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Due to the current situation with Corvid-19 Pandemic, PoZer's is no longer taking studio booking's, creating our amazing event's and workshop's for our wonderful client's, tutoring, doing makeup, or any of our other phenomenal services.

My client's are my extended family, and their health and well-being always has, and always will be, my priority. Whilst I am missing the industry desperately, missing the social interaction with you beautiful creatives, PoZer's will not be opening for the foreseeable future, due to the risk of spreading the virus.  I really don't know what the future hold's for PoZer's, or for the industry in general, but I just want to take this opportunity, to thank each and everyone of my client's, for making the last 5 year's, the best of my life, and I hope that you are all staying safe, staying home, and looking after your loved one's. May we all come out the other end of this tunnel, as unscathed, un-scarred as possible, and whatever will be, will be for me, but I wish you all much love, and luck through this difficult time, and I can't wait to fling open my door's once again, to you beautiful, crazy creatives. Alley  


Welcome to PoZers Photographic and Hire Studio...our quaint, quirky, unique little studio, set in the stunning Wiltshire Countryside, on the outskirts of Swindon. 

(Straight off the M4 along the A419 to Cricklade).

Can I just take this opportunity, to wish EVERYONE on PurplePort, a very, very, very creative and amazing 2020... Thank you to everyone, who has supported PoZer's over the last 4 amazing years, and 400 amazing references, I wouldn't have been able to build the studio, into what it's become, without you all, so thank you. 

I can 100% guarantee, that you WON'T find another photographic studio like PoZer's, ANYWHERE  in the country. Why I hear you say ????? 

We are a totally unique photographic and hire studio, where our customer service is second to none, with hands on help at all times. You will be looked after like King's and Queens, from photographers to models, just read PoZer's references, if you are in any doubt at all.

We are with you, from start to finish on your shoot, to assist with anything and everything, your shooting time finishes, when your hire time finishes, so we clear up, clean up, and pack up, so you don't have too, giving you 100% quality shooting time with your model.

Just when you think, thing's can't get any better than this....  we also do all your lighting for you, totally FREE OF CHARGE..... YES, professional and complex lighting set-up's, whatever set-up you desire, and this service is absolutely FREE... Yes FREE....  now nobody else does that at any studio.... GUARANTEED.

To give you a clear picture (excuse the pun..) of what PoZers has to offer, please read below, under the sub-headings relevant to you....

Prices for our various studio hire services: 

Hire of the studio space is £20 per hour (minimum of 2 hours) amazing value for money as it is all inclusive of   :

  • FREE professional, complex lighting set-up's of your choice, with our vast array of light's and modifiers, go-bo's, reflectors etc.
  • Our studio is always guaranteed to be toasty, cosy and warm, I arrive an hour before my clients to ensure it's a lovely, warm and welcoming environment, for the models, photographers and others.  
  • FREE & Endless refreshments : coffee, cappuccino, tea, green tea, fruit tea's, hot chocolate (with HUGE marshmallow's..nom..nom...nom....), iced water, 7 fruit squash flavours, biscuits, cookies, shortbreads etc. 
  • FREE Hands on professional stylist.
  • Use of all of our extensive, unusual and quirky backdrop's, as well as white/black tough vinyls.
  • Your shoot time finishes, when your booking ends, no need to finish early to tidy up, we do all of that for you, giving you quality time from start to finish. 
  • PoZer's has a "Narnia" for a wardrobe, including fur coats, vintage clothing, leathers, lingerie, shoes, gowns, wedding dresses, hand made costumes, the list goes on and on.... 
  • We have stunning, one off, hand made, Avante Garde fashion headpieces for everyone to use. 
  • Hand created costumes, from the Queen of Heart's to Santa Claus.
  • Extensive jewellery, hats, scarfs, accessories etc. 
  • Amazing, quirky and fun furniture, chaise lounge, rocking chair, throne etc. 
  • 20+ sheer fabrics of multiple colours.
  • Assistance with creating amazing sets,to add something stunning to your images. 

