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I had a wonderful shoot with Helen at her home in Wiltshire. We shot outdoors in the natural light in her garden.

I have known Helen for some time now, she is always a joy to work with.

With Helen I know we will always get some great pictures. Helen is a wonderful model.We always have great fun on our sessions, and Helen is a joy to work with.

We manage to have many varied conversations, and the time just flies by.

I would easily work with Helen again and hope to see her again soon.

A complete joy and a great friend.

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Paul Timon

I'm not quite sure where to begin. It was my first time shooting with Helen but also involved shooting with 5 other photographers and 2 more models in Iceland! The project had to be stressful for both Helen and her husband Roger. The week long shoot had been postponed several times over the previous two years and to top it all, they missed their flight (through no fault of theirs) and had to stay overnight before traveling the next day.

Add to that, all the administration required, shopping for food, etc., etc., I'm surprised she came out of it with her sanity.

There were a few more trials and tribulations during the week but we still got to see a lot of northern Iceland and got great shots, sometimes with one model, other times with three. On top of that, Helen's quirky sense of humour showed itself quite often and kept us entertained.

Hats off to Roger, her husband, who was our resident chef supplier of wine!

I wonder if she comes to Ireland - it's not as far as Iceland.

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I recently attended a workshop with the Royal Photographic Society, hosted by "Chris Burfoot ABIPP ARPS". This was first time I was to photograph a professional model, that model being Helen Diaz.

What can I say. As a novice to this type of shoot Helen made my experience enjoyable and memorable. I left having learnt not just from the workshop content but Helen herself.

Her experience meant I was always going to get a good photo and was very amenable to any requests.

Charming, funny, professional and accommodating are only a few words I could use to describe Helen.

A must shoot model whatever your photography experience. I cannot recommend Helen enough and look forward collaborating with Helen in the future.

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I was lucky enough to participate in Helen and Roger's recent photo trip to Northern Iceland. Helen is an amazing model, as can be seen from her superb portfolio and from her many positive references on PP. She and Roger teamed up with lovely local model Svala and Greek beauty Irida to provide a memorable week for our small photographic group. It was my first time in Iceland. The Weather Gods looked favourably on us as we had a week of glorious sunshine. We were brought to many waterfalls and geothermal locations where the models displayed their full array of poses, making it easy for an amateur tog like myself to bag stunning images. I hope to post a few here soon.

Helen and Roger couldn't do enough to make me feel welcome and my life experience has been enhanced by meeting these fine folk. I hope to be able to shoot with Helen again and wish to thank her for her patience and kindness. I will long remember this special trip, in the company of three beautiful, talented models. Thank you Helen, Svala, Irida and Roger.

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Just returned from an Icelandic trip organised by Helen Diaz and Roger More originally planned for 2020. Unfortunately Covid came along and the trip got postponed 3 times and has only just finally happened last week. It was well worth the wait and the trip was excellent. Helen worked very hard as did the other models (Helen Diaz and Icelandic Selkie) despite not feeling very well for some of the time. The conditions couldn't have been better, with blue skies and sunshine for the whole week! A very rare thing in Northern Iceland!

Helen is a wonderful model and organiser, and together with her husband Roger More, ensured that the trip went as smoothly as possible. She is not only beautiful and elegant but also versatile, and hard working, kind, professional and excellent company. She has my full praise, appreciation and gets my very highest recommendation. Thank you so much for all the effort that went into making this trip the success that it was.


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Just returned from a week of shooting with Helen in Iceland, and what a GREAT week it was! I had been looking forward to this trip for two years as Covid travel restrictions caused delay after delay, and when we finally could go, the total chaos at the various participants' airports of departure (Luton, Dublin and in my case Amsterdam) didn't make things any easier. However, Helen and Roger made sure we got the most out of the week in spite of all this and I had a great time. Helen is a very versatile and funny model to work with, who knows how to get the best possible images. If I can help it, this certainly wasn't the last time we have worked together. Thank you Helen, you were GREAT. Highly recommended!

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Roger More

I worked with Helen on our most recent tour to North Iceland. Despite a longer-than-planned sojourn at Luton Airport, we had a week of fantastic weather and epic locations including waterfalls, lakes, cinder cones and fumaroles. So many great images were created, some posted, one FPI so far, and loads more to edit.

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Dave Rudin

I returned home recently from a group photo trip to northern Iceland organized by Helen and her husband, Roger. The trip was originally scheduled for April 2020, but was rescheduled and then postponed again several times due to Covid. I'm sure it was very stressful for them, having to deal not only with frequently changing Covid regulations but also having to deal with photographers coming from (and going back to) four different countries (UK, USA, Ireland and the Netherlands) and their different levels of vaccinations, etc. Somehow, the tour finally and actually happened - and I'm very glad that it did.

I had been to Iceland on my own to photograph art nudes twice before, but one of the primary reasons that I chose this trip was for the chance to meet and work with Helen herself. I don't know what more I can say about Helen than has already been written, so all that I will really say is that if you're looking for a dark, raven haired beauty, Helen is your girl. Not only that, she is a lovely person to get to know, with a persona that is all her own. I definitely look forward to working with her again at greater length in both Iceland and in the UK.

Highly recommended!!!

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Chris Burfoot ABIPP ARPS

Helen saved the day for me when we had a mess up with booking another model. I have used Helen many times for my Royal Photographic Society Art Nude course and she has always been reliable and a joy to work with. She is very professional and great fun. The delegates love her and produced some amazing shots of her. I fully recommend her.

