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Any ETSY people here?

By Kirk Schwarz  in General Off Topic 1696283761
Last post by Kirk Schwarz 1696283761

The Song Title Game

By martinduffyphotography.co.uk  in Games 1568497306
Last post by EdT 1696282916

Another word game.

By Womanly   in Games 1548035658
Last post by EdT 1696282816

Word association

By Shift Photography  in Games 1537100008
Last post by EdT 1696282799

Two words. Change one

By SteD  in Games 1553115242
Last post by EdT 1696282733

Model Clothes for Sale! - Unique colours and details - Tops, Dresses, Gowns & Skirts

By Ivory Flame  in Wanted/For Sale 1695463187
Last post by Ivory Flame 1696280713

Looking for the feasibility of a UK tour

By Sacha Saxer  in Tours and general availability 1695934311
Last post by Sacha Saxer 1696277788

Dark haired models!

By Antonia Jay  in Games 1694949706
Last post by B17fan 1696277367

CC please

By Marius C. Fabian  in Portfolio Review 1696274137
Last post by B17fan 1696277234

Pre-Uni book reading + Horror

By sepiashots  in General Chat 1696259853
Last post by Luca Brasi 1696276000

Everything loading slowly

By Angel Black UK  in Bugs, Errors and Suggestions 1696273167
Last post by Cirque du Lia 1696275083

I'm Floating Again...

By Angel Black UK  in Love Shack 1695840143
Last post by TandT 1696273410

Tagging Tutor Accounts

By Gothic Image  in Bugs, Errors and Suggestions 1695994277
Last post by Gothic Image 1696271925

New in the Country!

By tanushkaan  in Everyone Welcome 1696257065
Last post by tanushkaan 1696264399

Hello all🤗

By Artist and Photographer  in Everyone Welcome 1696012312
Last post by Artist and Photographer 1696263340

Good afternoon all !

By JakeBeePhotography  in Everyone Welcome 1696249579
Last post by Danny. 1696249801

Casting calls... do models view them?

By Mike Riot  in General Chat 1695918107
Last post by Unfocussed Mike 1696248876

I Am Looking for Feedback and Tips on my Videography Portfolio

By Serge Videographer  in Portfolio Review 1695981451
Last post by Adrian Stanwell 1696246727

Have I done the right thing....

By Wise Old Dragon  in General Chat 1696237451
Last post by Adrian Stanwell 1696246393

Share Your Genderbending Photos!

By Anna Secret Poet  in Games 1653036759
Last post by Robert C 1696245819

More images needed from you folk

By Ringo  in Not A Model In Sight 1696100378
Last post by Ringo 1696244988

FOR SALE Large Size Pro Camera Video Camcorder Shoulder Bag 45x29x31.5 (H) cm £58 incl P&P

By photofervor  in Wanted/For Sale 1695922460
Last post by will white 1696240929

Organised Looting

By Carlos  in General Off Topic 1696182989
Last post by Wise Old Dragon 1696236726

AI again

By GPA6  in General Chat 1695742970
Last post by GPA6 1696203334

intermittent issues when uploading images under 3MB limit.

By Bullets  in Bugs, Errors and Suggestions 1696091356
Last post by MidgePhoto 1696195203

Ava Santina/Laurence Fox GB News Row

By JamesMt142  in General Off Topic 1695892080
Last post by JamesMt142 1696192574

Which is the Best TV, Phone Internet Provider in your opinion.

By Ray Middleton  in General Off Topic 1696096876
Last post by Art Asylum Reloaded Photo Studio 1696191200

Heartfelt thanks

By Donald Sutherland  in Let's talk about FPIs 1696189966
Last post by TandT 1696190258

Good memories

By Miss Diamond Sparkle 💕☯  in General Off Topic 1696188993
Last post by Miss Diamond Sparkle 💕☯ 1696189993

Multiple shoot organisation emails?

By Mercia Storm  in Bugs, Errors and Suggestions 1696163267
Last post by Mercia Storm 1696178310

My gorgeous, super strong wife...

By BigBaldTone  in Kick cancer in the arse group. 1696081548
Last post by photome2 1696172298

What are you listening to?

By Bokehlicious  in General Off Topic 1361998153
Last post by hyperphoto 1696149573

The fappening

By Fay_model  in General Off Topic 1696099151
Last post by Vassili 1696146399

Getting judgy on me.

