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What is a trade shoot, and what are the benefits of working this way? Read on for practical advice and essential tips to help you book trade shoots and get the most out of them...

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by Penelope Purple

A must-read for anyone who aspires to become a successful freelance model. Our tips and advice contain lots of useful information to help you begin your modelling career and get the most of your modelling.

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by Penelope Purple

Sharing tips about how to model for millinery

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by The Portrait Kitchen

During these tough times, we are truly grateful to you all for sticking with us. In this post we share our thanks, celebrate the success of remote shoots, and discuss ways to get free VIP.

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by Laura SJ FD

The UK Government’s ROADMAP announcement for easing restrictions in England and what this means for organising shoots.

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by Laura SJ FD

What you need to know to get started, plus further information on being a boss about it! We'll show you how to take your modeling career into our own hands and see what amazingness you come up with...

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by Penelope Purple

Stating the official Government guidelines in England and our own thoughts & tips on returning to work safely, responsibly and Covid-19 secure - A must-read!

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by Penelope Purple

Are you a photographer dreaming of getting your work published? Read our tips and guidelines to ensure your chances of success are at their best!

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by Penelope Purple

Need some modelling tips? I asked models what their essentials to take on a shoot were...

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by Penelope Purple

High street fashion label's #InYourOwnSkin campaign goes against aesthetic norms by featuring models with scars and birthmarks

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by Penelope Purple