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Stats and sizes

  • 28yr old Female model
  • Stats(in/usa) 30D-25-34
  • USA dress size 4
  • 5'6" tall
  • 118lbs
  • USA shoe size 5
  • Green eyes
  • Very long dark brown hair
  • Pale white skin
  • White ethnicity

Shoots styles

Alternative, Beauty, Body Paint, Commercial, Cosplay, Dance, Fashion, Fitness, Glamour, Lifestyle, Lingerie, Nude, Pinup, Portrait, Promotional, Sheer, Swimwear, Topless and Wedding

External links




Follow my crazy journey on social media here;

Instagram: HelenDiazOfficial

Facebook: Helen Diaz

For a few singing demos, Youtube: HelenDiazOfficial


~~~OVER 1000 references on Purpleport alone!~~~



~~~Helen Diaz; Tour Dates & Upcoming Events~~~

LONDON DATES- Oct, Nov, Dec availability here :)

Charity Studio days at The Hacienda! 11th-12th October! To book click here!

WIN a Luxury ICELAND Northern Lights photography Trip with Helen Diaz and Pippa Doll, 8th-12th November! Click Here! *Closed*


NO idea is too far fetched or impossible... If you have an idea, GO FOR IT! If you have a vision, lets work on it!

I have modelled nude on glaciers in Iceland (!) amongst Waterfalls  in Greenland and on beautiful beaches in Australia and Bali!

If you would like to attend one of my Luxury Events abroad together- please contact me to be added to the guest list!

Life’s reflections- Bali.

~~~Helen Diaz~~~

I am a Internationally published, British Model/Singer-Songwriter based in Wiltshire, England. I have modelled extensively world-wide since I was very young.

I love globetrotting! Places I have been really fortunate to have modelled in my career are; Australia, Indonesia, USA, Greenland, Iceland, The Netherlands, France, Belgium, Austria, Greece and Spain.

Music, modelling and songwriting are my true passions in life- I started singing/songwriting at 12 years of age, heavily influenced by artists such as; Kate Bush, David Bowie, Tracey Chapman and Cyndi Lauper, writing over 200 songs to date (lyrics/vocals).

I have been modelling since 18 months of age. My great uncle was a Portrait and Wedding photographer and you could say that he produced my first every portfolio!  I really love the freedom of expression and creativity that modelling brings, using your body as a living canvas. I come from a family of photographers, artists and musicians. Creative blood runs through my veins!

My body is a blank canvas and completely natural, I have never had cosmetic surgery and I don't have any tattoos. I have a classic, curvaceous figure with long dark brown hair, green eyes and Porcelain/Ivory skin which is very reflective. I do not smoke, I am a passionate Raw Foodist with a love for studying nutrition, Yoga and beekeeping! I have a real love of dark chocolate and green tea (My weakness in life are Booja Booja chocolates!)

As a person I would describe myself as very down to earth, patient, kind and fun to work with. I enjoy making people smile (and laugh!) 

I believe that laughter is the secret to any success - and I aim to bring this to every single shoot!

~~~Charity work~~~

I am very close to raising £10,000 for charity from my events by the end of this year! Thankyou so very much to all who made this possible x

I am a very proud Patron of: The Moggery (Animal rescue centre based in Bristol) and "The Hacienda"/Shelter from the storm based in London! I also support St Peters Hospice who cared for my late father. I regularly raise money for these fantastic charities whenever I can through my studio days and events (with full receipts for charity donations). If you have any charity events you would like me to attend please get in touch, as I love to help where I can! 

To date I have raised over £8000 for various charities close to my heart and my aim is always to give something back. Recently I helped to raise £500 for Cheltenham Animal Charity. If you would like to support me in this journey and join forces together, please get in touch. 

I would like to take this opportunity to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone that I have worked with so far in my career and met along the way! Thank you so much for your support and friendship! I am really proud to have recently celebrated my big 1000th reference here on Purpleport!  

I am one of only three freelance models to have been one of the first to have achieved 1000 online references globally and with a 100% reliability record. I work extremely hard and I love my job!



Over the years I have been heavily published with various publications in; magazines, books, online advertising and billboards.

