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In Search of That Perfect Shot..............

Had a shoot with Artemis Fauna, Ivory Flame and Carla Monaco on their Bohemian Bloom Remote event. It all went well and was very enjoyable. A small technical problem for a few minutes with Artemis but she quickly resolved the issue and we continued without any other incidents! Each model had lovely sets and it was difficult to choose which one to shoot in as all the sets were so lovely, they had worked so hard to make it a high-end shoot, needless to say that the posing from each was awesome too! All gave 150% to this event (to say 100% would be under-valuing what they did). Results were first class too! Thank you ladies, hope you do another event similar to this soon. Thanks, Jann :-)x

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On Monday I had my first shoot with Ivory Flame. It was part of Artemis Fauna’s remote “Bohemian Bloom” event.

Despite it being remote and not having met before, she was very welcoming and friendly and I felt we gelled quickly. We had briefly discussed some ideas for the shoot but had deliberately left it reasonably flexible to see where the mood took us.

It was a very productive and fun shoot producing a number of images I am keen to share of PurplePort soon.

I can thoroughly recommended Holly for her friendliness and professionalism. Also, she was not a clock watcher. We had booked the hour but went slightly over as she was keen to “nail” one particular image that we were working on at the end.

Thoroughly recommended!!

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Robert Mann MA

After having previously participated in their Majestic and Celestial themed remote shoot events earlier this year, last month I joined in the latest themed event organised by Ivory Flame, Mischkah and ModelZoi and Ivory Flame, the theme this time being Underworld Noir. Ivory’s interpretation of the theme was grungy, eerie, ghostly and surreal and she realised this with a stunning grungy backdrop, flowing red fabrics and a grungy perspex sheet to use in the foreground. We shot a couple of different looks, including a stunning serpent lingerie set and a nude look coupled with a black feather collar, and her make up was absolutely excellent, perfectly complementing the theme of the shoot, with her posing also being flawless and really conveying the feel and emotion we were aiming for. Her lighting setup was excellent and we produced some amazing images together, with us communicating well after the shoot to perfect the images. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Ivory again and would definitely work with her again. Very highly recommended!

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I've worked with Ivory Flame on several shoots and it's always a pleasure.

She has a keen eye for detail and it shows in all the Image's we produce.

The last shoot was a remote shoot which was simply amazing how she manages to come up with these setups in her home is jaw dropping.

I can't wait to work with this exceptional model again.

Very Highly recommend.

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Had the most wonderful remote shoot with Ivory Flame, I have worked with her before on different in person shoots but this was my first remote shoot with her since she started offering them I totally enjoyed working with her and got some brilliant images that I’m really proud of.

So I can only highly recommend Ivory Flame weather you shoot in person or remotely and you will get some superb images.

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Ghost Light Photography

My first in person shoot of 2021 and it had a touch of Deja Vu about it. Not long before the original lockdown I had my first shoot with Ivory Flame on my first visit to Inspire Studios. That shoot had a hallmark of simplicity, working with natural light simple set ups. This time was to be quite a change with some very different lighting ideas and concepts. We were able to discuss these in advance and Ivory Flame was also able to trial some things to ensure we could maximise our opportunities in the time restricted situation of a studio day.

Having worked with Ivory Flame twice before I knew just how much skill and effort she would put in to our shoot. She also displayed great patience as we were making precision adjustments to the lighting. I am also so grateful that she threw herself wholeheartedly into my wild ideas.

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Finally after the problems we have all endured i finally got to shoot with Ivory Flame. I have to say it was real pleasure ,a really nice person who knows their skill set so well. The shoot was all i was hoping it to be and a great way to get back after many months of nothing.

Hollys work speaks for itself...if you haven't then you should !

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David Blandford

Ivory Flame is a model who I have wanted to work with for some time but had never got the opportunity. So when I got the chance to book a slot at her studio Day at Inspire Studio, there was no hesitation. I cannot add anything which has not already been said but I cannot praise her enough.

From the start of our shoot to the last frame she worked hard so I got the images I was after. In fact I can fault her as everything was faultless. If you have not worked with Ivory Flame already then you are missing out, it is a pleasure to recommend her.

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My first time working with Ivory Flame (much delayed by Covid). She is very professional and creative, and a pleasure to work with - even with my idea for a tricky and repetitive setup, she was happy to keep working until I got the images I was after! I am really pleased with the results. Highly recommended.

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Brian Garrard

I have been attempting to shoot With Ivory Flame for over a year but due to Covid I have had to rearrange and finally all came together on Saturday on a studio day at Inspire Studios Salisbury. well worth the wait. Ivory is amazing to work with knowing what works with sets. I have only had a breath look at the images but I think I have some amazing shots looking forward to working on and posting more.

