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Four hours at the excellent AuraPhotographic, split between shooting Ivory Flame and Cariad, with a little Duo thrown in.

Holly’s organisation was excellent. She is the ultimate professional - hugely experienced, creative with exquisite posing, and widely knowledgeable about the profession in which she excels.

Working with Ivory Flame is an absolute delight - she merits the highest recommendation.

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John Whitmore

WOW - what can I say that others have already said!

It was an absolute pleasure to welcome Holly to my little studio, she totally rocked the looks I was after as I knew she would - an absolute professional.

Would I recommend Holly? oh HELL YES

Thanks Holly

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Steve JC

Everything that can be said about Ivory Flame has already been said. She is the consummate professional, alway fully prepared, with a vast knowledge of her craft. I would recommend you work with Holly at lease once, you will not be disappointed.

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Figure and Form

Holly, as always, was serenely calm in her organisation and her careful planning ensured that everyone knew how to get the most from the event. I am in complete admiration of Holly, Ayla and Halo for such control and creativity underwater - incredible! Thank you for organising such a wonderful underwater shoot at Tankspace, I can't recommend it highly enough. It was a fun and really challenging experience - just what I needed to stimulate some new ideas. I am excited to try it again with a much better appreciation of how it all works. Brilliant, Holly!

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APS Phototography

I have shot Holly on many occasions either studio or remote shoots and as always a pleasure to work with. This shoot was organised by Holly at Tankspace with 2 other models Ayla & Halo. This was a first for me and the 3 other people in the group, and what a great event this was and I thoroughly enjoyed the day and the effort all the models put into it. Thanks again all those involved

Andy :)

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I have worked with Holly many times before and know she is an excellent model.

However, this was a bit special.

Holly organised a small group shoot at Tankspace with four photographers and three models: Holly, Ayla and Halo Haynes. The event was superbly organised and I think all four photographers achieved some beautiful images.

I know how good a model Holly is and she is also a natural in the water - she moves beautifully, has great breath control and works with the water to create sensational images. She is a joy work with and a superb model.

Many thanks Holly.

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Halo Haynes

I recently had the absolute pleasure of being booked by Holly, for some events she was putting on at Tankspace, due to another model being unable to attend.

She was well prepared, full of ideas, with beautiful wardrobe and a professional and calm demeanour. We first worked together as model and photographer and her attention to detail as a photographer is just as phenomenal as it is when she is modelling. A great mixture of helpful feedback and going with the flow is always best when working underwater, as there are so many variables at play and I found this to be perfect, which allowed me to feel very comfortable as a model.

Watching Holly model is glorious, as she exudes serenity even when in chlorinated water, upside down. Poised from head to toe - i don’t think it would be possible to get a bad photograph of her!

We worked together on some duo and trio shots with Ayla Rose, and both models were imaginative and communicated very well so we could all mesh perfectly under the water.

Having followed Holly’s work for a long time, I felt very honoured to be working alongside her at these events and had a fantastic time with everyone involved.

Thank you for having me and for such a wonderful experience!

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A Scorpion Residence

It has been great hosting Holly over the past 3 days with a record amount of bookings for these studio spaces, for one model at one time.

I've known Holly for a while now and I've had the pleasure of photographing her myself on many occasions. She is what I would describe as an 'A-lister' and is excellent in every way possible, from expression and posing ability, delightful to communicate with, highly creative and professional, plus so much more besides.

Many thanks once again Holly and I'm already looking forward to your return - Lee :-)

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I have worked with Holly many times over recent years and thoroughly enjoyed a shoot with her at the Scorpion Residence yesterday.

Holly works incredibly hard to ensure the photographer achieves their aims and gets the best possible results. She has a very good understanding of the technical side of photography from her own work and this makes a massive difference to the success of the shoot.

Holly has a wonderful sense of humour and shoots with her are always relaxed and very productive - her stunning looks and outstanding posing ability have all been commented upon before and for very good reason.Her genuine passion for photography shines through at all times.

Thanks again Holly for all your effort, I am so pleased with our results and I look forward to working again with you very soon indeed.

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Andy Houghton Photography

I had a fantastic three-hour photoshoot with Ivory Flame at the Scorpion Residence, Kettering. Rarely have I obtained a larger number of high-quality images from a single session! Her knowledge of photography is excellent, which meant that we collaborated on ideas and suggestions throughout the shoot, and with her ideas we were able to turn good shots into great ones. She is also a lot of fun to work with, and despite working hard throughout the session it always felt like a relaxed and enjoyable photoshoot. I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again.

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Dan Snow Photography

I had wonderful shoot with Holly at Lee's Scorpion Residence. She is an absolutely fantastic model, in fact she is exquisitely, first class. I have so many amazing shots (I was also trying out a set of new lenses) Holly was relaxed and able to communicate excellent knowledge of what lighting works best etc. I will definitely work with her again.

Thanks Holly for one of my best shoots ever.


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A short-notice shoot with Ms Flame following a casting by her. This was our second shoot and was a truely collaborative event. Two hours that flew-by, but undoubtedly a good shoot.

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Gary Stuart

Third shoot with Holly. A studio day then at guys Cliffe and now a full day at a scorpion residence- Holly even suggested the studio I took her to- after a bit of discussion.

Holly as expected was as awesome as ever- never any doubt tbh. - just look at her other references. It's impossible to add more praise.

Holly makes sure you come away with some images that are just excellent

With her planning and expertise behind and in front of the camera.

If you want an model that has it all in spades then book Holly (ivory frame)

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What a joy to work with Holly for a second time! Her thoughtful focus on the details of pose and expression turn good shots into great shots. There are a lot of great art nude models that are fantastic at portraying emotion but the depth of feeling that Holly conveys is special.

Holly truly cares about the art and is a great collaborator who is not afraid to share her perspective and opinion.

Looking forward to working again in May!

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Ken Benoit

Had my first highly anticipated shoot yesterday with Ivory Flame at Big Shot Studio. It caused me two problems: first, I was reduced to monosyllables mainly "Wow" when I viewed the images on my camera's screen and second, my normally brutal post-shoot image selection job is impossible because there are so many amazing images from the session. I can't use enough superlatives to describe what it's like to work with her. She is very cooperative and participatory in an extremely knowledgeable way about the photographic process. Her costume suggestions were perfect for what I was aiming to capture, and she gave great suggestions following a review on the camera screen. And she possesses incredible grace in posing and possesses a unique, pre-Raphaelite beauty. If you have a chance to shoot her, take it.

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Thompson Photography

Shot with Ivory Flame at PGD in Leicester, well just one thing to say

Brilliant !!!!

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Capture 77

There are models and muses but none light your fuse quite like the Ivory Flame!

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Big Shot Studio

There is only one Ivory Flame!

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I finally plucked-up the courage to book a shoot with the lovley Ms Flame. "Courage" in the sense of booking someone so good when I am less than that. She was friendly, supplied some good ideas for the shoot, had a room full of costumes and was lovely company for our three hours. Pose after pose flowed but Holly was also open to my ideas when they struck. Would very happily shoot with her again.

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Kevin Connery

I had an awesome remote session with Holly last week, and was again impressed with her skill at posing and emoting. We had a few related concepts to cover, and she hit the marks on all of them, as well as brought some new twists to the ideas that made the results even better.

Great to work with, and highly recommended!

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