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Thank you for stopping by to browse my little piece of PP, I no longer shoot for this port and have pretty much given up shooting altogether, but I am still here to provide help / advice, support etc to anyone who would like it.

If you know me and are a fan please carry on following me on my other port folios, if you don't know me and are here for the 1st time and would still like to see the sort thing I've produced - please feel free to message me and I'll send you some links.

Please do find a little time to visit the model's ports - they are all wonderful.

To the Photographers reading this that are unsure of your abilities - take your time and don't be afraid to let the model do what comes natural to them, remember paid or unpaid - it's their shoot too.

If you find ideas or get inspiration from my port, then great - best of luck with creating your own versions.

To the Models reading this - Believe in yourself, don't be afraid to follow your dreams and remember not all negative feedback is bad, learn from those that can teach you well, even those experienced are still learning.

If you like my work - Thank you - it's much appreciated, but do aim higher than my images - there are many amazing photographers on here - follow your heart and choose well.

To those very special people who have shared their time, knowledge, friendship and bodies

- A great many Thanks - You are all such beautiful and kind people.

Thanks for viewing - enjoy your day :)



One quick note I rarely approach models for shoots as I prefer people to view what I can produce and then approach me if they'd like what they see, I always aim to provide the best I can but I give no guarantees - that's just how I am.

I can only do my best on the day.


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