A few front covers are:

Image may contain: 1 person, text

(Above left: Front Cover for Amateur Photography Magazine. "Hollywood Portraits Remastered" Photography by the talented: Damien Lovegrove.  Middle and right front covers by Jim Paterson for Practical Photoshop Magazine.)

(Below left; A billboard for HEM Meubel Furniture commission, photograph by: Roelf Rozema.  On the right is a photograph published by Vogue Italia.)

Image may contain: sky and outdoor



I am the official In-House model for Pozers Studio! A studio based in SWINDON, run by Alley Stallard and which I can highly recommend.

Pozers is one of the very few studios in the UK which offers the complete package; A fantastic studio with two photography rooms and great lighting equipment, Hair, Makeup, Wardrobe, Styling, Many bespoke/handmade garments, Photography, Lighting Tutorials, Workshops and many more services!

Pozers is my Number 1 local studio to use and I regularly organise studio days and workshops here.



I am very honoured to be one of the Residential models for the AMAZING HACIENDA Studio in LONDON.

The Hacienda is like no other studio as it donates 100% of its studio profits to its chosen charity: Shelter from the storm. It has residential models who organise various studio days and events throughout the year and donate directly to the charity.

This is a London charity which relies on donations alone to function. The charity estimates that it costs £16 a day for them to provide a bed and care for a night for each homeless person. The charity house up to 42 beds per night, all on donations alone!

So far, the Hacienda, its residential models and its owner and founder Sean Carroll have raised many thousands of pounds in aid of this amazing cause. All donations of which may be viewed here for this years fundraising. If you cannot attend or you would like to support this amazing cause you are very welcome to donate!

YOU can be a part of this amazing journey, by looking at my castings for up and upcoming events at The Hacienda!

If you would like to work together and be a part of this movement- I currently have October dates available (other dates have already sold out!)



I love Art! Artists please get in touch, I would love to hear from you! If you need a natural art nude model, I am here!

I come from a very artistic background and LOVE to work with artists, of any experience. I work best with the artist taking photographs of myself and then drawing/painting from the chosen photographs. Most of my work is in photographic modelling (in film and digital photography).

I have worked for many multi award winning photographers such as; Faye and Trevor Yerbury, Damien Lovegrove, Banbury Photography and been published many times. Please click here for examples of some of my published work.

I particularly enjoy being a photographic model for; paintings, sketches, sculptures and body paint. 

I have worked with many award winning Artists, including; Stuart Luke Gatherer and Pete Davies (who was recently commissioned to paint Twiggy)

I am very happy for my body to be used as your canvas!

I can recommend a fantastic Body paint artist/MUA near me also if needed. Two I highly recommend are; Alley at Pozers studio in Swindon and Lorraine 

Below is some of my recent work for American Author: Michael Anderle, one of the top 100 selling Authors on Amazon!

Book covers featured in "The Kurtherian Gambit series" which has received rave reviews. I represent the main character "Bethany Anne".

Photography and Digital Artistry by the super talented: Andrew Dobell. Order your copy here! If you would like a signed copy or canvas please get in touch for details!

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and textImage may contain: 1 person, text



I greatly enjoy applying my own makeup, I am very experienced with applying makeup to a very good standard and take great pride in using professional, high quality studio makeup on photo shoots where a MUA is not present. I also greatly welcome the opportunity to work with MUAS and Hair Stylists- they are a godsend! 

If booked from home I have my own Walk in Wardrobe to use which is free to use and rummage through!

I am sponsored by local designers Scarlet-Etoile and Hallowed Latex and with notice may request to borrow garments.

I have many bespoke, unique garments and costumes in my collection that I can bring with me. I especially love  the 1920s & 1930s era and have many replica dresses and original accessories in my collection (skull caps and jewellery). I also have some stunning corsets, under busts, pasties and nipple tassels in my collection by various British designers, one of which is Kiku Boutique. All of these I offer as a complete package when booking me for a photoshoot, workshop or event.

I also own a warrior cosplay piece by the amazing designer John Davis (Designer name: Wizard of Foaminess);




I love singing and record when I get the chance to!  I write lyrics and sing.

If you have recording facilities and would like to work on a creative, musical project please feel free to get in touch! Please click here or on the photograph below to hear a few demos on Youtube at: HelenDiazOfficial.

