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A Brief Guide to Image Tagging

By AndyL, written 1379268477

What is image tagging

When adding your images to PurplePort you are given the opportunity to attribute tags to them so they are searchable using the Image tag search feature.

How to search for an image tag

On the home page, click on the grey cog, scroll down the menu to images > Image tag search. Enter the tag you wish to search and press enter.

As you type a tag a drop down box will appear showing previously used similar tags, to use one of these tags simply click on it and press enter.

If the tag you are searching for does not show up in the drop down then continue typing in the tag and press enter.

If no images appear it will be because there are no images tagged with that tag. You may search multiple tags.

When viewing an image, you can click on any of the tags for that images which will return all images with that tag.

Searching "dress" will return all images tagged with dress. Adding "red" will also show all images tagged with "red". If you wish to search for a red dress then you need to enter "red dress" in the tag search.

How to add image tags

As you are uploading your images there is a box to allow you to add image tags. Start typing your tag into the box and a drop down will appear of previously used similar tags. To use one of these tags simply click on it and press enter.

If the tag you wish to use does not show up in the list, continue typing your tag in and press enter. This will tag your image and add that tag to the data base. You may add multiple tags.

When tagging images, use tags that make sense and use tags others are likely to search for. For instance tagging your image with “red dress” will mean it will only show up on a search if someone types in "red dress" If you tag the image "red" "dress" "red dress" it will show up on any search for red or dress or red dress.

Can I use names as tags?

No, there is simply no need. If you wish to credit anyone in the making of the image you do this in the people and places box when uploading your image. If you wish to credit people or places that are not members at PurplePort you may do this in the image description.

Non permissible tags: 

  • Names
  • URL's
  • Racist or defamatory
  • Slang
  • HTML

Why do tags I have used disappear?

Image tags are monitored for consistency, and tags that are nonsense, have no images attached to them or are non permissible tags get amended or deleted accordingly.

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