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I have not in the past been a fan of group shoots. Chris organised an experimental group shoot in Kent which I attended and I may have changed my mind. This evening in a barn in the middle of nowhere was great fun and produced some great images. Thanks are also due to his supporting staff Amie Boulton and White Label (mike). I had a most enjoyable evening despite the cold and have some great images to remind me.

Chris has an ability to attend to the finest detail and his lighting is legend.

Thanks to Chris and the team.

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Urban Fire

I was fortunate enough to get a place on one of Chris's lighting workshops and I can safely say, this guys knowledge and skill is incredible.

The event itself was quite unique in the way it was structured, with each photographer having a particular amount of time per lighting set-up, and I can see the reasoning behind this.

In just three hours, we shot no less than five scenes, and each scene was totally different to the one before. These weren't just simple setups either - Chris clearly put a great deal of thought into this. From using gels to glance a hint of light off the model from the side, to using candles in the background with the intention of capturing some beautiful bokeh - each set had been subject to careful consideration.

This was a fantastic evening with a great group of people and I absolutely recommend getting on one of these workshops!

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Rosa Brighid

I consider chris to be on of the best in the business! His work is always outstanding, so shooting with him is always welcomed, and I always get a little excited. He is very laid back, and unpredictable with lighting set ups (in a good way!) hes very creative, hard working and good company. The work we have shot in the past is up there with my best, and I'm never bored of following the work he produces. He was one of the first photographers I ever set my sights on, and hope to shoot with him again in 2017 when we both arn't suffering from colds! Thanks Chris ♥

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Sammie Howe

Chris is one of the best photographers I have worked with and one of the best in the industry! His attention to detail and passion for what he does is second to none. He wrings perfection out of every shot with lighting, composition, retouching and all of the other factors that take play. I would highly recommend Chris to any new or experienced model or photographer looking to develop their portfolio or skills as he is not only an exceptionally talented photographer.. He is a lovely guy, great fun and a master of his craft!

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Chris was very professional and made me feel very comfortable, he had some very creative ideas and in the end we got some really cool images, 10 out of 10 ;-)

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Darren S

Chris set up a cool group shoot I was involved in last week. I found Chris very welcoming, great personality and an awesome all round character. The shoot was very well organised and executed, giving people and equal time to take images.

Chris was on hand to help out with the lighting and support for photographers, guiding them on positions to take images, if needed.

I highly recommend Chris and hope to work with him again soon.

Thanks Chris. :-)

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Artemis Fauna

I got to shoot with Chris on two separate occasions last week during my tour down south. We shot on location one evening on the beach (in not so easy conditions- lack of light and strong wind) but still managed to get some great images and then again the next day in the studio.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time down south and Chris was a big part of this- he really knows his stuff. I think the images we have produced together are some of the best I have ever done. I know I keep saying this but it was worth the seven year wait. We fitted in loads of different looks and nailed each one.

Amazing images aside Chris is super. Underneath the resting bitch face and very dry sense of humor is a really nice guy (which he wants me to stop saying...so this will be the last time) ;) We spent a fair few hours together over the three days and had a really great time. I have already booked to go back next year...can't wait. :)

Thank you so much, Chris. Can't wait to see more images! Highly recommended!

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Amie Boulton

I spent the whole of yesterday with Chris at his studio on a couple different projects. Firstly we had a hair shoot with several models and the evening was a group shoot.

Every one can see that Chris is one of the best when it comes to photography as this is evident in his port but what his port doesn't show is that hes a pretty cool character too. I genuinely enjoy working with him and love the banter and humour that comes with it.

His knowledge of lighting, being creative and editing skills are the best i have come across and the images he has given me in the past are some of my very best so look forward to seeing what he produces from this set.

The group shoot he hosted was awesome. very productive and Chris was great at passing his knowledge onto others, it was a pleasure to be the model for the event

If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with Chris i strongly recommend you do as you will not only have some epic images but a great shoot as well.

Cant wait for our next shooooot ;-)

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Nicole Rayner

I had been pestering Chris for a shoot for months and I was so please he messaged me saying he could fit something in while I was touring down south! It was a really great experience shooting with him! We started in the studio where Chris used some really interesting lighting setups! We did two sets - Chris was quick setting both up as and he works so quickly too! His direction is great! To the point and easy to follow! And he moves around and uses lots of different angles!

We then went to a beautiful location and Chris was quite happy for me to get climbing on rocks and get in the sea etc! And I'm sure it was worth it as if anyone could capture those shots well it would be Chris! I'm so excited to see what he does with the shots :)

Chris himself is a lovely guy! Very honest and no messing about. He seems very genuine and I would highly recommend him!

