Header photo: Image by model Silverbeard1

It's nearly the big day, bringing us to the final part of this year's PurplePort Christmas series

Whilst there might not be time to sneak in one last photoshoot before Christmas (or maybe there is!), there is always time to browse beautiful photos from this magical holiday!

If you enjoyed the fabulously festive photos in this year's Christmas series, you might be interested in looking through all of the previous Christmas collections we've curated for The Purple Blog

Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good night!


Image by photographer Vern


Image by model Laura Faye


'You're next!' by photographer Gerard


A flare for dance.. by photographer kevin doe photography


Tartan by make-up artist SaphronM


"The Red Forest Queen" series by photographer Maria.Mirage.Photography


Santa's Little Helper by photographer Liam57


Happy Christmas by model ♥ Chiara Elisabetta


Glitter Portrait by model Kelly Hathaway


Ella Snow by photographer RR Photographic (Ruth Chornolutskyy)


Feeling Fae by photographer Chris Evans Photo


Image by make-up artist Annie Daniel MUA


Image by photographer Apollo Flux


Coralie for my Creative Photography Membership by photographer RR Photographic (Ruth Chornolutskyy)


merry Xmas by photographer Rick vW


Natasha by photographer RR Photographic (Ruth Chornolutskyy)


Ewelina by photographer RR Photographic (Ruth Chornolutskyy)


Toy Soldier by stylist Creativity Hub Events


Winter Wonderland by photographer StuArtful2


Merry Christmas by model Silverbeard1


Image by photographer CMAGS


Image by photographer LunaWinter


Magic lights by photographer TK300


o tannenbaum by studio Splash Point Photo Studio


Mrs Christmas by photographer WandaMash


Fi Fi by photographer Robert Mann MA


Image by model Amie Boulton


ModelZoi by photographer Robert Mann MA


Image by photographer Vern


Natural Window light beauty shot by photographer Markcooper.photography


“The Magic of Christmas” may all your dreams come true by photographer Photographer Gino Cinganelli


Image by make-up artist Tanyamarie HMUA


1 - Camy (Christmas) 1 by photographer Ghost Light Photography


Beauty is a thing of might and dread. Like the tempest she shakes the earth beneath us and the sky above us. by model R Louise Modelling


Relaxing at home by model Jade Lyon


Corridor light.... by photographer Gray2


Angel by photographer Doz


Image by model Silverbeard1


Tanya by photographer Markcooper.photography


”Midsummer’s Dream” by model Sigrife / (Oliviia)


oh deer by model Holly Alexander


In The Frame by model Silverbeard1


Masquerade by photographer LeeACC


Image by photographer Portraits by Gus


Katey by photographer RR Photographic (Ruth Chornolutskyy)


Ewelina at our "A Forest of Magical Lanterns" Workshop by stylist Enchanted Evermore Styled Workshops


Image by model Silverbeard1


Lottii Rose by photographer Robert Mann MA


Xmas dance by photographer Rick vW

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