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Paul Stone Photography

I had a great studio shoot today with the beautiful Ivory Flame. Ivory arrived on time and looked stunning throughout the shoot, in all the beautiful outfits she wore.

Ivory was professional, beautiful and fun and all throughout the shoot showed exceptional interest in the photos being taken. Very communicative, with ideas for poses and ready to take on my ideas also. Ivory is beautiful and poses exceptionally well with grace and style. If you have the opportunity to shoot with Ivory, I highly recommend you do.

Can recommend enough.

Thank you.

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Had a great organised studio shoot with Ivory Flame.

Hair makeup style was spot on.

Showed a lot of interest in the photos as well. totally professional throughout.

Would love to work with Ivory again.

Can recommend enough.

Thank you.

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When you book Holly, you always know you are going to get next level excellence and this last shoot was no exception!

Holly modelled for our Renaissance event yesterday and came equipped with beautiful, timeless wardrobe to suit the environments and themes. Her grace is unrivalled and with every movement, she looks like shes stepped right out of classic art.

Always professional, prepared and lovely and using her expertise and experience to help craft beautiful pictures!

Thank you again Holly, you are always a superstar!

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Doug Ross Photographic

I had a superb shoot with Holly at Pavilion Studio, in one of the first sessions of her 2022 Scottish Tour.

Using film and digital we worked across a range of looks and outfits. She moves with ease, is quick to offer suggestions, has a lovely personality and is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Highly recommended!

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Holly was one of 3 models at the two shoots today which were arranged by Tabitha Boydell at Far Forest studio. I really enjoyed working with her as she is happy to take direction and will pose on her own initiative, as well as making excellent suggestions for poses. I look forward to working with her again one day and recommend her.

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I had a wonderful duo shoot with the stunningly beautiful Ivory Flame and Artemis Fauna last Sunday. Pre-comms were excellent. It was a lovely day and both models moved seamlessly between shots creating some wonderful shapes and stunning images.It was a while since I had shot with the lovely Holly and it was great to catch up and shoot together again. I have been so lucky to have shot with the amazing and very beautiful Holly over many years and both indoors and on location and we have created some memorable images. Holly is such a wonderful person and I strongly recommend her to all photographers. Thank you again Holly.

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A superb shoot with Holly yesterday at Two Wei, Holly's posing is graceful, she flows through the moves with ease and is a delight to work with. Holly gave great input during the shoot and was keen to look at the images we produced and offered suggestions on tweaking the shots as we went along.

Very Highly Recommended


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This was my first shoot with Ivory Flame after several recommendations. What a fantastic and educational experience that it was.

Pre shoot communication was excellent.

Ivory Flame was punctual, very easy to talk to and provided several changes of clothing, if and when required as discussed.

Provided me with professional and appropriate feedback throughout the shoot, which I had asked for. I believe this made my images on the day far better due to the collaboration we had as Ivory Flame is not just a great model but also an accomplished photographer.

Brilliant experience with a true professional who I would recommend to anybody.

Hopefully I will get the opportunity to shoot with Ivory Flame again in the near future.

Thank you.


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What an incredible day's shoot I have just had with Ivory Flame; a Punctual, patient, very professional, art model. I have so many gorjus images from the start of the day, right through till the end. Her vast knowledge and experience of both shooting and modeling shine to the forefront in everything she does and are reflected in the abundance of beautiful images I have. Working with Ivory Flame is always a collaboration and I cannot recommend her enough. I will hopefully be working with her again soon :)

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Phil Kaos

What more can be said that hasn't already been said about Ivory? I had the pleasure of working with Ivory today, she's an exceptional person. She poses fluidly, has plenty of artistic ideas, and is ready to go the moment the camera is powered up. I'd highly recommend booking with her.

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Martin Duggan LIPF AFIAP

I had wanted to work with Ivory Flame for a while as I love the very different unique images she produces. I got My chance this weekend and I was not disappointed. She was such a friendly, down to earth model to work with always prepared to work hard and give her own input on how the image might be more successful. I was so happy with My images ,looking forward to a 2nd encounter.

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I had the pleasure to shoot with Ivory Flame again, and what an amazing shoot it was. She is so creative and full of ideas to enhance the experience. Top class model and a wonderful person. Cannot recommend highly enough.

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Holly already has so many great reviews, and not a bit of wonder...

Holly is amazing to work with, graceful posing, beautiful personality, professional in every way with her great work ethic and a keen eye for detail, she will bring more to the shoot

with her experience both in modelling and in photography than you could ever imagine and see things you would never see, a truly wonderful soul.

Thank you for a very memorable day

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Mike Reen

First shoot with Ivory Flame on her trip to Ireland. It's all been said hundreds of times here in the references and I can happily repeat ... wonderful model, lovely gentle person, easy to work with, fun, engaging, interested, helpful. Thank you for a super shoot and hope to see you again on your next trip to Ireland ... count us in if you're coming over!!

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Paul Cooley

This was my first in person shoot with Ivory Flame. First thing to say how polite and professional she was, doing her very best to get every shot right. We shot in three different locations and am over the moon with the results. Already looking forward to her return in a few months hopefully. She is honestly worth her weight in gold with the variety she has in her modelling. Ivory is one of the best out there and I can highly recommend her. She is the perfect model and such a lovely person also :)

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I've shot Ivory Flame remotely during lockdown, but the last time we shot in person was 13 years ago, so it really was a pleasure shooting again in the same place. What can you say about the queen of the art nude that's not already been said? She is lithe, she is grace. Supple, shapeshifting and serene, she epitomises elegance, both in and out of clothes.

She may retire soon, so do book her while you can because you'll regret it otherwise.

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She doesn't need my reference, but I'll leave one anyway to express my love for this beautiful being ♥

Myself and Holly had been circling each other for the past decade, often close but never able to actually meet and shoot. You can imagine my delight when she contacted me to tell me she was coming to Galway during her Irish tour and she would have liked to meet.

I had the pleasure to host her, hang out with her and she kindly and patiently allowed me to take pictures of her in a forest nearby. We also shot some self portraits and I hope to have time to edit them soon.

Her posing is flawless and she's fun to work with, so creative and lovely.

I'm looking forward to work with her again some day!

Thanks Holly!! xx

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PGD Modelling and Photography Studios

Which such grace Holly took to our stage, and gave our group of photographers endless poses and styles.

Her mannerism, attitude, pre shoot organisation and styling were all absolutely perfect.

Holly was highly recommended to me and I can see why, I would now also highly recommend her.

Look forward to having her back down at the studio soon.

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booked Ivory Flame for a shoot at Tee Wei location over the afternoon we discussed a few ideas and made a few more plans during the shoot, Ivory Flame came fully loaded with dresses and clothes well prepared, she was professional, friendly, chatty generally just a very nice person :-)

Ivory Flame looked great, posed amazing and had very good ideas which we used, we shot in the loft, the lounge and outside in yard and in front of the lovely building.

Very good shoot and can only highly recommend Ivory Flame

Thank you Ivory Flame :-)

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Jon 21

Ivory Flame is a joy to work with, I had a half day session with her at the Boardroom which I shared with my wife who is also a photographer. Ivory made the whole experience great and was happy to share her knowledge and expertise looking forward to another shoot in the near future.

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