By Malbon  in Portfolio Review 1696089883
Last post by Malbon 1696112770

NOW HAVE ONE, THANKS. wanted: godox xpro (s) trigger

By chelmerphoto  in Wanted/For Sale 1695245621
Last post by chelmerphoto 1696109175

Purpleport after death

By Darkside original  in Bugs, Errors and Suggestions 1682175531
Last post by MidgePhoto 1696092627

Show me your sheds (and stuff)

By Unfocussed Mike  in General Off Topic 1695985617
Last post by art65 1696091922

Cancer group.

By Jerome Razoir  in General Off Topic 1696080005
Last post by Jerome Razoir 1696080005

Select one of your images you would like suggested for an FPI

By Stretchy  in Love Shack 1666968988
Last post by Fotografo Barbudo 1696076433

Jill Dando murder

By JMPIX  in General Off Topic 1696005341
Last post by JMPIX 1696061670

A little win.

By Tony Smith  in General Off Topic 1695998325
Last post by mike rowley 1696057944

Quality and Story

By Edge Photographic  in General Chat 1695846219
Last post by TandT 1696018215

Sharing the love!

By SarahKink  in Love Shack 1695923112
Last post by paul thomas 1696009060

Hello All

By MHPhotography  in Everyone Welcome 1695975128
Last post by DaveEd 1696007141

Hey there, happy to join!

By Peggy Moon  in Everyone Welcome 1695998341
Last post by DaveEd 1696006941

Lots of Nikon equipment

By JMPIX  in Wanted/For Sale 1696006166
Last post by JMPIX 1696006166

For sale - Contax T2 and G1 both with issues

By Lussa  in Wanted/For Sale 1696004872
Last post by Lussa 1696004948

SOLD Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200 Digital Camera Excellent with box and all accessories £155 + P&P

By photofervor  in Wanted/For Sale 1695890082
Last post by indemnity 1696002501

Thanks for the FPI

By KernowPhoto  in Let's talk about FPIs 1695976503
Last post by Gothic Image 1696001698

Gems among the Randoms - SFW only

By Sensual Art  in Games 1587073568
Last post by Danny. 1695998200

Strictly Clothed :

By DaveH.Photography  in Games 1428165451
Last post by auriga 1695997431


By Jerome Razoir  in General Off Topic 1695752992
Last post by Becky Kvittems 1695990033

What's Your Average?

By ClickMore 📷  in General Chat 1694872080
Last post by Dark Horse 1695977775

How do - fine art 🎨

By Edge Photographic  in General Chat 1695885351
Last post by Synergy Photoworks 1695955295

Photography Workshops - Market Research, Opinions Welcome!

By Tabitha Boydell  in General Chat 1695298717
Last post by Sacha Saxer 1695942795

Just brought a Leica Q3

By Spartacusimages  in General Chat 1695895664
Last post by A R G E N T U M 1695939722

RIP David MacCullum

By Dennis Bloodnok Photography  in General Off Topic 1695718740
Last post by John 75 1695930780

RIP Sir Michael Gambon

By Dennis Bloodnok Photography  in General Off Topic 1695906300
Last post by Photographer Gino Cinganelli 1695927216

One year here, thank you

By Martistry  in General Chat 1695912246
Last post by fineportraits 1695924089

End of the road!

By Ell Mae  in General Chat 1693849199
Last post by Baldbraveandbeautiful 1695920828

Canon OM10 and lenses

By Art Asylum Reloaded Photo Studio  in Wanted/For Sale 1695914296
Last post by Art Asylum Reloaded Photo Studio 1695915313

Helping Others in the Spectrum

By ClickMore 📷  in General Off Topic 1695727319
Last post by ClickMore 📷 1695911420

The Super Models. Apple TV +

By Oordonald  in General Chat 1694810131
Last post by RHM.Photo 1695891013

Mini Profile Issue

By ClickMore 📷  in Bugs, Errors and Suggestions 1695887629
Last post by ClickMore 📷 1695887629

It's totally being purchased for Photography honest...

By Ryan-D  in General Chat 1695816972
Last post by The Butterfly Collector 1695886112

Are the Covid vaccines safe and did you get the right one?