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Helen has an infectious personality that cannot but help make shoots fun. Was my first time adjusting my own lighting and this pushed my boundaries, Helen was supportive and patient throughout the shoot. She was helpful in suggesting poses yet allowed me to direct as well going with my ideas no matter how naff they may have been. Was a pleasure and will be repeated

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mike arthur-yates

Helen is so easy to work with in all respects. She is thoroughly professional and has an in-depth knowledge of photography which makes the shoot go well. I can highly recommend Helen. Thank you Helen and I hope we work together very soon.

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This was my third shoot with Helen and they're always good fun. We shot in a variety of places and styles, and it was a very relaxed shoot. We took our time and I still managed to take plenty of images

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Kevin Connery

Had a fabulous remote session with Helen a couple of days ago.

High energy, enthusiastic, silly and serious, and an absolute blast to work with!

We had discussed the themes before the shoot and she effortlessly switched between goofy (between sets and during light-checks) and full-on professional when we were actually shooting.

She knows her angles and how to pose for the lighting, understands how slight changes in expression can impact the final image and put that knowledge to excellent use during the entire session. This was particularly obvious when we shifted to an alternative mood for one look--she went full chameleon for that set and right back to the core theme when we returned to the main style.

Assisted by her partner Roger, who was on-hand to set/manipulate the lights and the set, we were able to create a wealth of images in a short period of time.

Very highly recommended.

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Half a decade between shoots.....but the years just seemed to fall away today! What can I say about Helen that hasn't already been put eloquently in previous references.

An absolute bundle of enthusiasm,energy,fun, & smouldering looks & posing all wrapped in an amazing package called Helen.

A consummate professional in everything she does & just an incredible model!

Thank you for an fantastic 4 hours & so well worth the 300 mile round trip.

An absolute 11/10 for & very, very highly recommended!!!

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My first shoot with Helen, a lucky chance as she was travelling through my part of the country.

I was indeed lucky as she is a wonderful model. Helen has a great look, and is very easy to work with. If I was puzzling over what to do next she had a good idea, and she can pose effortlessly.

Even my sillier ideas didn't faze her, and we either produced something good or moved on to the next setup.

Helen's one in a million I think. I can recommend her very highly!!

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Well what can I say other than it is a complete delight to work with Helen. This is our first shoot since before the pandemic and she is as good as even beautiful , witty , engaging and tremendous fun to work with. An excellent model. We chose to do a bluebell shoot in some woods need to me. She came with her now husband Roger who is also delightful and between us have created some great images. It goes without saying she comes highly recommended and I very much look forward to our next session. Hoping the gap is not as long as the last. Thank you Helen x

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Jeff B

This was my second shoot with the wonderful Helen and my first at the excellent Den Studio.

Helen is just a delight to shoot with; stunningly beautiful, highly creative, poses effortlessly and wonderful expressions. Throw a great work ethic into the mix and with great conversation, the time just flew by and it was just so enjoyable.

I am really, really pleased with the images we shot; it was highly successful and yet again surpassed expectations thanks to Helen (and Roger).

Can't recommend highly enough - thank you!

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It's been a long, long time since we last worked together, but I think it's fair to say we picked up where we left off! This time we worked in "The Den" which is compact but has everything required: some great modifiers and backgrounds plus a ready supply of biscuits and tea :-)

In between plenty of conversation and a good deal of laughter we worked through a whole lot of portrait, vintage and art nude ideas as well as throwing some fabric around. Helen is a dream to work with, and looking through the images we created I am spoiled for choice - her fabulous looks and natural, elegant poses make it almost too easy! Helen wears her experience lightly but it shows through every time the shutter clicks. She can be serious when serious is needed, but is equally happy to fool around and just try stuff out - and I like that a lot!

Highly recommended.

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It has been five years since Helen and I worked together: on reflection, daft to have left such a long gap. We decided to focus the shoot on a single theme ("Cleopatra") and allowed ourselves plenty of time to evolve it. Helen's comms and advice were invaluable and supportive throughout that lead-in period.

On the day of the shoot, a well made-up Hellenistic Cleo greeted me at the door; this was a Helen energised and even more captivating than when I last photographed her. We shot our images in the well-appointed studio "The Den" (see separate reference). With her usual strong commitment, Helen eloquently contrived, interacted and delivered a spectrum of body poses and facial expressions to convey different moods and enable some of Cleopatra's renowned allure to be captured on camera. We kept the pace measured, meshing well with my camera dynamics which are slower than some and include the use of film: Helen shows great patience and can hold a pose longer than many other models; attributes which I find particularly useful.

The images that Helen enabled look very satisfying from my perspective, so I am well pleased with the outcome of this shoot. In addition to her innate professionalism, Helen radiates a vivacious and infectious personality. Working with her is a true delight. I look forward to us working together again in the not too distant future.

Highly recommended.

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Joe B

What to say?

Helen is an amazing hostess, muse and model. Strikingly beautiful with oh-so-expressive eyes that just dominate the image - there is a saying about eyes being something of the soul and Helen just proves it!

I’ve shot with Helen four times now, and that in itself has to be a testament to the quality of images that even an idiot an imagist as me can achieve with her! If you’ve not shot with her then she’s a must for your portfolio!

Time simply flew by, but I’m convinced with could have shot all day and enjoyed every minute!

100% recommended!

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