Header photo: Nostalgia by photographer Gerard and model Rebecca Tun 

'Twas the week before Christmas, and perhaps you are making the final preparations for one last Christmas photoshoot.

Continuing with this year's Christmas series, we've got another fabulously festive photo collection to keep your creative juices flowing.

We've also curated a Christmas mood board on Pinterest with 100 joyful holiday photoshoot ideas that caught our eye. 

For excellent techniques and exciting ways to set up a Christmas photoshoot, check out 20 Festive Christmas Photography Tips & Ideas and Christmas Photography: How to Take and Edit Christmas Photos + 10 Photo Ideas for Your Family

May your days be merry and bright!


Christmas bauble inspired look by make-up artist Annie Daniel MUA


Xmas on pointe Ruth Ella_joy by photographer Rick vW


Jennifer by photographer RR Photographic (Ruth Chornolutskyy)


Image by model Neeve Kelly


Twas The Last Edit Before Christmas by photographer VonBatCat


Santa at work by model MarkBenn


Image by photographer Vern


Image by photographer Darja


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas by photographer CharlotteJayne


Image by model Silverbeard1


Winter deer by make-up artist SaphronM


Santa delivering to Bodiam castle uk by photographer s james


Image by model Tingis Sky


Alexandra by photographer RR Photographic (Ruth Chornolutskyy)


'Tis is the season by photographer Markusbrehmphotography


Santa paws be visiting this cute kid for sure by photographer Wolfman


Fools Envy by photographer Richard Wakefield


Candy Girl by photographer Michael Calders Photography


Image by stylist Creativity Hub Events


A cure for the blues by model Sinopa Rin


It's In the Eyes by photographer Iris Ferret


Ohhh, Christmas Tree! by model Meena Helvetia


Bokeh light portrait by photographer RR Photographic (Ruth Chornolutskyy)


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend... by model Meena Helvetia


Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas.... :) by model HelloKatie


Shoot inspired by the grinch by make-up artist Annie Daniel MUA


Pippa Doll at The Creativity Hub by photographer RR Photographic (Ruth Chornolutskyy)


All the glitter by photographer philipJvernon


Bloom where you are planted by model ♥ Chiara Elisabetta


Honey by studio Saracen House Studio


Gifts & Cuddles 3 by photographer Matt Ealden


Fairy Lights by photographer Gabriel


The Red Wall by photographer Jamespwatson


Emotional connection. by photographer Brian Lewicki


Carols by candelight by model PaigeAntonia


Who threw that 🤣🤣 by model Silverbeard1


Image by photographer Vern


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas by photographer Steve Westwood


Amy by photographer Markcooper.photography


Dreamy by photographer Chris Cullen


When in doubt, wear red! by model Amy Farrant


Marley's Ghost Revisited by photographer Gothic Image


Deep Thoughts by photographer GaryMac Photography


Nicola by photographer RR Photographic (Ruth Chornolutskyy)


Nostalgia by model Rebecca Tun


Twinkle twinkle little star by model ♥ Chiara Elisabetta

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