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What is a trade shoot, and what are the benefits of working this way? Read on for practical advice and essential tips to help you book trade shoots and get the most out of them...

19 loves | 5 Comments | 1663683013| 10 min read

by Penelope Purple

We interviewed PurplePort photographer, Graham McCowen, a concept storyteller and photographic art director based in London, UK. Find out more about Graham's fabulous work...

9 loves | 2 Comments | 1662995111| 7 min read

by Penelope Purple

This guide is perfect for photographers who want to start their career working in the model photography industry.

21 loves | 9 Comments | 1660836014| 15 min read

by Penelope Purple

A collection of the best supernatural, paranormal and gruesome PurplePort images to inspire you this Halloween

33 loves | 19 Comments | 1635002703| 6 min read

by Penelope Purple

Behind the scenes of a photo shoot done for a local band called Kasama. A wild and windy day, it also involved taking furniture up onto a remote Scottish hillside

28 loves | 18 Comments | 1604665203| 5 min read

by Kim Ayres

Creating a photo shoot for a band on a dreich winter's day. Includes a behind-the-scenes video.

16 loves | 17 Comments | 1594360505| 3 min read

by Kim Ayres

Creating an "old masters" style photo for a small gallery, featuring the artists who were exhibiting there

15 loves | 28 Comments | 1593785704| 5 min read

by Kim Ayres

We'll be exploring the basic features and lighting patterns for new photographers or those new to a studio environment in a series of video tutorials.

9 loves | 2 Comments | 1589818212| 5 min read

by Splash Point Photo Studio

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to build your own diy rain machine you can use for photo and video! This whole build cost me less than £50 and was done in the comfort of my own back garden!

33 loves | 26 Comments | 1587991816| 4 min read

by Raj K

I interviewed the talented and prolific art nude photographer Thomas Holm, a Featured PurplePort Photographer from Copenhagen. Learn about his photographic journey here...

47 loves | 30 Comments | 1580638504| 12 min read

by Penelope Purple