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  • Part time Photographer
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Beauty, Fashion, Landscape, Lifestyle, Lingerie, Nude, Portrait and Swimwear


Hi, I'm Simon. Photographer/artist residing in Frome, Somerset. I shoot a lot of landscapes, with an emphasis on trees and woodland - with the light and weather a crucial factor - but also enjoy shooting some occasional 'street' and candid-style portraits, and it's this latter side of my work that I would like to develop further. Also used to shoot a lot of gig/band pictures, and although I've been commissioned and published in this area, I prefer a quieter life these days.

I like available light, natural poses, unguarded moments, and getting as much right in-camera as possible. Above all else, I strive for authenticity (though I'd be hard-pressed to define precisely what that may mean). Although technically proficient, I'm always trying to improve and am rarely satisfied with my work; there's always something to learn and something that one could do better.

Looking for models to help me expand my 'people' portfolio. I take a spontaneous, relaxed approach to shooting and welcome ideas, suggestions and a collaborative atmosphere. Would especially like to hear from any brave souls keen to shoot in the landscape, especially at dawn. The best light is at sunrise, imo, but it often means getting up at stupid o'clock, and the light is quite fleeting. Worth it, though. That said, the glow of a good sunset can be equally rewarding. See my 500px and/or Flickr for some examples of the kind of places and conditions that inspire me. Intrigued with the idea of combining early morning mist and Golden Hour illumination with the portrait or figure. Very weather dependent, of course, and a lot of luck involved, so a model who's flexible and - given a favourable forecast - able to take bookings at short notice would be ideal for outdoor, environment shoots.

May or may not be relevant to this site, but I'm recently rediscovering my love of life drawing, too. Probably my favourite activity, back in art school, but not something I've done a lot of since then - until this last year. A challenging thing to do, often draining, and it never gets easier (not that I'd necessarily want it to), but very much worthwhile not only for its own sake but because it can also inform and influence other visual pursuits. It is training to see, after all.

All feedback, and especially critique, greatly appreciated. Thanks for visiting!

Have let my Unlimited lapse, for the time being, so to see my latest images, look me up on social media...

Instagram: @sketch_foto

Flickr: gcu_sketcher

500px: simrich101

Also on: pinterest[dot]co[dot]uk / simrich101 /

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