VIP subscription price adjustments

It's been such a long time since we have changed the VIP subscription price (July 2014), but with increasing costs, the time has come around again.

Existing recurring subscriptions will continue at the old price until the subscription is cancelled or changed in some way so if you wish to continue your VIP subscription at the current price please don't cancel it as we won't be able to reinstate it.

We love PurplePort, and we know you do too. This small price increase will allow us to continue to maintain, develop, and provide the same or better service to you.

From March 1st 2020: 12-month subscriptions will be 42 GBP (55 USD and 49.5 EUR) and monthly subscriptions will be 4.50 GBP (5.90 USD and 4.30 EUR).

New Features and changes

We now have guest blog posts

Anyone can write and submit blog posts to The Purple Blog. 

Sometimes Penelope Purple will bounce your blog post back to the author, giving feedback about the post and what to do to finish it. When a blog post is approved, we'll add some free VIP membership as a small token of our appreciation.

If you already write posts for your own blog then, by all means, contribute your posts to ours too. We're happy to link back to you and your blog elsewhere, and you'll get full attribution for your efforts.

Blog design tweaks and updates

We have revamped and tuned the blog pages to make them much nicer to look at and to use. As with everything we do, this is a constant task. We want the blog to be easy to use and accessible from all devices and web browsers. Do let us know if you think of anything we can do to improve your experience of our blog.

Blog post homepage gadget

To go some way to rounding off support throughout PurplePort for the blog, we have added a homepage gadget for the blog and enabled it for new members and for those that had not customised their homepage.

Notification if Admin deletes a reference you have left

From now on, if the PurplePort Admin Team deletes a reference you have left, you'll get an onsite notification letting you know. If you think this has been done incorrectly, please contact the PurplePort Admin Team via support ticket.

Customer reviews on PurplePort

We've been collecting customer reviews to use across PurplePort, and we recently found we had enough to start using them. Currently, this is only on the logged-out homepage, but going forward we'll use them in many places.

We didn't mention it, but for each good review we use (five-star and fairly short) we add a month of VIP membership for free.

By all means, please leave us a review if you haven't already.  

New option for reporting incorrect content filter settings on images

This new option, available on the grey cog when viewing an image, making it much easier to report images incorrectly marked.

Image info in group and blog posts even on mobile

The image-hover information for images in blog and group posts is now always displayed on mobiles. This makes it easier to love these images and show all of the people involved with an image.

More iCalendar integration

We added the ability to add Castings and Events to iCalendar (downloadable as an ical file from the grey cog menu).

Simplified calendar view

You can now see a simple breakdown of a person's schedule when you click on a day in the calendar.

More info added to the 'We miss you' emails

After a period of being away, we'll send you an email about what you have been missing. We have added some more fun/cool stats to these emails to try to entice you back.

Free studios can now reply to messages sent to them

We have lifted the restriction that prevented people from messaging free studio accounts and enabled free studio accounts to reply to messages.

Mini-portfolio now not so annoying on desktop browsers

We have changed the position of the mini-portfolio popup, so it's less annoying. In the past, it would pop up when you hover the mouse cursor over a profile link, but it would slightly obscure the link, so you had to be fast to click it. Now, it's slightly offset, so it no longer obscures the link you wanted to click. A tiny thing, but it really was quite annoying. It can still be annoying, depending on where the link is on the page, but at least now it's less so.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug with displaying dates in timezones behind GMT.
  • Fixed error message not showing when the duplicate group post-error occurred.
  • Fixed blog comments showing 'escaped' characters.
  • Updated some of the metadata that is passed when linking PurplePort pages on Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Fixed bug with blog comments giving the wrong error when checking the comment's length.
  • Hiding deleted calendar entries on the day view of the calendar.
  • Fixing the date checking on Share-a-shoot as it was causing errors in certain situations.
  • Added missing numbered list option in new editor
  • Fixed competition styling where being logged out caused incorrectly sized images
  • Fixed bugs with some URL un-safe characters appearing in blog titles
  • Fixed bug where sometimes it wasn't possible to love an album

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