If you would like to learn studio photography, we offer a wide range of way's to learn. We offer all our new client's, unique and bespoke packages, created to fit everyone's budget, at unbelievable price's, making studio photography tuition, more affordable than you imagine. Just drop us a message, and we are happy to arrange a "no obligation meeting" at PoZer's, over a cuppa

PoZer's in house models and local recommended models


We have a wonderful mix of models, that live in Swindon and the surrounding areas of Wiltshire, which is always really helpful for visiting photographers, who would like to book someone local, or last minute. The models listed here have been to PoZer's several times, some many times and come highly recommended from myself.


One thing that PoZers is super proud about, is that our in-house model team, covers a wide variety of modelling genres and styles. We are so fortunate to have, 3 of the top models here on PurplePort, and in the South of England, the beautiful, the phenomenal :-

"Helen Diaz", our very own mind blowing beauty, from Portrait to artistic nude, Helen has over 1100 positive references, and many years of experience, working with both amateur photographers and professionals, treating all of them exactly the same, being very kind and patient, she's a glowing asset at PoZer's, and I am honoured and proud to have her as part of the PoZer's team. Helen and PoZer's do a lot of events and workshops together, we always have something new and exciting, up our sleeves for our lovely clients, they always sell out, and everyone has a wonderful time, it's a great way to work with Helen, if you enjoy groups and find it less intimidating than 1-1 situations. Check out Helen's portfolio link below.

"Scarlett Blaze", modelling from Portrait to artistic nude, with nearly 400 references, and years of experience, not only does she bring absolute raw beauty to the industry, she brings bubbly smiles and laughter, positivity and phenomenal imagery, Scarlett adds so much to the team, it's such a dream to have her on board. Like Helen, Scarlett has worked with a wide range of photographers, she magically relaxes new photographers, making them feel at ease, and more confident, and will ensure they always get her at her very best. I was over the moon when she agreed to be part of PoZer's in-house team, she has helped with many events at the studio, and will be assisting me in 2019 with up and coming events through PoZer's, and of course, we will be doing events ourselves together. Check out Scarlett's link below.

"Twinkle Nose", is our newest member of the in-house team, and our least experienced, but WOW... this does not reflect in this amazing young ladies modelling skills, the stunning Hannah is absolutely EPIC. We first met when she kindly gave up her time, to come to my Macmillan Cancer Support event, at this point she had only been modelling a few months, and she blew everyone away, photographers and our other in house models. Since then, "Twinkle Nose" has taken the industry by storm, everyone is talking about her, I had to snap this young lady up, as she's such a delight to work with, what's not to love ? Check out her portfolio below, and you can see for yourself, what a phenomenal and amazing young lady she is.

"Retro Rob", PoZer's is super proud to announce, our only male in-house model, is the phenomenal, mind blowing, timeless, awesome creative "Retro Rob", here on PurplePort. Rob's modelling skills are literally amazing, after our 8 hour studio day together, I felt like Rob had been part of PoZer's since the beginning, and the images from the studio day were amazing. Not only did I get to know Rob as the studio owner, I watched his interaction with my client's, and he just had this amazing persona, such a calming effect, so much fun, and we laughed way too much, but I felt totally at ease with Rob, like we had been friends for decades. You might wonder why Rob is our only male model to date ? Book this amazing man and find out for yourself, he's exclusive, one of a kind, and one of the most amazing male models I have ever met.


The finer Studio details,equipment, props, clothing etc. 

