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The PurplePort Guide to Shoot Plans

By Laura SJ FD, written 1534433730

Arranging a shoot can require a lot of preparation, and we know how difficult it can be to stay organised when you have a busy shoot schedule. That's why we have designed two tools on PurplePort to help you:

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What is a shoot plan?

A shoot plan is one place to keep all of your shoot-related information. Using a shoot plan to map out and store your ideas will go a long way to ensuring the success of your shoot.

Whilst every shoot plan will be unique and require different things to consider (such as trade shoots), generally speaking, your shoot plan should include:

  • Your idea/concept (ideas for shots, shoot inspirations, mood boards, etc.)
  • Is the shoot a paid or trade (TFP) shoot
  • The shoot location (potential or actual location of the shoot)
  • Date and time of the shoot (potential or actual)
  • Equipment needed
  • Props, clothing, etc. (and who will provide them)
  • Requirements for the model (hair, make-up, etc.)
  • Other creatives involved in the shoot (including contact details and their role in the shoot)
  • Image agreements (especially in the case of a trade (TFP) shoot)

Sharing your shoot plan is a quick and simple way to lay out your ideas clearly when first approaching someone to discuss a shoot. As your shoot discussions progress, your ideas will take a firmer shape, and potential details will be confirmed (such as time, date and location of the shoot). You can change or add to your shoot plan accordingly with this information.

Why is a shoot plan important?

Having a clear vision of what you want to shoot will help you achieve great shots and allow everyone else involved to prepare themselves for the shoot (e.g. source props or outfits, work out travel options when working on location, etc.).

A shoot plan helps ensure everyone is on the same page before anyone commits to a shoot. It also allows your fellow creatives to decline the photo shoot beforehand (if it's not something they want to shoot). Attending a photo shoot only to find that your ideas aren't something the other person wants to shoot is a waste of everyone's valuable time.

When arranging a trade (TFP) shoot, sharing a shoot plan with everyone involved in the shoot will help you all agree on what sort of images you will be creating.

Using shoot plans on PurplePort

You can find the Shoot plans page from either:

Below are instructions for using our shoot plan tool.

How to create a shoot plan

On the Shoot plans page, click (+). After you have added the content of your shoot plan, click Save.

Tip: For the quickest way to create a shoot plan, go to the (+) menu on any page (top right) and select A shoot plan

How to share a shoot plan

Your shoot plan will only be seen by you initially. It can remain private (only sent by you), or you can share it with other members.

To share a shoot plan, go to the Shoot plans page, and click Share next to the shoot plan.

In the box under Share with other people, type in the name of the member to share your shoot plan with. Click Create shares.

The person you’ve shared your shoot plan with will be notified by an onsite notification (via the bubble, top left of the page).

Options for sharing a shoot plan include:

  • Allow editing: Selecting this option means the person can edit the shoot plan as well as view it
  • Optional share expiry: Using this option adds an end date for the share so the person can only access the shoot plan for a specified time

To check who has access to a shoot plan, go to the Shoot plans page and click Share next to the shoot plan. Everyone with access to the shoot plan is displayed under Shared with.

To stop sharing your shoot plan with someone, click delete next to the person’s name.  

Stay notified of edits made to your shoot plan

You will receive an onsite notification (via the bubble, top left of your page) whenever someone edits a shoot plan you’ve shared with them. Make sure the notification One of your shoot plans has been edited is selected via Customise from the bubble.

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