By Neo Lucida  in Coronavirus (COVID-19): Discussion, data, and advice 1659550155
Last post by JPea 1695867211

Disappointed with Fuji

By Lightingman  in General Chat 1695831821
Last post by Synergy Photoworks 1695855804

SOLD Excellent Unmarked Jessops Shoulder Camera Bag £15 + P&P

By photofervor  in Wanted/For Sale 1695834030
Last post by The Butterfly Collector 1695855139

The Russell Brand media circus

By Sandra Blu  in General Off Topic 1695061654
Last post by Stanmore 1695851628

iPhone 12 Pro Max 256Gb

By OMZ  in Wanted/For Sale 1695836277
Last post by OMZ 1695848337


By Adam G1  in Everyone Welcome 1695835201
Last post by Adam G1 1695846536


By JCStylist  in Everyone Welcome 1695826290
Last post by Gothic Image 1695833916

Models who remote shoot

By Stproc  in Remote Shoots 1592037030
Last post by Anna Dark 1695832305

For Sale - Moment Rugged Camera Sling 6L - Olive

By DanR  in Wanted/For Sale 1695831967
Last post by DanR 1695831967

Hello from the Mannequin Graveyard

By Mannakin  in Everyone Welcome 1695732880
Last post by Mannakin 1695826909

Uploading some of my own images

By Adrian Stanwell  in Black and white nudes 1695824157
Last post by Adrian Stanwell 1695824157

FOR SALE! - Photoshoot dresses

By Alixxiia  in Wanted/For Sale 1576267810
Last post by Alixxiia 1695807027

Looking for .RAW material for photoshopping, modifying, edting, practice, AI even.

By Gerben  in Everyone Welcome 1695729867
Last post by FiL 1695804883

Who inspires you?

By Jay Clapp Freelance Artist  in General Chat 1682846130
Last post by TandT 1695783391

Sony 135mm F1.8 GM SOLD

By NickH2  in Wanted/For Sale 1690858648
Last post by NickH2 1695764156

Model days 121 or groupshoots

By philip_yt_  in General Off Topic 1695644873
Last post by bad john 1695756156

My photography podcast is going well

By Jay Clapp Freelance Artist  in Success Stories 1693245456
Last post by Jay Clapp Freelance Artist 1695754498

Instagram hacked.

By Brian Lewicki  in General Chat 1695751812
Last post by Brian Lewicki 1695751812

Lens Recommendations?

By Mercia Storm  in Frequently Asked Questions 1692123068
Last post by David_C 1695748621

A big hello to everyone!

By Qult Photographies  in Everyone Welcome 1695662581
Last post by Danny. 1695731350


By Ek is koning  in Everyone Welcome 1695670876
Last post by Danny. 1695731305

New user

By photoset2017  in Everyone Welcome 1695672856
Last post by Danny. 1695731263

New for this

By Gordon Tant  in Everyone Welcome 1695719811
Last post by Danny. 1695731236

Incredible brain twisters

By Retouchguy  in General Off Topic 1695645632
Last post by Retoucher Cam 1695723590

Save message drafts?

By Rebecca Tun  in Bugs, Errors and Suggestions 1695519332
Last post by jmbphoto 1695721547

Join us for the last Birmingham Creatives Networking Social of 2023!

By Holly Alexander  in General Chat 1695716956
Last post by Holly Alexander 1695716956

Looking for ready made frames, any ideas?

By Adrian Stanwell  in General Chat 1695663346
Last post by Adrian Stanwell 1695672344


By J.S. creative images.  in General Chat 1695595597
Last post by Unfocussed Mike 1695648409

Pixapro collapsible backdrop large

By NickH2  in Wanted/For Sale 1694345549
Last post by NickH2 1695645438

Dogs and the law

By Wondrous  in General Off Topic 1682896577
Last post by GPA6 1695642885

Another no show

By playwithlight  in General Chat 1695560276
Last post by Chris Green 1695642867

Searching Share-a-Shoot

By photofervor  in Bugs, Errors and Suggestions 1695632710
Last post by photofervor 1695634052

MCM London Comicon, October 27-29

By Davidov  in General Chat 1694750766
Last post by DaveinSurrey 1695631984

Face like the Mona Lisa

By MidgePhoto  in General Chat 1695313129
Last post by Loreley 1695628708

Best clothed image from the previous poster

By Sensual Art  in Games 1644179881
Last post by Tamsin Ashton 1695620001