With the UK in lockdown, I figured I'd make some tutorial style videos to keep me busy while my studio space Splash Point Photo Studio is empty. The aim was to produce some short social media-friendly videos, quick "One Minute 101's" that met Instagram's time caps. As a result, hopefully, these are easily digestible chunks of confidence that aren't arrogant, and while maybe repetitive enough to recall, aren't boring while offering new photographers, or those new to strobe lighting, less fear when in the studio.

Don't fear the functions!

We've all been there! You're new to it all and/or have used a certain strobe light in the past under guidance, and then you turn up to a studio and their's are a completely different brand and layout. You feel a bit intimidated with the owner standing over your shoulder. The good news is, from the cheapest to the most technically advanced strobes, the basic functions that your average photographer will ever need while doing non-specialist work, are the same!

In this 6 video series narrated remotely by local photographer AlexBytheway , we'll take a look at a few different brands and layouts, from unbranded e-bay hobby jobbies, via Godox, Bowens and then Broncolor Siros.


Lighting Patterns

So you're in the studio without a refined eye from years of experience, what can you do to make your photos pop a little? 

Make the lighting about your subject! Typically all we need to do to do that is use a series of different lighting patterns that creating a mood while lighting the plains of the model's face. When you were a kid, remember drawing a circle on a piece of paper, adding a highlight and then a gradient shadow out to the edges for an implied 3d sphere? It's the same thing. We highlight the plains of the face and use to shadow to add a 3rd dimension and atmospheric impact to our images. 

While I can't emphasize enough that nothing will replace refining your eye from experience, these simple patterns will change your portraits in an instant, and as you grow with them, you'll then develop your own style and what YOU personally look for in lighting. There are no "rules" as such, or at least there aren't after you've learned them to have earned the right to break them, but getting those basics down will change how you see light for the better... or eventually worse if get too hard-headed and don't choose to stray from them for artistic merit. Once you have gotten your confidence up to know what you look for, shoot how you like! Plenty of famous celebrity photographers shoot flat images as part of their arsenal to add a little raw narrative to their images, but unfortunately without a reputation, we Joe Public just get critiqued!

*Please search Splash Point Photo on youtube and click on the One minute 101 Playlist for the rest of the series.

Multiple Lighting Set Up

Here we look at building up to a 6 light set up based mostly around our key and with a fill. We introduce the typical placements of kickers, hair lights, background lights and rim lighting with each video. We also occasionally drop out the key light should you wish to go more low key vibe, and we show examples of how multiple lights may translate with natural and continuous light too.

*Please search Splash Point Photo on youtube and click on the One minute 101 Playlist for the rest of the series.

Exploring Light Modifiers

And finally, we'll explore different mods and how they affect the shadows and the quality of light in our images. Said series is currently in narration with Alex, but after that, we'll look to continue recording more 101's and we welcome any suggestions as to subject matter in the comments!



Studioooo / Photography by Russ FTL, Photography by Splash Point Photo Studio, Models Aly Sky, Models Amo, Models Angel., Models Anna Maria, Models Lilly Von Pink, Models Lily Marion, Models Natasha Kalashnikova, Models RebeccaJC, Models ZoePage, Taken at Splash Point Photo Studio / Uploaded 13th March 2020 @ 01:48 PM

All images and videos by Russ FTL . Please feel free to check out our online presence and Alex's too: abytheway, who saves me the pain of having to listen to my own voice!


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