Have you just started in the world of freelance modelling? You might be wondering what you should take with you on photoshoots.

We asked freelance models in the PurplePort community what their top 5 things were to take on photoshoots, and the list below is what they recommend you should take on photoshoots. Pack these items to ensure you're on your top modelling form!

Turning up to a photoshoot without the bare essentials can throw you off your game (as well as those you're working with). There's only one chance to make a first impression. Being prepared, organized and professional will all improve your chance of success and keep those bookings rolling in! 

If you are a new model, we recommend reading How to Become a Successful Freelance Model - Top Tips & Advice (which includes a step-by-step guide for creating a model portfolio).

There are valuable tips in How to Arrange A Successful and Stress-Free Trade (TFP) Shoot that you can use for arranging photoshoots with photographers and other creatives.

#1 Mobile phone and charger/power bank

Never leave the house without them! Whether you use your mobile phone to look at train and bus times, to get hold of your photographer or for using GPS to find your photoshoot locations, having your phone to hand (with plenty of charge!) is an absolute must. Remember, you won't always be able to charge your phone on public transport.

#2 Makeup bag including mirror and wet wipes

You're not always going to have a make-up artist by your side! Plan for rain and dirt. You will be much more comfortable and able to get the most out of your shoot if you can make those little touch-ups throughout the day. Make-up likes to melt off your face on a warm day and a long trek through fields or undergrowth to get to that perfect location.

#3 Hairbrush

Your photographer isn't always going to be after the tousled, windswept look. Take measures to tame that mane if needed! A quick run-through with your brush can help put the finishing touches for that headshot. 

#4 Clothing, outfit changes, and warm things

Obviously, bring some clothes - whether that's the discussed outfits, some staples (i.e. leather jacket, ballet shoes, etc.) or cosy attire in between shots. You don't want your feet to freeze off either as you pose pose pose on some chilly morning. Fluffy socks or boots would come in very handy.

#5 First aid kit 

Be prepared if you're shooting outdoors, you will inevitably get some bumps and scrapes someday! You won't always be in a nice clean studio. An outdoor photoshoot comes with the occasional hazards. It's always good to take safety measures to clean and patch yourself up in no time.

Of course, you can take many more useful things on a photoshoot to ensure you're performing your best on the day.

Some other noteworthy mentions were: 

  • Food (if you are hungry, you won't be on your A-game)
  • Music (for getting in the zone of the theme of your shoot)!

Thank you, PurplePort models!

A big thank you to all those that helped to create this list! 

Here they are: Lisa crump , Angel Black UK , Roxy Love ALT , Selene theia , Lauren-Jade , Nachtzehren , IrisFerret , Dee21 , Emma Jayne , M e l a n y , Gabriella Knight , K.M. , Naenia Lamia , Pippa Doll , Becky Kvittems , harryw1 , Holly Alexander , Jessica Knight , Jaq , Madame Cerise , Lee River , JPea

Don't Forget!

Leave a comment in the comment section below! Do you agree with this top 5? What would you add? Let us know!

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