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Third time shooting with this amazing model. This time we took the chance to shoot in Bristol at a lovely hotel. Scarlett was brilliant as always. Must be my favourite model to work with!

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Le William

Another great shoot with this amazing model, when shooting with Scarlett there is never dull moment. Pre shoot coms arranged everything, I picked her up early am for the drive to the location.

She came with everything she needed and was willing to try any of my idea on this up to nude location shoot. Scarlett poses requiring little guidance but takes it well if you ask nicely.

An amazing model who ought to be in everyone's portfolio, go book her now.

We will be arranging a 5th (or is it 6th) shoot together.

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Mr Paramedic said...

I had a great first shoot with Scarlett at Pozers Studio. Scarlett allayed all my nerves within minutes, she was friendly and chatty at the same time as being utterly professional.

I would definitely work with Scarlett again and can not recommend her highly enough.

It was my first shoot with Gels and I am thankful for her patience and support through the shoot.


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I don't even know where to start with this reference for Scarlett, because I have so much to say, where do I begin ? From the day I met Scarlett, she came into my life, like a little whirlwind, impacting me, with her beautiful nature, her kindness, her infectious laughter, her amazing modelling abilities, her positive electricity, that flows all around her, you just could not work with Scarlett, and say that you've had nothing more, than a hugely positive, and wonderful experience. Scarlett's communication is always faultless, we communicate a lot on our creative collaborations, to keep the ideas fresh, we work so well together on creative projects, her versatility is faultless, and I genuinely believe, that there isn't a genre in modelling, that Scarlett doesn't pull off amazingly. Scarlett is hard working, dedicated, honest, kind, punctual, bags of fun, and a truly beautiful soul, who I care for very much, it became a no-brainer, to make her one of my in-house models, with our other partner in crime,(very dear friend) Helen Diaz. Scarlett brings so much happiness into the studio, she makes me smile, from ear to ear, from the moment we clap eyes on each other, to the moment she steps onto the train home, she makes me smile, she's infectious and has exactly the same effect on my client's, they all love her, and want to book her again an again, and I don't blame them, she is truly amazing, in every way possible. She makes all my new client's feel at ease, especially those new into the industry, she is exceptionally patient, helpful and complimentary of everyone's work, she loves to check back of camera, to ensure she is giving the photographer, her best pose, best angle, checking the catch light in the eyes, she knows her stuff, and this shows, with the way she works amazingly as part of a team.I absolutely love having Scarlett at the studio, booking Scarlett for my clients, means that I am going to have a great day at work, my client is going to be happy, get great images, have a great laugh, everyone learns something new, and we all leave buzzing after our time together. Scarlett is fabulous, in every single way imaginable, she was just born to be a model, she's fun loving and hard working, and a joy to work with... what are you waiting for ? I am counting the days until our next collaboration at PoZer's, at Halloween, going to be the best shoot yet. Thank you Scarlett, for just being you :):):):):):):)

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Scarlett is a thoroughly professional and totally intuitive model, with a great smile and a body made for the camera. She's also great fun, and can be recommended without reservation.

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Had m first shoot with the bubbly Scarlett at studio58 in Bristol today. Scarlett was wonderful, welcoming and fun to with. She was ready go at the start of the shoot, and jumped straight in to creating the mood and poses for my first theme, and was highly professional and talented.

We had a great laugh throughout but not forgetting what I wanted, and had some lovely shots from each set. I am sure I will be working with Scarlett again, and I highly recommend her.

Thank you again Scarlett.

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Tony Gardiner

I was over the moon to shoot with Scarlett again, she is definitely on of the best I've worked with, we produced great images, and enjoyed our shoot,I only wish we had longer, I hope our next shoot is soon, once again, thank you Scarlett.

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John Herm

I recently had a shoot with Scarlett. And it was a very nice shoot, we understood each other perfectly!

Scarlet is a beautiful ginger-haired lady with gorgeous curves.

She acted very well with great expressions!!!

I was very happy to work with her.

Thank you Scarlett !!!

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Ruud Ravensbergen

Just in one word


Scarlett is Just Great to work with.

A Nice chatter, a sparkling and open personality. Looking forward to work with her again

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I had a wonderful first shoot with Scarlett, at Shadow Studio.

We shot solo and also a duo shoot with Ivy Lee.

Scarlett was great fun to work with. Very enthusiastic, with lots of ideas for shots and styles.

We got some lovely shots together.

Really enjoyed working with Scarlett and hope we can work together again soon :)

Highly recommended!!

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This was my 3rd shoot with Scarlett, What can I say that has not been said already, One of the best.

