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Lady Gaga Style Shoot

Lady Gaga Style Shoot / Model Emma Jayne / Uploaded 10th October 2012 @ 06:42 PM

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MeUusMeUus said, 1554651279

very cool :)

FabioRosoFabioRoso said, 1549798331

Wowwww Factor ...

VantstadVantstad said, 1549798326

Amazing image.

AJ BurnettAJ Burnett said, 1545497483

Lovely shot

Miss PurpleMiss Purple said, 1545119191


LoneShadowLoneShadow said, 1537027424

Great image

Saskya Saskya said, 1535362528

Love this :)

Paul FretwellPaul Fretwell said, 1534675843

Yes this is very worthy of a comment and an FPI.

Paul Lucas PhotographyPaul Lucas Photography said, 1533767011

Loved and suggested

Emma JayneEmma Jayne said, 1427961441

Thank you :)

TimCTimC said, 1427961237


Emma JayneEmma Jayne said, 1424467783

Thank you Johnny :)

Johnny KaosJohnny Kaos said, 1424465983

FPI suggested , Love this one

Emma JayneEmma Jayne said, 1423068687

Thanks Boniedean :)

Emma JayneEmma Jayne said, 1420472054

Thank you very, very much. :)

Johnny KaosJohnny Kaos said, 1420469115

Love this, just super

Emma JayneEmma Jayne said, 1418234144

Thank you very much :)

MissyLissMissyLiss said, 1418232653

I love this (y)

Emma JayneEmma Jayne said, 1418033218

Thanks again :)

Miss VersatileMiss Versatile said, 1418032380

Great image again well done all x

Emma JayneEmma Jayne said, 1414928073

Thank you :)

ClevelandCleveland said, 1414887400

This shot really works !! Love everything about it

Emma JayneEmma Jayne said, 1414479967

Thank you :)

Noir MediaNoir Media said, 1414444509

Love the Vogue Italia/Carlos-Clarke look

Emma JayneEmma Jayne said, 1414420642

Thank you :)

Johnny KaosJohnny Kaos said, 1414418512


Emma JayneEmma Jayne said, 1414398269

Thanks chick :)

ISOtonicISOtonic said, 1411852169

Cool image!

Emma JayneEmma Jayne said, 1401809019

Thank you. :)

SimplyStunningSimplyStunning said, 1401800480

Brilliantly put together

Marianne Di VineMarianne Di Vine said, 1401292504

love this


Nice photo

RaffRaff said, 1395848630

great shot!...

LR Photography & StudioLR Photography & Studio said, 1394036022

This is an awesome shot

Emma JayneEmma Jayne said, 1390510828

Thank you! :)

strusslerstrussler said, 1390510551

Nice work..!!

Emma JayneEmma Jayne said, 1390076210

Thank you :) I do really like this one too!

Allan MAllan M said, 1390076171

My fav of all your images..

Emma JayneEmma Jayne said, 1389798623

I agree, that's what I like so much about this image. There is a lot of dark emotion going on this image.