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Stephanie Dubois

Chris and myself had been discussing shooting for a little while and I was delighted when we managed to sort a date during my Southern Tour.

I would say that Chris is a tough nut to crack on first meeting, but has a very funny dry sense of humour. We went through several sets trying out different things and the time flew by. Chris really knows what he is after and each set was set up very quickly.

I'm over the moon with the images I have seen and I have no hesitation in recommending him to other models. Hopefully we might work together again in the future.

Recommended by me :)

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Nikki Tipping MUA

I worked with Chris for the first time in London a month ago after the Mua booked had cancelled. Had a great day, amazed by the shots he took was so pleased that mua cancelled 😀 Chris was friendly, professional and made me feel welcome. He's very talented and you won't be disappointed with his work. Recommend highly. Thanks Chris

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Carla Monaco

I shot with Chris back in the summer with make-up artist Aline Kaloudi, it was a fantastic day. Chris is such a talented photographer who is very skilful and creative which makes his images pure class. Utterly professional photographer, easy going and great company throughout the day.

I absolutely love the images Chris has produced from our shoot, they are wonderful.

I can only highly recommend Chris to any model out there :)

Thank you


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I had the honour of working with Chris at his lovely studio for a couple of hrs - he absolutely blew me away with his lighting knowledge and stunning way with the camera, I've never seen someone so comfortable & skilful in what they do!

He is very professional, directing in a clear & precise way to get the best out of the lighting & pose....I learnt a lot from working with him, he knows exactly what he wants to capture, setting up scenes quickly and beautifully!

Chris is one of the best around, I've never seen such amazing lighting and effects before - I can't recommend this fabulous photographer enough, he will blow your socks off :)


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Had a fantastic session with Chris at a beautiful location in Plymouth.

He was excellent at coming with ideas on the spot, full of creativity and unique ideas.

He gave direction when needed and informed me of each mood he was trying to create which helped with the overall results

Chris is a highly talented photographer, producing amazing shots effortlessly.

He is easy to work with as well, chatty, fun and friendly throughout the day.

I'd highly recommend him and would love to work with him again!


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I got to meet/work with Chris on a model day at Studio hire Plymouth, we instantly got on as we took great pleasure mocking each other, which made for a really laid back and varied set of shoots over the weekend, he' s a perfectionist when it comes to lighting set ups, angles, everything involved in camera as much as is in post, which was in its self completely refreshing, to see a photographer who knows his camera as well as he knows how to manipulate an image in photoshop.

I fallen in love with the first image he's edited and i'm itching to see more (even though i know hes very busy)

I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to shoot.


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I shot with Chris whilst he was touring. He arrived on time and was open to any crazy ideas and styles i had in mind. Chris is a real down to earth, nice guy who was a pleasure to shoot with. He is an amazing photographer and I am over the moon with the wonderful images i have received so far! He rocked up with a car full of equipment and was a perfectionist when lighting and capturing the shot. Extremely professional photographer and top bloke. He stayed the night whilst on his tour and he was a perfect guest and did not complain once about my cooking :)

100% recommended

With much love,

Em xx

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Charley Christianne

Chris is an absolutely incredible photographer. I was lucky enough to shoot with him when he was in Sussex, he's got a great personality so the whole shoot went smoothly. As a new model I really appreciated his guidance, he has a great eye for what looks good on camera so I really came out of my shell.

I would highly recommend Chris, he's a lovely guy and an extremely talented photographer...he's also a pro at getting rid of spiders!

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I had been wanting to shoot with Chris for two whole years and I finally got the chance. I dont need to say it but his work is top notch and his editing work is of an exceptional standard. I knew I would leave with some good images and I did!

Chris is fun to shoot with, funny and is good at letting you roll with the flow. He is very experimental, but somehow it always works! He was kind enough to show me around the area as I was staying for a few days.

He is passionate about his work, and is one of the most consistent photographers I know.

A pleasure to shoot with and Im still chuffed with the images we got!

Highly recommended,


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Amie Boulton

Chris is an amazing photographer! He has an awsome sense of humor and very down to earth, He is proffesional and always eager to get the best results! His hard work and effort shows in each and every one of his photos. I would love to have the oppatunity to work with Chris again, he is an awsome guy:-)

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Kristina Labahn

I finally had the pleasure working with Chris for the first time, on my last model tour, after months of trying to organise something. I had high expectations, and Chris delivered nothing less. He is easy-going, professional, a perfectionist, enthusiastic, and has a wicked sense on humour. His images are some of my absolute favourite in my portfolio, and I cannot wait to work with him again.

My only complaint is that his location is too far away from me... Please fix this ASAP Chris ;)

~Labs x

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