I am available for collaboration for MUSIC only.  Paid work very welcome (studio based).



Please book me through Purpleport (Please read my straight forward terms before booking which can be found at the bottom of this page)

Home Shoots: I have a beautiful spacious large home to work from in Wiltshire which I share with my partner. We are a model and photographer team with many years experience between us and a real passion for photography. Our home is very clean (non smoking) and has modern decor throughout. It is available for photo shoots at no extra cost to photographers and creative folk! I regularly host Workshops and Events here and host Solo and Duo Model weekends with very comfortable accommodation available for touring models.

Our home spans two floors, two reception rooms, five bedrooms and has a good sized garden with parking, in a safe area. We also have photographic lighting available if needed.

If I am booked from my home you get the use of my exclusive Walk in Wardrobe (an entire room!) which is packed to the brim with; beautiful clothing, corsets, shoes, hats, headpieces, jewellery, accessories, bespoke garments and some designer items. I also have a Warrior Cosplay costume available and an extensive latex collection of my own. I am sponsored by various latex brands and am often loaned beautiful garments to wear for photo shoots- so if you would like something more unique for your portfolio please get in touch!

I am very happy to work with anyone of ANY experience, from the complete beginner to professional, I will never discriminate on the basis of experience.

I greatly enjoy working with beginners and intermediates for their infectious enthusiasm and professionals for their stunning photographic results- its a lovely mixture and I wouldn't be without the other! Please don't be afraid to get in touch, much of my work here is with beginners and hobbyists.

No references or experience? Not a problem, but the photo shoot must be booked in a supervised studio (with the studio owned present).

I can recommend many fantastic and often low cost studios to work from. I am also very happy to work from home studios and on location with photographers with many references. Any genuine booking will respect my wishes for my safety and well being.



£50ph (minimum of 2 hours preferred)

£180 per half a day (4 hours)

£300 per full day (8 hours with a break for lunch)

(~Plus reasonable travel expenses where applicable~)

*These rates may be slightly higher if I am on tour or abroad to go towards covering my overall expenses.

Studio days are charged at my hourly rate (£50ph). I often offer photographers discounts if booked in block sessions (4 hours or more; for local shoots only where travel/accommodation is not needed). 

Group shoots vary depending on the number of attendees and the advertised cost per person for each event. I usually try to split profits with the studio owner.

I am also always happy to hear from Students and Artists. I do offer occasional discounts and special offers and I try my best to accommodate budgets where possible, so please do get in touch - I am very approachable.

I am always interested in hearing from those who host touring models. I am registered self employed and I am happy to give receipts.

Please contact me separately for commercial work as rates will differ and depend on the project.

~~~Rates are inclusive of;~~~

~A professional model, specialising in genres; Fashion, Portrait/Beauty, Hollywood Glamour and Art nude

~Hair/Makeup (Applied to a high standard used high quality studio products and application. I travel with a full Makeup kit)

~Wardrobe/Styling (I travel with an extensive wardrobe and many bespoke and designer/loaned items are available. Happy to take special requests.)

~Travel is included for local shoots (I drive, only parking is needed. If parking is limited in your area I will need a permit or parking fees to be reimbursed)

~~~Home Shoots~~~

The use of my beautiful home for photoshoots is free of charge! I also make sure to prepare for Hair/Makeup at least an hour and a half before our shoot, so you know that when you arrive I will be ready to start. If I am travelling to a shoot I will need to retouch the makeup on arrival within the shoot time.

For home shoots I offer occasional discounts and if a full day is booked from my home I will provide lunch :)