Would recommend Ivory Flame such a pleasure to work with.

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Bill George

I had a remote Bohemian Bloom themed shoot recently with Ivory Flame. This was the forth time I had the privilege to work with the talented Ivory Flame. The set she provided was exceptional as was the assistance she provided to make this a very successful shoot. I can recommend Ivory Flame to all photographers at any level as she will do her very best to make the shoot fun and successful. Thanks Ivory for allowing me to photograph you.

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This was a second remote shoot with Holly and it was even better than the first. Needless to say, but I got countless images of the highest quality as she moved through a range of ideas that we had agreed on prior to the shoot. The props, backdrops and outfits were great for our shoot and items were added as the themes developed through our time together. Holly has the easiest of personalities to get on with as we discussed all manner of things and bounced countless ideas off each other. I suppose this is just another highly positive piece of feedback but I’ve got to say she has earned it, highly recommended.

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Bill George

This was the third time I had a photo shoot with the lovely Ivory Flame. Each time the the shoots just gets better. Ivory Flame is talented, professional and full of ideas to make the best of the shoot. I am looking forward to working with her again in the near future. With her vast experience I would recommend her to both experienced and new photographers. Thanks for the opportunity to work with you.

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Parkstone Photography

From the word go, organising the photo shoot with Holly was so simple. Holly’s communication was flawless and very straight forward, and all information I needed and was looking for, was provided promptly, making it easy to organise.

On the day, Holly’s studio, was fully setup to do our remote shoot together and she had lots of stunning props to work with. I was a bit giddy to begin with but Holly made me feel very welcome, relaxed and comfortable and this made our shoot together, great fun.

The images we were getting were absolutely stunning and I am already excited to be in a position soon to do another shoot with her, which I’m sure will be even more incredible.

I highly recommend Holly to anyone looking to do a shoot with her, and I also look forward to following her journey as a model.

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Dave Gibson

I think over 600 excellent references speak for themselves, these are my comments from my 4th shoot with Holly.

Holly is one of those models that you occasionally get who is an all-round pleasure to work with.

She’s so very helpful, happy to help with any ideas, with some great ideas of her own.

Holly is keen for your shoot to be a success and works to ensure that you go away happy.

I have no hesitation in recommending her to photographers of all levels

David xx

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Several years ago I was attending an event with several models and photographers in the forest near Epping. I was very happy to then first meet Ivory Flame which I have seen plenty of photos of in results from international competitions and exhibitions. Very friendly and easy to talk to and to work with. Later on she was visiting Norway and I was lucky to spend a day with her on a beautiful location near me. During the last 6 months we have had several remote shoots, and I know we are having more :) She really knows how to get the best from the location, the light, the poses and you, the photographer. I am not the one to instruct much, I like the model to get in a flow and doing her thing, and with Ivory that has brought me gold after gold! I highly recommend this beautiful person and beautiful model!

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John McNairn

Yay!!...another Ivory Flame shoot with much remoteness cuz like covid n stuff, anyways we had a fab shoot as usual, I had sent Holly some ideas of a new project so she set up her home to suit and she totally nailed it with lots of textures and suitable colours. As always her modelling ability is breathlessly graceful and expressive; equally as always it was difficult to choose which images to edit as each one is a work of art on it's own. Now I could recommended her to every photographer, and I do, but her work and reputation far exceeds any recommendation I could give.

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Ivor TL

Today was my first remote tethered boudoir session with Ivory Flame, we met once before in Edinburgh. The theme was overcoming self doubt so we created a series of images to compose later. Using diffused light from her studio space as the keylight, we achieved some great images for me to work on. Communications were excellent and detailed with ideas for props.

I highly recommend Ivory Flame’s remote enterprise.

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Robert Mann MA

Having previously shot with Ivory Flame during the Majestic themed remote shoot event organised by herself along with ModelZoi and Mischkah and absolutely loving that experience, I jumped at the opportunity to work with her again on their latest themed day, this with the even more enticing Celestial theme. She had a terrific take on the theme with stunning sunset backdrops, stunning gowns and headdresses courtesy of Hippy Poppins, angel wings, light orbs and delightful pastel colours. We discussed my ideas beforehand and we were able to realise them brilliantly, producing some ethereal and truly magical shots. Her posing was spot on as always and the results were stunning. The shoot flew by with us conversing easily and I had a great time working with her again. I love the photos we produced together during this shoot and I would definitely work with her again. Very highly recommended!

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Dave Gibson

It doesn't take long to get around to a second or even third shoot with Holly.

She has a real instinct for what will look great through the viewfinder, along with being very professional and gives 110%,

Holly’s a delight to work with, highly recommended


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