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  • Part time Photographer
  • More than 16 years experience
  • I work for pay only
  • I can travel or work from home
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Alternative, Beauty, Body Paint, Cosplay, Dance, Fashion and Portrait


Hi Everyone,  My name is Maria Mirage

See how I work in behind the scene video "Autumn Fairytale"  [url removed] [link removed]  

Join my facebook group "Behind the Mirage" to see more of my behind the scene and share yours https://[url removed] [link removed] 

Opened TFT castings:

https://[url removed] [link removed]

"Nymph & Naiads"
https://[url removed] [link removed]

https://[url removed] [link removed]


I am a female photographer inspired by fairytales and pre-raphaelite paintings. I love creating dark whimsical romantic pictures with textured look, dominated by strong colours. 

My goal is find a speck of magic in every woman and turn it to bonfire to light a beautiful vessel of human body from within. 

Connection with nature and its elements is driving force behind my art as much as desire to bring dreams to reality. Photography is an art of illusion and I employ every special effect available to me to breath in life to fantasies.

- I am taking booking :-) don't be shy send me a message   

If you want to inquire about my photography, studio, workshop services, propose a collaboration or just want to talk to me about photography you are welcome! Send me message to my facebook page - This is my preferred method of communication. I book shoots via PurplePort, use its references system, can confirm all shoot details as well. I do not often login to PP, so if you want quick reply DO USE my preferred methods of communication :-) 

  • Instagram: @[url removed]ge.Photography and @[url removed]ge.BehindTheScene
  • Connect with me on facebook as Maria Mirage
  • My the most active social media are my facebook pages
  • I have many pictures in my albums :-) browse the theme which feels good for you

[link removed] [link removed] [link removed]

----------------------------------------- Current status -----------------------------------------

I am doing a lot of shoots in water as photographer, stylist, studio and model! I create "magical lake" using inflatable pool :-) so it is very comfortable clean and warm.

Want to get to my magical lake? Get in touch this summer for unforgettable experience.

Watch video with my work in water: https://[url removed]

If you are model you can book shoot with me as photographer or rent my studio, hire me as stylist and bring your photographer

If you are photographer you can bring your model to my studio or I can model myself as https://[url removed]


I am not looking for models to shoot TF! I am a confident experienced photographer and stylist with own studio (full of costumes/special effects/props) providing photography services to all women. I will consider TF with models who can put team together (videographer, MUA, assistant) or have some skills or appearance I am looking for (see below, and castings above) Sorry to say it but if you are beautiful, young and professional model I still have to say "no" to your TF-offer. This is not personal I wish you all success! But TF-shooting beautiful models no longer benefit my art/business. 

So what I am looking in models for collaboration:

  • Redhaired sisters with freckles and naturally curly hair - (and I mean sisters or twins or 2 very similar looking models)
  • Family(or group looking alike) of three women, different age (14-18, 30-40, 50-90) for "generations" or "triple goddess" shoot. The oldest woman must have long grey hair.
  • Very long thick natural hair preferable red ("Very long" is longer than waist) "Rapunzel" casting
  • Can bring snakes & other animals in my garden studio
  • Can bring horse for shooting in close to me forests, or close enough so I can get here.
  • Have a lot of flowers you are willing to contribute to a shoot (a lot mean A LOT)
  • Would love to shoot identical twins
  • Native american models
  • Mermaids with silicone tails "Mermaid" casting
  • Model with access to underwater facilities to shoot
  • Fire dancers who can perform in my garden studio
  • Aerial artist who can perform in forest
  • People covered my ethical tattoos, like maori, aztec, celtic
  • Japanese model who have proper silk kimono and do Japanese traditional makeup 

I am always looking for Filmmakers, MUAs, henna & bodyart & hair artists and designers to collaborate/hire on future shoots.

Thank you for reading and have a great time on front or behind camera ! 


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