PoZer's  studio space : 

Main Studio area : 7.6m length by 4.4m wide  (33.4 sq metres) - in this area we have very high ceilings, suitable for tall models, jumping, dancing, climbing ladders for "floortraits" etc. We have a high key, white vinyl backdrop, running the length of the studio and 2.2 metres wide, fully washable for creative art. We have a low key, matt black vinyl, running the width of the studio at 3 metres wide, fully washable for creative art. Behind the white backdrop is our makeup and hair section, with natural daylight, Italian designed makeup chair and makeup cabinet with LED daylight bulbs. This area is stocked with extensive makeup products and hair styling equipment, for every genre of makeup artistry, by our degree qualified makeup artist. (Check out the area in the "PoZers Studio album" below. 

Studio two/ dressing room/ props/ furniture/ wardrobe/costumes/headpieces etc  : 4.6m length by 3.8m wide  (17.4 sq metres) - in this area we have backdrop poles with various backdrops available : Lindsay Adlers, hand painted acrylic muslin portrait cloth (images available in "PoZer's studio album below). We have 2 10ftx10ft stunning ice and snow themed vinyl backdrops. We have 1 10ftx10ft gold bokeh effect vinyl backdrop. We have 1 graffitti  7ftx5ft vinyl backdrop,  1 Brick wall 7ftx5ft vinyl. 1 Christmas fire place 7ftx5ft vinyl backdrop, 1 steam punk 4ftx6ft vinyl backdrop, 1 cherry tree 7ftx5ft vinyl, 1 dark and scary forest 7ftx5ft vinyl, 1 autumnal orange, yellow and red trees 7ftx5ft vinyl, 1 summer tree's 7ftx5ft vinyl, 1 Cistine chapel inspired, angels in clouds 8ftx8ft vinyl, 1 religious Mary and Jesus, Saints etc 8ftx8ft vinyl, 1 Renaissance/Pre-Raphaelite 8ftx8ft vinyl,  4 coloured tye-dyed backdrop cloths- 8ftx8ft pink/blue - 10ftx10ft brown - 8ftx8ft grey- 8ftx8ft blue- 8ftx6ft hand painted rainbow splashes and smears, 1 10ftx20ft black backdrop cloth, 1 10ftx20ft white backdrop cloth.  Rolls of Papers : red paper 2.2m, black paper, 2.2m, yellow paper, 2.2m, navy blue paper 2.2m,

PoZers photographic equipment:

Lights: 8 Bowens Espirit and Gemini heads with modelling light and strobe flashes, synchronised with radio's and triggers for Nikon, Canon, Sony, Fuji etc. Large variety of lighting stands, including industrial boom arm. 1 large studio L.E.D. ring light. 

Modifiers: Bowen's barn doors, with 4 primary coloured gels, diffuser and grid. Strip light 7ftx1ft with optional honeycomb grid. 1 strip light 5ftx1ft with optional honeycomb grid. 2 rectangular soft boxes with optional honeycomb grids. 1 square soft box 1ftx1ft. 2 x spotlights with optional honeycomb grids. 1 Bowen's gel kit with 10 coloured gel options. Octoboxes - 1x2 metre and 1x1.4 metre. 3 Bowen's umbrella attachments with 9 varied umbrella's to choose from. 1 Bowen's snoot.

Furniture: Old school rocking chair, red velvet and gold throne chair, long thin solid oak benches, blow up air chair, round blow-up boudoir bed, white leather computer chair, shabby-chic white school stool, photographic posing steps, photographic Lasolite black posing pillars, walnut and black leather gas elevated stool x 2. Tiger striped fur and leather lifesize "stiletto shoe chair" (seeing is believing lol) modern Italian leather chaise lounge

PoZer's wardrobes of goodies (  : 

PoZers dresses: 2 wedding dresses (1 traditional, 1 Miss Havisham style)and accessories. Corset dresses, Purple prom gown and shawl, detailed with crystals. Pink Audrey Hepburn style prom dress. Green ice queen gown with flowing trail.

PoZers coats: 1 black velvet cape with red silk lining. 1 green velvet Christmas cape. 1 full length "Matrix style" leather coat. 1 white/grey faux fur coat. 1 beige/faun faux fur coat. 1 dark brown faux fur coat. 1 grey faux fur and suede gillet. 1 black leather and tweed biker chick jacket. Green cape. Navy blue puffa coat.