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A fantastic shoot with Scarlett today, we worked on a concept of mine which came together easily because of the typically brilliant work that Scarlett puts into a shoot. We only had 3 hours to shoot today, but we managed to get the main concept, plus I have at least 3 other sets to work on! Scarlett is so easy to work with, needing little direction, but building on suggestions and the back of the camera to get the shots just right. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Scarlett to anyone, I hope our next shoot is sooner than the last!

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Tony Browne

Scarlett is great ! She has charisma, enthusiasm, energy, lots of modelling experience and a buzzing sense of humour. We had a wonderful joint shoot at Studio58 with the lovely Khaleesi. Both models were great and worked amazingly well together. The results are amazing - thank you ladies for inviting me - much appreciated !

Top recommendation from me !

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Group shoot at Photo24 yester-eve with Scarlett , mischievous mood mashing mistress of merriment. Line up the boxes of all the things you might want in a model, shut the one labelled skinny misery, and put a big tick in the rest. Job done; nuff said!!

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Had my first duo shoot with scarlett and wow what fun it was! Scarlett was full of energy and had a huge wardrobe, I was made to feel instantly welcome and we got right down to it making some fantastic shots!

We had a giggle and breaks when needed, scarlett was happy to try any ideas me & tony had, but also posed freely like a dream!

100% recommended and cant wait to work together again ♥

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I recently attended a group shoot with Scarlett at Photo24: It was a very relaxed and fun event, and the time flew by. Scarlett was full of energy and enthusiasm, while at the same time dedicated and professional. She was happy to discuss ideas, come up with poses, try things and provide feedback, and worked hard to get the best images. A lively character, and a great model: I would certainly work with her again.

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Wow !!!! I’ve had a double dose of Scarlett Blaze this week !!!! :):):):) How lucky are we at PoZers for this to occur ??? Our first experience this week, was one of the best shoots I have ever had at PoZers, Scarlett and I created an event themed around the iconic character “Betty Boop”, and OMG, to say that Scarlett was Betty Boop’s relative from anuver muver, was an understatement. If Betty Boop could be reincarnated, then Scarlett is her, in every way, from her cheeky little smile, to her beautiful and voluptuous body, to her stunning big eyes, and her quirky little ways, she was absolutely gob smackingky phenomenal, and blew everyone away on the day. Scarlett’s communication is faultless, we planned the event at my home, then continued planning during the weeks leading up to it. Scarlett is so passionate about her work, that she did her homework on Betty’s behaviour, poses, sound effects, costumes, lingerie, ensuring she was fully prepared for our 6 1/2 hour event. I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing Scarlett was, you had to be there to witness it for yourself, she gave me goosebumps and I laughed and laughed until my ribs hurt and I cried !!!! We went through lots of lighting set ups, clothing changes, prop swops and all sorts and Scarlett was phenomenal throughout, she kept the entire group entertained, and all the photographers actually loved her to bits, let’s face it, who couldn’t love Betty Boop, and who couldn’t live Scarlett Blaze ????? I love Scarlett, there’s no denying it, she’s fabulous in every single way, if your thinking if booking this stunning young lady, don’t think it, do it, she’s so amazing you won’t no what’s hit you, your images will be amazing in every way. Thank you so much Scarlett for making our event truly phenomenal, I am so proud to call you a friend and fellow creative, your amazing !!!

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Alexander Wares Photography

Difficult to find words to describe my shoot yesterday at Pozers Studio with Scarlett. A feeling of complete elation at restoring some of my lost confidence of late. I knew she was bubbly, friendly, a bit bonkers and a beautiful, beautiful young woman. However, I had no idea how much I was about to enjoy a shoot. With the skills of Alley dealing with makeup, lighting and costume and Scarlett’s effervescence in front of camera and her ability to get the maximum effect of any skills I may have had, I can honestly say, this was one of the best shoot experiences I’ve had so far. From pose to pose, she has the ability to sense the image you’re trying to capture, and to modify any ideas you may have, to fruition. I’m now left with the enviable task of editing and trying to keep the rewards of such a fantastic day. I left the studio feeing ten foot tall and on a massive high.

If you’ve never shot with Scarlett, please, please don’t hesitate, if you do you’ll sorely regret it.

Scarlett, thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon😍😍😍😘😘😘😘x take care.. Alex.

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MAB Photography Pembrokeshire

I attended a group shoot event at PoZers studio where Scarlett was modelling as Betty Boop and what a superb event it was. Scarlett is an amazingly bubbly character, full of energy and enthusiasm. The banter and laughter seemed non-stop. She threw herself into the Betty Boop character and recreated eight superbly different sets. She was so much fun to work with and so professional and dedicated. I would love to work with her again and thoroughly recommend working with her.

Thank you Scarlett

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Had another great shoot with lovely Scarlett today, always great fun to work with and looks so good in all the outfits, cant wait tell our next shoot

thank again for a great shoot xxxx

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