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Salsa in Silves- the final dance.

Salsa in Silves- the final dance. / Photography by IainT, Model Artemis Fauna, Post processing by SarahDPhotography, Stylist Artemisian Luxury Photographic Holidays / Uploaded 26th June 2017 @ 05:38 PM

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An image from our Luxury All-Inclusive Photographic Trip. Algarve, June 2017.

Member Comments

PapyPapy said, 1537170445

A great shot. I love it.

Mike KellyMike Kelly said, 1518699539

Wow! Gorgeous!

Ray AamirRay Aamir said, 1518549298

Gorgeous Image

Ellis MayEllis May said, 1518547253

Great posing!

photomick66photomick66 said, 1518543795

"It" is undefinable, but when you see "It" you know "It". Stunningly elegant and stylish! Great offer! Beautifully captured!

Maximus59Maximus59 said, 1518524876

Beautiful..great use of colour for impact

Speedy1Speedy1 said, 1518524758

Love your swagger :-)

Richard H 1Richard H 1 said, 1518523696

Gorgeous Image, great location. Well done to all those involved.

Fay NoirFay Noir said, 1518523280

Beautiful image! Well done on the fpi well deserved!

sunkissedsunkissed said, 1518511104

amazing, the pink dress really stands out beautifully

~ Z 00MY ~~ Z 00MY ~ said, 1518508118

..isso é lindo..

Capture 77Capture 77 said, 1518507203

Love it!!!

photowizardphotowizard said, 1510178991

Great style and colour

MSIIrelandMSIIreland said, 1500838623

Such a rich vivid outfit colour but must no shoes but must be very sore on the feet ;-) Great work all

seetheyesseetheyes said, 1498514754

awesome is too small a word

catchlight45catchlight45 said, 1498513727

Awesome image ..... Adorable :-)

MrReportageMrReportage said, 1498510891

wonderful image

Adrian GuestAdrian Guest said, 1498510886

How to bring colour to a street in Portugal, simply beautiful, great work both.

photowizardphotowizard said, 1498507723

Fabulous image - Great composition, gracefulness & lighting.

CharlesPhotoCharlesPhoto said, 1498505572

Beautiful image

Ged Carton PhotographyGed Carton Photography said, 1498502963


Paul GH PhotographyPaul GH Photography said, 1498502154

Iain ought to give up the cookery and take up Photography. Rather damn good indeed.

JianJian said, 1498502056


JianJian said, 1498502056


Dave EDave E said, 1498501970

Now that's what you call a stunning picture pure Artemis !

DG Fine ArtDG Fine Art said, 1498500808


marcocastiglionimarcocastiglioni said, 1498500670


Orson CarterOrson Carter said, 1498500573

Yep - rather damn good.

John Moore Creative PhotographyJohn Moore Creative Photography said, 1498500056

Simply wonderful

George470George470 said, 1498499288

absolutely stunning :)

angusaangusa said, 1498499126


Lord JamesLord James said, 1498498848

Beauiful. Love the vibrant colour against the cobbles and flakey paint of the surroundings

Simes HimselfSimes Himself said, 1498498801

Oooh, bloody hell! Brilliant!! :)

Shawn Spencer-SmithShawn Spencer-Smith said, 1498498765

beautiful slash of colour and the dress works well with the background

Candy Heart Candy Heart said, 1498498760

wow, stunning.


Wonderful photo