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keri hambly

Worked with Scarlett today for the first time and what an amazing young lady she is. Booked a Betty boop day at pozers studio and Scarlett rocked every thing she did her posing was beautiful one after an another. She is so friendly you would think you have known her for years but very professional at the same time. Scarlett made the shoot so much fun the day went by so fast one of the best days I have had in a long time

Would I recommend Scarlett! In a heartbeat can’t wait to shoot this beautiful young lady again.

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Alastair Currill Photography and Studio

Scarlett Blaze attended a recent group shoot at our studio in Bourton-on-the-Water. Scarlett turned up early and ready to start as soon as she could (bit excited). She was fun, kind and full of laughter which made for a great atmosphere during the evening. Looking forward to working together again soon.

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Lucy Muse

Another fun filled fantastic shoot with Scarlett. I always learn so much from her and she is an absolute joy to work with. It would be impossible to find a more professional model than Scarlett. She is always fully prepared for the shoot and brings bags of positive energy, warmth and ideas. I can't wait to shoot with her again. Thank you Scarlett X

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Terry V

Scarlett Blaze agreed to a duo shoot with Scarlett D'Arc - exactly how this would turn out was a complete guess. It turns out they worked brilliantly together (secretly I was sure they would). She was incredibly helpful to the second Scarlett, giving encouragement and support for a style that was very new to her. Scarlett Blaze is not only a well established model but also driven to help keep all models safe when working with new photographers. We have worked together many times now and still manage to come up with new images. Working with Scarlett is always a real pleasure. I'm sure we will have many more shoots in the future.

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I last shot with Scarlett 5 years ago and am now wondering why it took me so long to rebook. Scarlett was staying local so we jumped at the chance to shoot in the beautiful new forest. The weather wasn't great but we still got some great images. I wont be waiting 5 years again!

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Rosie Flame

Another fab shoot with Scarlett!

This time we shot with Kevin at his home studio in Bristol for four hours. We were doing a conjoined twin theme.

Scarlett always gives a 100% and is always so much fun to work with!

See you soon chick!

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Another shoot with this beautiful model. As always she was fun to work with and bursting with ideas and energy. Scarlet always makes me feel at ease and really our time together just flies. Definitely looking forward to working with her again and again. Thank you for a brilliant shoot girl xx

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What can I say? First duo shoot with Scarlett Blaze and Lenah, two amazing people, stunning models and work so well together. Have some great shots, thank you so much.

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Had the joy of working with Scarlett today.

I've met and known Scarlett quite a while after attending social events in Bristol. She welcomed me there and was immediately enthusiastic about working with me. After months of planning and arranging we finally met and created great images together.

We shot a range of things from natural light portraiture, art nude, boudoir and double exposures in the studio.

Scarlett is incredibly talented at what she does, I had to give little if no direction whatsoever, she knew where the light was and her poses were fluid dynamic and imaginative.

We created some amazing images together they will speak for themselves and her talent. I cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone who is experienced or a novice, she will help you in leaps and bounds to create and capture images to benefit your portfolio.

Aside from being talented she is incredibly funny and keeps the shoot happy, upbeat and full of laughs.... even the odd banter which never gets old.

Jokes aside she knows what to do, how pose has amazing, creative ideas. She goes above and beyond and it shows not only in my work but in other creatives work. True testament to her and her skill.

Thank you Scarlett I look forward to seeing you soon and working with you in the future.

J xx

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I first worked with Scarlett when she came to the Little Chelsea Gallery, Eastbourne. She was bubbly, chatty, and full of energy for our shoot. She was keen to ensure we got some amazing pictures, and we did. I look forward to working with her again soon.

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Just under two years ago I had my first shoot with Scarlett and it was such an enjoyable experience I stated in my reference “I will DEFINITELY be looking at opportunities to work with her again”. Well, that opportunity arose on Tuesday and I managed to book another 4 hour shoot with her, this time at the Little Chelsea Studio in Eastbourne.

