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Hi and welcome to my port, 

Firstly - Big Thank you for popping in browsing my port - Hope you find images that you like and inspire you.

Secondly - Due to van issues and lack of finances it looks like my photography is on hold for the time being, but if you feel we could produce some lovely shots together and that you'd like my style / creativity in your port - Please do drop me a message and we'll see what we can sort out. 

Furthermore - with my lack of now getting out shooting - I'd like to offer my editing skills to anyone who'd like or would benefit from them, I'm not a pro and don't use Portrait pro or photoshop / lightroom, but my abilities may help some ( maybe someone just starting a port - or maybe you'd just a like a different take on a shot that you have ), do feel free to message. 

Lastly - My normal port notes and a little about me, my shooting etc 

I look back at my 1st shots for PP and it often seems so long ago that I started this journey
- other times I think of why I started and it seems like yesterday. 
I've had an interest in photography for many years but for one reason or another, haven't always had time, money or inclination to pick up my camera. It was the loss of my wife that drove me to see that we often have too few hard copies of memories and those visions lead me to the thought that maybe I could capture memories for others.

My pup was a huge help to keeping my mind on a sensible path which is why you'll see her featured here - she very much deserves to be on my port - I surely wouldn't have all I have here without her.

The people I've met and have been honoured to shoot with over the years have all filled me with joy and more fond memories - some have become very good friends - hopefully they cherish those memories I as much as I do. 

The last couple of years have been even more struggle for me and as a consequence the amount of shoots I've taken on have been minimal, a few have managed to get me out and to those I say a Huge Thank you, I am very grateful of your encouragement and patience. 

I hope my port is worthy of your time and that my images have done justice to the models. 

If you feel we could shoot well together and that I maybe able to help capture something special for you - please feel free to message me, and whilst I may have a lot of nude or lightly clad images on my port
- May I assure you - that is how they were most happy to be shot. 
I generally build a shoot based on a full day and includes many looks, levels and genres - all of which I like to discuss way before saying yes to a shoot.
For me a happy model makes for a better picture, so whether you are most relaxed clothed or otherwise please remember to bring that smile. 

Concepts I'd be more inclined to look at for this year into next  include : 

Low key bodyscapes ( nude, lingerie or other ) 
Gold / silver body paint in wild remote locations 
Bridges ( possible Calendar ) 
Fashion in Public / classy rural towns, Seasons
Early morning street / road art nude 
Next year - make-up art ( if finances allow ) 
Vintage themed

Always open to model ideas to though :) 

Enjoy your day and feel free to browse my albums ( if you'd like to see more please ask for details of my other ports ) 


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