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Interview With The Fabulous Featured PurplePort Model MissDeadlyRed

Interview With The Fabulous Featured PurplePort Model MissDeadlyRed

By Penelope Purple | Interviews| 22nd November 2019, 10:55 | 36 loves | 12 comments | 4 min read

Portsmouth, UK based Featured PurplePort model MissDeadlyRed has 10 years of modelling experience under her belt and she's also a freelance MUA. She is tagged in a whopping great 202 Front Page Images (FPIs) on PurplePort so I'm sure you will recognise this fiery maned queen of corsetry! MissDeadlyRed is certainly no novice in the modelling world and brings professional class and glamour to every shoot. With her 101 very positive PurpelPort references and her Front Page Image prowess, MissDeadlyRed is definitely a model you should consider booking!

Have a read of our little interview and a browse through her stunning modelling shots below to get to know her a little better!

How would you describe your inspirations for becoming a model?

“My inspirations were from a long time ago, beauties such as big wigs like the fabulous Tyra banks, Twiggy, and Dita Von Teese also amazing smaller creators, such as Miss Mosh, Ulorin Vex and Elegy Ellem, I adore how different and diverse they were and how they kept working at it to get to where they are today, none of them have conventional looks and all of them are so incredible!”

What's your idea of a perfect photoshoot?

“I'd say a high fashion location shoot in New Orleans, I've always been so incredibly interested in the history and I’ve never been, also working alongside any or all of my incredible inspirations listed above, I don't get to do nearly enough high fashion styled shoots, and it would be so much fun to just have a play and let my creative side really come out!”

What do you look for in a photographer?

“I look for someone who is reliable, who will turn around images in a timely fashion, and who can just have fun on a shoot, the more comfortable you are on a shoot the better the images are, also someone who understands flattering angles so not only does the image look stellar but also the model feels happy about her body and can't wait to get the images back, I've had my fair share of photographers shooting me at unflattering angles and giving me insecurities about parts of my body I didn't even think about.”

How do you get most of your paying model work?

“It really varies, sometimes I can have companies contact me directly through my various social media accounts (which is why I would say to any model starting out to really try to nurture their social media accounts, it’s really important to try to get your work out there and only show high-quality images) sometimes this involves me having sponsored content on my social media or shooting campaigns, a lot of my portfolio builder styled work comes from purpleport, where hobbyists and photographers just starting out would like to build up their portfolios using a professional model, I’m not with an agency and my experience with agencies in the past isn't brilliant, so I find freelance work through putting out my work on as many beneficial platforms as possible.”

I would like to say a big thank you to the wonderful MissDeadlyRed for taking the time to answer my interview questions! Please leave a love and a comment in the comment section below if you love her work too!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, feel free to message me, Penelope Purple, with an article or interview suggestion Smile

See more of MissDeadlyRed's work here: PurplePort, Facebook, tumblr

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Incredible look and talent. love your work

Such a lovely inspirational lady!

One of the best

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Very Nice quick peak into the modelling mind of a model I've admired for a while, whose work is always of the highest calibre and whose social media feed is always a great blend of modelling and fun.

Love this ❤️

Beardmore said...

Didn't realise she was pompey based.

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A delight to view and read.

AndiM said...

Nice article and always good to see more from Miss Deadly Red!

Fabulous model

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Interesting read. Would love to see more model interviews.