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dasphotouk Dave

Just fabulous! I was delighted to have my first shoot with Gem, a duo shoot with Elle Beth at Elle's home near Bristol. She is lovely, very chatty and friendly and put my right at ease when I arrived. She is such a skilled and experienced model, I seldom shoot duo but she and Elle were excellent at posing and helping me with ideas that really worked. She looks simply stunning and had a range of her gorgeous outfits available for the shoot.

I really enjoyed the shoot and it was a pleasure to work with such a talented and professional model. Highly recommended and I'd love to shoot with her again soon.

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Great to get to work with the charming Gem again. This time as a duo with the lovely Elle Beth, and what an amazing duo they make. Skin tones and outfits perfectly complementing their natural beauty.

I was delighted this duo were working within a 30 min drive from me so i was determined not to miss the opportunity and capture some delightful soft sensuality.

Time passed in a flask with a lot of fun chat and effortless posing. Loving the results from these two ladies and would happily do it all again.

100% recommended.

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I had my first shoot with Gem 1-2-1 at the Boardroom, Derby. Pre-comms were excellent and Gem brought lots of outfits to suit the themes we had discussed.

The shoot was fun and professional, Gem worked hard to achieve the ideas and has a very positive attitude. The half day flew by which is the sign of a good shoot.

I highly recommend her and very much hope to work with her again, a true star.

Thanks Gem

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Ken Benoit

I had the privilege of shooting Gem at Coach House Studio, at an RPS lighting working led by Jon Gray. Gem posed all day in various different setups, working professionally and constructively with several photographers and their ideas. She is an absolute pro at striking fantastic poses, and has a very good understanding of how her poses look with various lighting setups. The results were excellent. In addition she was very easy-going and fun to work with. I'd highly recommend her and would enjoy working with her again.

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Max Kay

I had a my second shoot with Gem at Aura Studio we shot lots of different set, using both flash and Natural light in a nice relaxed style. This shoot was a 1-2-1 whereas the last one was a group shoot.

Gemma is a pleasure to work with 1-2-1, very relaxed, Chatty, helpful, intelligent and a joy to photograph, she bent over backwards to achieve lots of interesting poses!.

Our two hours flew by. Highly recommended

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I had a great shoot with Gem at Aura Studio today, she had a good variety of outfits with her and posed freely which meant that I could concentrate on not making a complete mess of things on the camera end of things! I would definitely recommend Gem!

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Had my first shoot with Gemma, on her studio day at AURA.

We had good communication beforehand to discuss the styles that we wanted to shoot, and Gemma was well prepared with a fantastic array of dresses and outfits.

Gemma was lovely to work with, easy to talk to and discuss ideas, and very professional and positive in her attitude.

We shot a good mix of natural and studio light, with a nice assortment of fashion and art nude.

Gemma is highly recommended by me, and i would love to work with her again in the future.

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A joy to work with! Gemma is hard working but very relaxed with lots of poses which she can do without direction or which she can quickly adapt to your requirements. Difficult to take a poor photograph of such a beautiful girl. two hours flew by.

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Met Gem at Pavilion Studio and had an excellent time shooting various looks and styles. Chatty, helpful, fun and time flew in. Gem doesn't need direction, changing poses and looks easily but taking my requests in her stride. I will happily shoot with Gem again.

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Had a wonderful shoot with Gem at Pavillion studio.

Hair and make-up immaculate.

Wonderful styling from Gem over a variety of genres.

Gem has a large variety of poses and works the different lighting setups beautifully.

Gem is a very professional and creative model who is a joy to work with and gives amazing images.

Recommended +++++.

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JASC Photography

Had the privilege of shooting with Gem at a workshop arranged by Gabriel Nita.

There’s not much we can add to over 300 references and the outstanding comments but just to reiterate Gem was superb in terms of her professionalism, obvious talent and artistic interpretation. We both loved working with her and have some excellent images as a result.

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I am very glad to finally be able to work with Gemma in-person following our highly productive remote shoot. As was the case last week, the pre-comms was excellent and we were able to exchange our ideas in advance so we have a good idea of what we wanted to do on the day.

On the day Gemma is prepared with a delightful selection of outfit including a number of incredible designer clothings. She is of course also highly skilled in her makeup. We had a great time shooting and bouncing ideas off each other. All of this really helped bringing my vision to light.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Gemma to photographers, and would encourage you to grab whatever availability arise out of her busy schedule with her commercial works!

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I have worked with Gemma a number of times now and it is always an absolute delight. She is a lovely person who strives for the best and is keen that you, the photographer obtains the images you want. She is very friendly and makes you feel very relaxed but also an extremely professional model who works very hard in posing and will either pose freely or with direction which ever you want her to do. Yesterday, Gemma was one of the models on a 'Sheer' event organised by AURAphotographic at Natural Light Space. She was amazing and produced a fabulous range of poses in a variety or costumes. I would highly recommend Gemma to all photographers. Thank you Gemma for making yesterday such a great day.


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Marc Prior Photography

This was my first time working with Gemma, she was one of the models at Aura Photographic’s Sheer event at the NLS. Gemma is a fantastic model, she made me feel super relaxed and offered advise on how to get the best angles. Thank you for making the event super fun and helping get some amazing images.

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Had the pleasure of shooting with Gem again yesterday after a long hiatus. She communicated well, engaged creatively, and overall is a lovely person to work with.

Highly recommended

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Had the pleasure of working with Gemma at Burford Manor, an event organised by UME. Gemma is a very confident fantastic model. A real pleasure to work with. Highly recommend

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Amber Tutton

I’ve modelled with Gem lots throughout the years, she is just fabulous. Our last shoot was just yesterday at burford manor. She was very enthusiastic and arrived beautifully ready to work. She is beyond a lot of models in knowledge and skill

Book her

Highly recommended

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We had the lovely Gemma on our Maidstone Manor Event With Models, Amber Tutton, Serenity and Georgina May.

This is the second time we have worked with Gem, She was great to have on our event. We booked her last minute, luckily Gem was available. She is so hard working, great with all the photographers making sure they got great shots. Hair and makeup looked amazing as usual.

We look forward to having you on another event soon.

Thank you again!


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Promo Photo

I worked with Gem on a group shoot today at the amazing Burford Manor and organised by UK Model Events. Gem was a last minute addition to the ticket, bravely stepping in due to sickness. Gem was lovely to work with, followed direction well but really did not need any.

Happy to recommend to anyone looking for a talented classical nude model.

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Mike Grantham

I was fortunate enough to shoot Gemma as part of an amazing event organised by UK Model Events at Burford Manor in Kent. Gemma has a unique and classic look with stunning Auburn hair and pale skin. It makes a photographically fabulous combination when shot in natural light. Gemma is pleasant and friendly and easy to get on with. Her experience as a model is obvious in her range of poses and angles.

If you haven't worked with Gemma you must!

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