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Photography by VanEyke, Model Emma Jayne / Uploaded 24th September 2014 @ 08:50 AM

Added 1411545040 by Emma Jayne.

Ramees FarooqiRamees Farooqi said, 1536735850

How could I have missed this one?! I love it to bits. Well done Emma and VanEyke.

photorunnerphotorunner said, 1534676833

Could love this again if I could - one of my favourites of you :)

fitnudefitnude said, 1460567233

lovely shot

Emma JayneEmma Jayne said, 1441095156

Thanks Dave :)

Dave HDave H said, 1441095068

Superb Image :)

Emma JayneEmma Jayne said, 1425900783

Thank you very much :)

Aardvark VonEssfolkAardvark VonEssfolk said, 1425896575


Emma JayneEmma Jayne said, 1415187143

Thank you Paul. :)


Wonderful photo

Emma JayneEmma Jayne said, 1414409894

Thank you very much. :)

photorunnerphotorunner said, 1414409499

Must have missed this one. Very nice.

Emma JayneEmma Jayne said, 1414348433

Thanks :)

Johnny KaosJohnny Kaos said, 1414348354

Very nice!

Emma JayneEmma Jayne said, 1414144158

Thank you :)

Ceri ValeCeri Vale said, 1414142913

It's a great shot, full of emotion. Love it on a technical and an aesthetic level

Emma JayneEmma Jayne said, 1414141032

Thanks, me too! :)

Jay AndersonJay Anderson said, 1414137986

Love this shot

Emma JayneEmma Jayne said, 1412089154

Yeah, wow! Thanks Jack! :)

VanEykeVanEyke said, 1412087693

Thanks Jack, that's a massive compliment coming from you :)

Jack RussellJack Russell said, 1412087216

This is a lovely well composed image. Ms VE has certainly got a good eye