I do undertake the rare "test" with a full team on board- but may be persuaded with Antique Alice in Wonderland books! ;)

~~~Terms of booking~~~ 

-I do not undertake ANY adult work of ANY nature and never have in my career. If you have a brand or product you would like me to represent, you can be assured of this and I am happy to sign on the dotted line that this is so.

I specialise in; Beauty, Portraiture, Fashion and Artistic Nude. I also greatly love soft erotica and creating sensual images.

~I am not interested in creating porn. I do not allow any photography with my Image/Face/Body or Likeness to be sold or used on Pornographic or Adult websites.  I am not interested in "Cam" or "Strip tease" work or anything along these lines. This is not the standard of work I aim for.

~My pubic hair must never be removed from an image in post production (Tidying/General editing is fine). Unfortunately I have had to include this within my terms here! I am first and foremost an Art Nude model who has chosen to grow pubic hair for such purposes. 

~If an image has been taken accidentally revealing more than Art Nude levels, this must be deleted. I do not (and have never) shot to such levels. 

-Any video work is (and always has been) clothed and with my full permission. No videos exist of me nude anywhere- private or commercially under any alias. I would only consider doing so for Commercial/Film/Body Double roles.

-I have a strict no touching policy with modelling, I am especially not to be touched when I am modelling nude. Friendly, respectful people only please. I treat everyone I work with, with kindness and respect and I just ask the same in return. 

-I will not wear or model animal furs, vintage or non vintage.  Faux Fur (Fake fur) is welcome. Plus, have you seen what I have grown myself?! :P >>>>This is the only fur I wear! :)

 -Tours/Studio day/Event bookings:  If a shoot is cancelled 2 weeks before I am due to tour or attend an Event (14 days) I will need the full fee, as I will already have budgeted for the tour and have booked accommodation and travel weeks in advance. I may also have studio day(s) or a venue booked on a tour which I cannot cancel as I have a contract with the studio or venue to attend that day (and pay for). The more notice you give me the more likely I can try to fill the cancellation through the castings section, although this is not guaranteed.

-Home Shoots/local shoots: For home shoot cancellations a weeks notice (7 days) is needed unless I can fill the booking, otherwise I will need my full fee. 

-I am registered as Self Employed (This is my sole income so cancellations do affect me, I ask anyone who books me to please respect this) Likewise I would only cancel in an emergency and I would offer to reimburse any reasonable costs. I am very kind and approachable- and happy to reschedule on compassionate grounds where possible.

-Regular breaks on shoots are vital for comfort and a really productive shoot- I work hard but I am not a machine! :)

-If you would like Yoga poses for the shoot, I will need to warm up my muscles beforehand (It usually take around 15 minutes to do a series of stretches- you are welcome to join me in the yoga session! :) ) and I will need a warm studio for all shoots so that muscles are warm and there is less risk of strains or injuries.

-My partner has a copy of my diary for every shoot for my safety and wellbeing. You will never find me attached to the phone on a shoot but I will need to inform my family if I am running late.

I only have one main rule in modelling which is this: If I can't show my mother the photo, I know I am doing something very wrong! :)

I will presume you have read these terms and my notes on making the booking. I think they are very reasonable- any questions, please just ask, I am a very open person.

Please read my references - More references may be found here.


Leading up to a shoot:-

I pride myself on being extremely reliable and if a shoot is *confirmed* in email and in the online diary here, you can be assured I will be there.

Please use the diary booking system on Purpleport to confirm a shoot. I keep all main communication via Purpleport. I do make the odd telephone call but this is very time consuming for me, its best to contact me online where possible.

Due to being on the road very often and travelling, I aim to leave references within 4 weeks of the shoot taking place - I will always leave you a reference as a final thank you for a great shoot! I undertake all of my admin through social media myself which can take time. If I have missed you, please get in touch.

My diary here is only a reflection of my bookings on this website, it is not my full availability which is why it is hidden to avoid confusion! :)

I always email the evening before the shoot and I will text or email you on the day of the shoot when I am leaving for peace of mind and to keep you updated of my journey.

I won't let you down, I have never had a "no show" or "late cancellation". I pride myself on my reliability. 1000 plus references will back that up!

I really hope to work with you soon!

Helen Diaz x

~~P.S A kind note to models- Please can you refrain from copying my notes on my profile. These words are my own- they are not lifted from anywhere else. Please be original- be yourself. You are your own USP. There is only ONE of you. If you are copying my notes, they are exactly that- a copy. I am always happy to give advice and mentor others in the industry. ~~


Lets create memorable images to be proud of!   

Over 230 FPIS! Thankyou for all of the love and continued support! x



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Helen Diaz has 1122 references; 1122 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellation and 0 no-show.


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