The ban

Due to the rise of machine-generated images, we have decided to ban this type of image.

Uploading images generated using services (such as Midjourney/DALL-E/Craiyon/Stable Diffusion/etc.), where you type a phrase or description of the desired image and a machine algorithm (often called A.I) creates an image for you, is banned from PurplePort until further notice.

It doesn’t matter which service or machine learning algorithms are used. If you upload such images, they will be removed.

"/imagine 'A world without computers'"


Our entire purpose is to bring creatives together into a safe, honest, and vibrant community to create fantastic images, and so the use of 100% machine-generated images, whilst an incredible breakthrough, is not something that helps our community.

I feel that using machine-generated images, while empowering everyone to participate in generating art, does not reflect the core purpose of our service, nor does it contain enough human input.

I also feel that it is somewhat deceitful to upload art that has been created merely from a prompt phrase and to claim it as human-generated. There are many arguments for and against machine-generated art, but for PurplePort, I wish it to remain an inspiring source of human-generated and human-focused art.

Finally, it is trivial for anyone to generate art using these art-generating machine algorithms, as I have demonstrated in the images used in this post. It requires no investment in skill or time. Thus, it is equally trivial for such images to crowd out the true artists amongst us and devalue those who have invested their time in their artistic pursuits.

There are many places where such imagery can be displayed, but I feel that PurplePort, and services like it, should remain free of them.

To be clear, I am not against an artist using machine-generated images, and I find the future of such things to be very exciting. I just feel that PurplePort is simply not the venue for such things.

"/imagine 'Something by Jackson Pollock'"

What is allowed?

There is no problem using such images for backgrounds in the same way that commercial background images or textures might be used.


We invite the PurplePort community to help us police this by reporting such images. 

We will then ask the uploader for unedited originals of the images or partial edits/paints in the case of pure artworks. Failure to produce these will result in the images being deleted.

Images used in this post

All images used were generated using a free Midjourney account.

The cover image (full image below, was generated from the phrase "the battle between photography and machine generated art".

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