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Alaura Marie

I had my first shoot with Jonathan on New Year’s Eve and him and his wife were so welcoming and friendly. It was a very laid back and experimental shoot, each passing over ideas of what we could create with all his amazing outfits and props and mine combined. I had fun and shot in some really creative outfits. We covered a wide range of different styles. Thank you again Jonathan

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Belle Noire aka Black Beauty

I ABSOLUTELY ADORE SHOOTING WITH YOU. You take the most striking images and make it seem so easy. Or maybe it is when you know what you're doing.

Honestly I kind of feel bad that we did A LOT of talking, but that's just because you're a joy to hold a conversation with.

Pre comms were absolutely excellent. We both knew exactly the plan and the arrangements where clear. This is something I respond very well to.

HIGHLY, 1000%, Recommend To ALL!!!!


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It doesn't get better than shooting with Jonathan. He met me at the train station arrivals and upon making eye contact I hoped he was the photographer I was waiting to meet! He has a very warm presence and energy and is such a beautiful creative spirit.

Upon arriving at his house I was greeted by his cheerful wife and shown around. The shooting options are endless in his enormous abode but he has a permanenet setup in one of the rooms - with enchanted custom backdrops, unique props and a rack of ballgowns.

I asked John to describe his signature vision and he said "Elegant." it struck me as the perfect word to encompass what he does. We shot a few hours of classic Fine Art nude portraits, and I must say it is magical to align with an artist who appreciates those timeless, classic themes, like myself. He does not shoot glamour or anything tacky, he reveres the subject and beauty in general. I felt like I was floating on a cloud while we shot.

He was incredibly patient and flexible for the time of day we started at - but unfortunately my choice to start in the afternoon crushed our plans of a long shoot. We were both exhausted come early evening, given the winter hours, and decided we would continue our shoot on my next tour out. I want to shoot with him early in the day with inifinite energy - he shoots very smoothly and peacefully, and an early start with him is best.

I can't wait to complete our booking together and I love all the results from our short first shoot.

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S J Jinxx

I've had the pleasure of working with Jonathan a few times over the years but this was the first time at his home and I have to say, it was so much fun!

He has so much to work with in terms of space, props and costumes and it was a real honour to get to use some of his dress and corset collection!

Jonathan is full of ideas and has the talent to execute them, I would recommend him to models of all experience levels!

As always the images produced are fantastic and i can't wait to work with him again!

Thanks for a great day!

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The Dahls Photowerks

After many years of working with Jonathan on events run and held by some of the best creatives in the industry it was a delight to have him attend our first real venture as independents stylists.

We were so pleased when he booked onto both days and we appreciate the long journey that he made, it is always an absolute pleasure to work with Jonathan and this weekend was no exception.

Jonathan and his wife ‘Deborah’ are also wonderful house guests and hosts (from past experience) and we always look forward to seeing them both and hope to work with/spend time with them again before too long.

Thank you so much for attending our first event and having faith enough in us to book on for the entire weekend, from what you have posted so far we are over the moon with what you created from our sets!

we truly appreciate everything, thanks again and hope to see you soon :)

Caz & Kie

Highly recommended from us both!

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Inspire Studios Ltd

It was an absolute pleasure to meet Jonathan at the Dahl's photowerks event. He is a really nice guy and super easy to get on with so he worked well in the group event. As he attended both days we got to know him better than some of the others in the group and I'd be happy to recommend him and would be pleased to see him back again....although we are quite a distance from him!

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Olga Solo

I was lucky to have a great shoot with Jonathan in his excellent home studio!🤩 He was so nice, friendly and easy to work with🤗 Jonathan took me in the train station and was ready to drive even in other city to catch my train! He has so beautiful house with a looot of cool rooms for great shots, and huuuge collection of props, cloth and accessories! He has sooo much of really amazing stuffs to make greate images! Much more, he has a lot of really creative and awesome ideas that inspired me so much! We worked 4 hours and made so much of different looks, his photos are really great and i am surprised how he managed to do great shots in quite hard conditions (like a lack of space). It was really a great day, with a lot of fun and beauty! Jonathan and his wife are really very intresting and cool people and i am happy to meet them! Thank you very much 🤗 💫

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Evie Kedavra

I had a fantastic last minute shoot with Jonathan at his home. We've worked together before and fell straight into some sets. Mixing the classical with the quirky, 4 hours flew by. The images are fantastic and I'd highly recommend to any model

Thanks again!