PoZers costumes: Several various Queen of Hearts headpieces and costumes. Pirate bride dress. Ice Queen gown and matching shawl and head piece. Periot Clown costume. Zombie costume. Skeleton costume. Steam Punk dresses and hats. Georgian Lady dress. 

PoZers props:1 large samurai sword. 1 medium samurai sword. 1 decorative metal sword . 6 plastic fake swords. 2 gentleman's canes. 4 customised Steam Punk guns of various sizes. Fake human limbs (legs, hands, fingers, arms, eyes etc.) Witches cauldron. Archery board with bow and arrows. Steam Punk props. Red Vintage feather duster. Big brown bear. Beautiful array of silk artificial flowers, from roses to Sunflowers etc.  

PoZers Lingerie: Baby doll nighties x 10. Sheer dresses. Sheer jacket & shawls x 8. Sheer tops x 5 Lace underwear x 10. Cosplay nickers x 10 Corsets x 15. Burlesque bra, knickers and matching collar in bright orange.

PoZers Hats, Masks & Headpieces: 3 large floppy hats, 1 captains hat, 3 witches hats, pink and black retro motorbike helmet with matching goggles. 1 feather hat. 1 aluminium hand made, Queen of Hearts crown. 1 wooden hand head-dress.  1 large black feather hat. 1 Aztec God head dress. 1 wire Geisha headpiece. 1 Octopus hand made headpiece. 4 x Indian head dresses. 1 handmade Steam Punk hair hat. White Ostrich feather 1920's head band. Steam Punk mask. 4 x Jester hand painted masks various colours. 10 Vintage head bands. Vintage Red Ostrich feather 1950's hat. 2 x Queen of Hearts head dresses. 1 foam corset collar in navy blue and teal, finished with blue  feathers and spikes. Black Beast style horns, attached to a hair band so easily worn. 2 Male Gladiator metal armour Helmets. I large male armour headpiece.  

We still have so much more... but seeing is believing.... 

PoZers Extra's:- 

  • Disabled unisex Toilet

  • Kitchen with fridge, microwave, plates, cutlery, freezer etc.

  • Free Parking for unlimited vehicles

  • Free Refreshments & biscuit's prepared for you

  • Free Collection from the train station/bus station for models/photographers (notice must be given). 

 Pink Lady Makeup Artistry:-  

Not many studio's have a permanent, In-house makeup artist, that is fully qualified in beauty and has a degree in makeup artistry and hair styling. Pink Lady's prices are so affordable, coming to PoZers allows you to have the luxury of a makeup artist, as we create bespoke packages, combined with the studio, to make beautiful and unique makeup affordable for everyone. Pink Lady offers the following:-

Full beauty makeup, contouring, highlighting etc.

Avante Garde/High Fashion makeup design and creation.

Fantasy makeup research, design and application. 

SFX makeup including casualty wounds, injuries, prosthetics application, prosthetic sculpt,design and production, horror film/photography makeup.

Body and face painting.

Costume design and creation.

Accessory design and creation.

Prop design and creation.

Hand knotted human hair wigs.

Hand weft woven wigs of synthetic and human hair.

Hand knotted facial hair postiches, beards, moustaches, sideburns etc.   

We guarantee you won't get cheaper anywhere else, for the service we offer all our clients. Feel free to visit Pink Lady's Makeup Artistry page here on PurplePort, or check out her very own album, here on our studio page. Whether your a photographer or a model, you won't find a more dedicated makeup artist anywhere who loves her job as much as she does. Amazing references and widely published,both nationally and internationally. Pink Lady makes an interesting twist to any photographic shoot, just read her references to tell you the story. No job is too big or too small, please feel free to call us for a chat or come along to the studio for a cuppa, chat and some brainstorming.

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