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Love is a beautiful kind of fear

Love is a beautiful kind of fear / Photography by Dean M, Model Scarlot Rose, Stylist Scarlot Rose, Taken at AURAphotographic, Assisted by EEcapture, Assisted by LauraJDraycon / Uploaded 17th November 2021 @ 10:58 AM

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I'm fascinated by love and all it's forms. Someone once told me "you're in love with falling in love" - it wasn't meant as a compliment, but it is true and I think it's beautiful.

We talk about romantic love, married love, monogamous love but what about the rest? What about meeting someone whose path was destined to cross yours? What about transitory love between strangers that become lovers, friends? What about love shared so deeply when two people have the capacity to hold space for one another and see each other for exactly who they are, where they are? What about platonic love, ethical non-monogamous love, lust, passion, support? Love that comes with trust during play, sport or kink?

I'm in love with falling in love, with meeting people for who they are and sharing a piece of my soul with theirs.

Being held, supported and loved by Edson Caballero on our partner acrobatics / acroyoga workshop at Auraphotographic studio. Photography by Dean M assisted by Laurajdraycon - thank you all for sharing a day of trust, love and play!