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Angel Black UK

Its always a pleasure to work with Jonathan, so on this occasion when I was in Gt Manchester, this was no different. I travelled to his home in Chester following an operati9on he'd had only a few days earlier and despite being in some discomfort, he soldiered on and you wouldn't have known he was in recovery. His pre shoot communications were fantastic, well thought out and well planned - then when I arrived I was given a tour of his beautiful home, meeting his lovely wife Deborah, before we jumped straight into shooting.

Jonathon is a fantastic photographer, he's so happy to adjust his camera settings with ease and always shows me back of camera shots as we go - which I love!! We captured a fantastic variety of images in multiple locations around his home and got along like a house on fire! Conversation flowed easily and the time absolutely flew by.

Thankyou for an amazing shoot!

Angel x

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Stella Star

I was so pleased to work with Jonathan again the other day. I couldn't believe how fast 4 hours went by?!? I mean yes we nattered because we share the same humour, but we powered through so many sets as Jonathan has so much to work with in his beautiful home. I also felt so welcome and at ease the whole way through. It was honestly such a pleasure.

Can't wait to see the images.

Highly recommend!

Love to the family too!

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Rebecca Ray

Jonathan was at Pauls Wales weekend and i'm so glad i got the opportunity to work with him!!!

He is super talented and takes fabulous professional photos effortlessly. Jonathan has a very creative eye, is easy to work with and i thoroughly enjoyed our shooting time.

Hope to work with you again one day!

Rebecca :)

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What a talented man!

I am absolutely honoured to have met and worked with Jonathan whilst at wales last weekend.

Back of the camera images look fab and he was such fun to work with.

Thank you so much for an amazing first shoot, hopefully not the last!


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The ever so lovely Jonathan joined us at Pauls Photography Wales Weekend, he was great to shoot with.

He has great ideas and gives good direction. His edits are stunning, I would definitely recommend shooting with Jonathan if you get the opportunity

Thank you so much for a fun and productive shoot :D

Lana xx

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Chris mockett

Having been at Paul's weekend event I met with Jonathan who we worked together I can honestly say that I learnt a tremendous lot from Jonathan over the weekend which I would like to thank him for, a terrific photographer

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Irida S

I met and shot with Jonathan during the Wales weekend organised by Paul's Studio.

Jonathan is a very talented photographer and was so easy to work with :)

The shoot was really enjoyable and all the photos on the back of the camera looked amazing and I can't wait to see the final edits!

Very happy to highly recommend Jonathan to all models :)

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Nikita Banana

I had an amazing time working with Jonathan at Paul's Studio Wales Weekend.

Jonathon is so easy to work with and a very talented photographer. We worked through quite a few different looks and the photos looked ace!

I was also very lucky to be able to look through his amazing print portfolio books and wear one of his fabulous cloaks! :)

I can't wait to work with Jonathan again and would recommend him highly to anyone!

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Paula W

I've had another fantastic shoot with Jonathan at his beautiful house. We tried to arrange a shoot a couple of times since our last one but unfortunately, it was one of the occasions where something wasn't going the way we wanted to.

Really happy we've managed to get together and shoot, we always create amazing images, Jonathan is so talented it's impossible not to create incredible images. Jonathan's house is so beautiful you could be shooting there all day and still not run out of ideas, we've covered a good majority of it but there are still ideas that we didn't get to shoot and will be hoping to do another time. If you have a chance to shoot with Jonathan don't miss out on it, he is an amazing photographer and surely will create stunning images that will be very valuable to your portfolio!

Thank you Jonathan for a great shoot, hopefully will see you again soon x

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Lili Thorpe

Met Jonathan for the first time and had an amazing shoot with him today. He was really fun to work with, we spent most of the time chatting but the time we did spend shooting was lovely, he is professional and skilled, has some great ideas and is easy to work with. I highly recommend and will definitely be working with him again.

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Had a brilliant time working with Jonathan not only once at splash point studio but also again the following day at his beautiful home studio

We definitely coverd a lot of different themes over the two shoots from fashion, glamour, flexibility and more !

Was such a honour working with Jonathan again, he is professional and captures stunning quality images

Absolutely wonderful to work with

Recommend over and over

Thank you for booking me :)


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Jayne Horror

Would highly recommend Jonathan to any model.

Responded to his casting, and shoot plans were made promptly and easily!

Shot at his home studio and enjoyed it!

Had some great ideas - and fro m what I saw; we got some great images!

Highly highly recommended!

Thanks again! :D

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