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Home Studio


~The Studio~

6m  x 6m heated space

Wooden floor



6 x 300W strobes

1 x 400W strobe


1.7m Octabox

60cm beauty dish with grid

2 x 35cm x 160cm strip softbank

2 x gridded barn-doors

4 x small gridded beauty dish


Lighting stands

Boom arm




Black muslin.   3m x 6m

White muslin. 3m x 6m

Blue mottled muslin.      3m x 6m

Brown mottled muslim. 3m x 6m

2 x Textured backdrops: 3m x 3m

2 x Textured backdrops: 2m x 3m


2 x 3m background stands




2 x posing crates

5m x 40mm rope with ceiling mount


Other Equipment:


2 x ISO triggers

Smoke machine



~Tea/Coffee and refreshments available. 

~ The use of facilities in the main home next door.

~The garden may also be used 

Please get in touch to book (private bookings only)


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