She was just as bubbly and chatty as I remembered her and we had a great time trying out different ideas in the many areas that the studio has to offer. The time just zapped by and I captured loads of images that I am looking forward to sharing with all of you on PP.

Do book yourself a session with Scarlett - you won’t regret it. I will DEFINITELY be back!!!

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My 2nd shoot with Scarlett, this time accompanied by Rosie Flame. Not many better ways to spend 2hrs & get some lovely pics out of it too.

They both helped recreate some ideas I'd brought along, plus added a few of their own. Never a dull moment with these 2 around!

Solo or duo, Scarlett is not one to miss!

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Tony Pattinson

I had the pleasure of hosting Scarlett's and Rosie Flames studio day.

Scarlett's communications and organization was professional as always and the day was sold out. The feedback I have recieved was excellent and the day flew by. I will be looking to repeat this event in the Summer.Highly recommended.

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Rosie Flame

Scarlett and I hosted another studio day together but this time in Plymouth. The studio day sold out quickly and we had a great time.

We used Tony Pattinson's studio (Marlborough Studios). Scarlett and I work so well together and always have great fun no matter who the photographer is.

Scarlett is gorgeous, talented and a pleasure to be around. No doubt we'll be hosting another studio day soon!

Thank you Scarlett, miss you already.

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I had the pleasure of working with both Scarlett and Rosie on a studio day as this event sold out so quickly I only managed to book the last hour but these two work together so well we managed to get some outstanding girl/girl images in this short space of time I can thoroughly recommend these two and when they next work together I will be booking them again they are both outstanding models in their own right put them together and you have something very special

Highly recommended

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Richard M Harris

I said I'd definitely be shooting with Scarlett again & today I did :)

It was a blast! Another 2hr duo-shoot with the second model being Rosie Flame. Have worked with both these two models before so like our previous one, the entire shoot went without a glitch.

Scarlett came with more than enough outfits for our shoot, easy to work with & instruct what I was shooting for. I can't believe how fast 2hrs can pass when you're doing photoshoots!

I strongly recommend Scarlett to both tog's for shooting & to models who are looking to set up duo/multiple subject shots

Cheers for a cracking shoot Scarlett, hopefully it won't be too long before we can shoot again :)

Richard x

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A week ago i had a great shoot with scarlett this was my 3rd shoot with her.

scarlett is so easy to work with and so much fun, i strongly recommend her to all new togs and togs that have been shooting for a long time

Hope to work with again sometime


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This was a duo shoot with Scarlett and Rosie Flame and what a shoot it was. Plenty of laughs plenty of banter and plenty of skin. I must say I totally enjoyed this shoot and would thoroughly recommend Scarlett and Rosie singularly or as a pair. If you Togs get a chance to shoot these girls grab their arms off. Well not literally if you know what I mean. No but seriously what a great shoot marvellous, fantastic loved it.

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I could justifiably write glowing reference for Scarlett just like everyone else, however on this occasion will opt to quote some straightforward facts.

Scarlett's visits to Keranda Studio entail a minimum 3 hr 30 minute drive.

We have recently staged Scarlett's fourth cross country studio weekend in less than a year.

Each visit consists of two sell out studio days.

Most recent visit was in fact two consecutive days each enduring seven hours of bookings,

Following almost every booking the photographers depart with the words, ''please book me down for Scarlett's next visit''.

Such acclaim is not achieved unless the model (Scarlett) offers a very special appeal by way of talent, look, personality and application.

Thank you Scarlett not just for recent visit but for all of your earlier visits.

Will shortly be accepting bookings for next visit.

Kev @ Keranda xx

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Graham W

Had another great shoot with Scarlett, she is one of the best models I have worked with, bubbly and fun, she know how to pose and takes direction. Would highly recommend Scarlett. If you like having a laugh while shooting book Scarlett. Hope to work with her again.


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