page. For more information about lists, see The Guide to PurplePort Lists

Advertise your shoots 

Use our Castings and Events features to advertise your shoots and events, and apply to shoots and find events to attend. We are currently working on replacing these two features with one awesome brand new feature (so watch this space!). 

Book your shoots

Use the PurplePort Calendar to book your shoots and share your availability with others. Book your shoots directly into your calendar to keep track of who you are shooting with, where, when, and any other details. For more information see A Guide to the PurplePort Calendar.

Communication is key

From the moment shoot discussions begin, all the way through to the end of the shoot (this could mean finished images being received/provided too), communication plays a crucial role. Discuss what the shoot involves and make sure everyone is on the same page, keep others updated on changes to the shoot or your circumstances, and maintain a record of your communications. Remember, this could be important should a dispute ever need to be resolved.  

Share your finished work 

We absolutely love seeing images from your shoots. Upload your images to PurplePort and share your success with everyone, and remember to add keyword tags and tag other members in your images for maximum exposure. See A Brief Guide to Image Tagging for more information.

Leave feedback

It’s important to let others know how your shoot was by leaving a reference. Your reference may determine whether another member books that person for their next shoot. For information about references see How do I leave a reference? and References system & rules explained

Get free VIP membership for signing up new members

With more freedom to meet new people, now is the opportunity to get rewarded whenever you sign someone up to PurplePort. When you refer someone, we will give you a referral gift which can be redeemed when that new member has been active for at least 3 months. 

The referral gift is a choice between either: 

  • 30 days of FREE PurplePort VIP membership
  • $5 referral fee (redeemed once you reach a total of $50)

How to refer others to PurplePort

When you share links to PurplePort (e.g. an image, a portfolio, casting call, group post, etc) always add the text ?referrer= (see how this is done via your Sharing Tools page). If anyone creates an account using this link (and their account is approved), you will be marked as referring them. 

Even if you share the URL to your account without the text ?referrer= you will still be marked as a referral as long as that person creates an account using the URL to your account. 

For more information about this, check out How to get PurplePort VIP membership for free!.

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