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Gem has 371 references; 366 recommended, 1 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 4 no-show.

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I have shot with Gem on multiple occasions over the last 5 years, both a model and MUA, and she just keeps getting better and better. On this occasion, Gem was one of two models shared with two other photographers at Natural Light Spaces.

A total professional, Gem’s posing is spot on, and her lingerie wardrobe legendary. Above all she is intelligent, articulate and an absolute pleasure to work with. She of course remains Highly Recommended.

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Shot with Gem posing under water! This itself is no mean feat and takes modelling to new depths (pun intended). She was focused and committed obtaining the required shoot despite the effort required. She was ethereal and gracefully between with her poses creating a unique shoot. Highly recommended!

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Like it says on the tin, a total Gem.

Underwater poise with total commitment to getting the right look for a perfect shot.

Absolute tranquil elegance and total professionalism through out. Very refreshing to shoot with such a committed and beautiful lady.

Certainly added to a perfect shoot. No hesitation to recommend 100%. xx

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We had the amazing model Gemma Huh at our Underwater Tank Event!

What an incredible hard working model we had yesterday! She was full of energy, created amazing poses and beautiful images!

We have seen images uploaded already and they look amazing!

Her outfits she brought were completely stunning!

I was very surprised everyone's makeup stayed on underwater and still looked stunning!

Thank you so much again for being an amazing model on our event!

Many thanks



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We'd shot together once before, so I knew that we were going to get some good shots, but I was unprepared for just how many amazing images we created.

Not only is Gem a great professional, she is also absolutely lovely to work with too : a wonderful combination.

One of the best shoots I've ever had : thank you !!

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Mario Piccaluga

Did show up but is not recommendedShot 1582290000

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I had the pleasure of a first shoot with Gem at Gabriel’s studio in Stratford. An amazing gold body paint shoot, Gem’s make up talent was as great as her posing a very professional approach to both. Gem poses easily and interprets requests with equal understanding and energy. We achieved some great images and time flew - the mark of a successful shoot.

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What can I say yet another wonderful shoot(my third) with Gem. As always a pleasure to work with such a hard working professional and warm person and fantastic model.

Thanks Gem

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1578700800Did not show up.

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Another great group shoot with Gem - she did a brilliant body painting on herself and also had a full set of accessories prepared for the theme.

Highly professional, passionate and hard working model and MUA, always a pleasure to have her in the studio. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to any photographer!

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Roy M

Just did a shoot with Gem at a studio in Stratford; I have worked with her a few times before and each time I have come away with some stunning images.

Gem is great to work with, professional, very involved with the creative process and with her unique look it's almost impossible not to come away with some brilliant shots. Highly recommended

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Elle Beth

I have worked with Gem many times through the years of our careers which has taken us both around the globe, working internationally with one another. Each time her work just gets better and better and the passion for creating photos never fails.

Highly recommended model.

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1565886600Did not show up.

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An Eye for Beauty

1565886600Did not show up.

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I had my first shoot with Gem at a shoot in an interesting Victorian Hotel, organised by Rachelle Summers....Belles of Bedford.

There were three other models, all different and I was fascinated by Gem's look and persona.

Because of the timetable, I only got to shoot two sets with her. One a girl/girl and one with all four models.

In one set, I wanted a distant but slightly dangerous look and she not only did this but many other looks, which as I edit the images, I am trying to get straight in my mind. Absolutely wonderful!

I loved working with Gem and I can recommend her to all photographers.

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My first shoot with Gemma – so a little trepidation… And she turns out to be a lovely lady; professional, laid-back with a very dry sense of humour and a great grasp of her art and its technicalities.

One fantastic model; unreservedly recommended!

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Another awesome shoot with Gem at Rachelle's Belles of Bedford event. Gem always creates awesome poses, has make up always to a high standard and the camera loves her that you get unique and superb images. Gem is always great and fun on a set and can work great individually or with a group of models. We captured some great poses at the event that I can't wait to edit and release. Highly recommended both as a model and MUA.

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Fantasy Dabblers

We went to the Bedford Belles weekend. This was the first time we had worked with Gem. She has a lovely look and had some good ideas about clothing to work with some of our props. We enjoyed working with her and would recommend her to anyone who shoots her styles.

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I had another lovely shoot with Gem at Rachelle's Belles of Bedford shoot which was lovely and relaxing. Gem is a superb model as well as being a lovely person. Highly recommended as her references state. Thanks again Gem for a great shoot!

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This was my first time shooting with Gem on a event in Bedford and she didn’t disappoint as a model ,she was lovely to work with and came up with some WOW 😮 poses, which I can’t wait to edit and release.

Highly recommend would love to organise another shoot sometime.

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