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'Wherefore Art Thou?'

'Wherefore Art Thou?' / Photography by Dag Nammett, Model Catalina Love, Makeup by Heather Akerman MUA, Taken at Natural Light Spaces, Assisted by Blofeld, Assisted by Em Theresa, Assisted by Gary Smithdale, Assisted by JTD-Photography, Assisted by Marc Prior Photography, Assisted by Shile Road Photography, Assisted by Syren, Assisted by The Pix Factory / Uploaded 16th April 2017 @ 04:28 PM

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Lauren-JadeLauren-Jade said, 1571592728


Dag NammettDag Nammett said, 1544307983

Thank you :) This was a genuine team effort, and I'm so proud of it!

Lilibeth Lilibeth said, 1544306606

Stunning shot

Dag NammettDag Nammett said, 1534010683

Thank you, WWW! :D

Wonderfully Wacky WebsterWonderfully Wacky Webster said, 1534010609

Suggested - this needs to be a FPI!

MidgePhotoMidgePhoto said, 1531004193

Impressive team; result.

Aurora VioletAurora Violet said, 1528927071

Wow very inspriring.

ME PhotographyME Photography said, 1528640685




Ania1Ania1 said, 1527929019


DeeDancerDeeDancer said, 1522580960

Crazy cool!

MogMog said, 1522580945

Whoa, that's quite a list of attendees. Very cool. Awesome image too :)

Green Eyed PhotographyGreen Eyed Photography said, 1512931885


amosamos said, 1502872294

I absolutely love this amazing ��

Wonderfully Wacky WebsterWonderfully Wacky Webster said, 1502226214

This is incredible! Impressive work :)

BoomerBoomer said, 1493221906

This is wonderful.. super set up Dag and wonderful posing Catalina..!!

Marc Prior PhotographyMarc Prior Photography said, 1492486956

That's an impressive shot! Definitely worth the wait to see this. :) Great work everyone!

Keiran BingleKeiran Bingle said, 1492384722

Bravo, clearly a MSP parachute #expensiveshoot

PG pixPG pix said, 1492372100

great work to all involved. Suggested :)

Catalina LoveCatalina Love said, 1492369988

and thank you

Catalina LoveCatalina Love said, 1492369975

Stew- I was harnessed in safely-don't worry! :)

LOM GlamourLOM Glamour said, 1492369876

Suggested! Superb work by all involved. Cat i'm glad to see you didn't take off!

Gary SmithdaleGary Smithdale said, 1492362591

Awesome! Loving this :)

Catalina LoveCatalina Love said, 1492361062

This has turned out superbly!

LKLK said, 1492360704