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A list of site updates, bug fixes, enhancements, and new features added to PurplePort recently

39 loves | 0 Comments | 1602231304| 5 min read

by Lexi Brush

A collection of amazing editorial images that have probably slipped under your radar

21 loves | 0 Comments | 1594663205| 3 min read

by Penelope Purple

Creating a photo shoot for a band on a dreich winter's day. Includes a behind-the-scenes video.

15 loves | 0 Comments | 1594360505| 3 min read

by Kim Ayres

Creating an "old masters" style photo for a small gallery, featuring the artists who were exhibiting there

14 loves | 0 Comments | 1593785704| 5 min read

by Kim Ayres

Stating the official Government guidelines in England and our own thoughts & tips on returning to work safely, responsibly and Covid-19 secure - A must-read!

29 loves | 0 Comments | 1591637705| 6 min read

by Penelope Purple

What happened during our 36hrs of downtime, and how we got out of it

204 loves | 0 Comments | 1591036804| 10 min read

by Russ Freeman

We've created 3 new and exciting groups for the PurplePort Community, and added some guidance for the kind of images which can be uploaded to PurplePort (depending on your account type).

2 loves | 0 Comments | 1590436207| 3 min read

by Laura SJ FD

We'll be exploring the basic features and lighting patterns for new photographers or those new to a studio environment in a series of video tutorials.

9 loves | 0 Comments | 1589818212| 5 min read

by Splash Point Photo Studio

In this tutorial, learn how to take UNDERWATER PHOTOS without going underwater! The whole setup cost less than £50 and was done in the comfort of my own home.

38 loves | 0 Comments | 1589195415| 4 min read

by Raj K

A guide to getting the most out of the Wanted/For Sale Group on PurplePort. This is a perfect time to go through all your modelling and photography gear and evaluate what you need and what you don’t.

13 loves | 0 Comments | 1588678208| 3 min read

by Penelope Purple