Additional Information

  • Part time Model
  • More than 11 years experience
  • I work for either pay or trade depending on assignment
  • I can travel for shoots
  • See message reply rate [?]

Stats and sizes

  • 28yr old Female model
  • Stats(in/USA) 34C-27-38
  • USA dress size 4
  • 5'4" tall
  • 120lbs
  • USA shoe size 6
  • Hazel eyes
  • Very long black hair
  • Pale white skin
  • White ethnicity

Shoots styles

Alternative, Beauty, Cosplay, Fashion, Pinup, Portrait, Promotional and Swimwear


External links

I am an internationally published fashion designer and model based in Nottingham and have been modelling since 2011. I have modelled in the UK, Belgium, The Netherlands, Malta and Sicily. Because fashion is basically my life, I focus on creating unique, interesting concepts for my photoshoots, both as model and fashion designer.

I work up to implied topless for beauty/portraiture maximum. I also accept body painting shoots if my nipples are covered by pasties/stickers and I wear underwear. I have the right to refuse any work I don't feel comfortable with or pushes my levels. I will cease communication if I receive any messages hinting at or blatantly pushing my levels.

I own a car and am happy to travel for shoots (travel expenses may apply). I am happy to travel to surrounding areas to Nottingham such as Derby, Yorkshire, Birmingham, etc. any time of the year when not travelling (travel dates below). I am also happy to travel to the surrounding areas of where I am during my travels (for example, if I'm in London, I can travel to Kent, Essex, Reading etc.)

--- Appearance ---

I have very long, hip length black hair and pale skin. I have no tattoos and three earlobe piercings in each ear, a scaffold piercing in my left ear and a navel piercing. I am happy to remove any piercings for shoots. I am 5' 4" but don't let that put you off - I am always in heels, dress to flatter my height and people are surprised to learn my real height when they meet me. I have a small scar on my chest from a birthmark removed as a child but I forget it is there. I am happy for you to edit it out or request it edited out if required.

I can do my own make-up to a high standard. I take care of my hair and can do a couple of styles to a high standard but I'll admit I'm no Vidal Sassoon. I am working on this however, and shoot prices/TFP shoots are negotiable if you desire a hair stylist. I prefer to do my own make-up for shoots.

I have no cosmetic enhancements such as Botox, fillers, breast implants, etc. I am in good shape, flexible, UK clothing size 8-10 with an even, pale skin tone.

--- Personality ---

I am down-to-earth, polite, friendly and punctual. I usually turn up early just in case and have never cancelled or not shown up. I always let any creatives I work with know if I get caught in traffic or will be running late for any reason along with an updated ETA. I never clock-watch or browse my phone during a shoot. I always go the extra mile when creating concepts and love working with creatives to create amazing shoots. I want to make sure you either get what you pay for with my work or that we both walk away with incredible images if the work is TFP. Obviously emergencies can happen for any party but I will always work to rebook or negotiate part refunds for payment depending on expenses already spent (travel, accommodation etc).

Even though I like creating concepts, I'm not a control freak and love working with photographers to collaborate with ideas and concepts; after all, that's what a collaboration is! I am also more than happy to work closely to a photographer's own concept if you have something specific in mind you feel I'd be a good fit for.

Because I am a fashion designer, I understand styling, concepts, lighting and composition more than the average model and treat this as a business I have passion for, which is where my professionalism and punctuality stem from. I'm not in this for a vanity project or ego, I love the art of modelling, photography and everything it entails.

--- Wardrobe ---

I have a large alternative and gothic wardrobe complete with jewellery, accessories and shoes, including a large Gothic Lolita wardrobe which makes for amazing fantasy, woodland, period and royalty concepts. Depending on my workload at the time, I can also make items to suit a concept or theme. I also have lots of supplier contacts and friends who own fashion brands all around the world to source items from so our possibilities are endless.

My wardrobe is sourced from all over the world and includes independent designers (including myself), designer brands and bespoke items. Most of my Lolita wardrobe is sourced from designers in Japan, is extremely high quality and genuine Lolita fashion, not the cheap, low quality, lewd "Lolita" style you can buy from eBay or Amazon. If you need a real Lolita model that has been involved in the fashion for over 10 years, I'm your girl! I have modelled on runways for international Lolita brands including Atelier Pierrot (Japanese), Lief (Korean) and Cherie Cherise (Chilean).

I am in the process of cataloguing the main pieces of my wardrobe including shoes, jewellery and accessories.

My alternative wardrobe contents can be found here:

My fantasy and Lolita wardrobe, which I have finished cataloguing and is up to date, is here:

Feel free to peruse and if you would like to shoot anything specifically from my wardrobe, let me know!

--- Rates ---

I am experienced, do my own hair, make-up, styling and specialise in alternative and complex concepts. My wardrobe is unique, costly and sourced from all over the world. I give you the chance to work with a wardrobe you won't see anywhere else. All of the items are bought with my own money or made by myself with 90% of it starting with items I simply wear in my everyday life (including the fantasy items, I'm a Gothic princess at heart ;) ) but naturally it needs freshening up and updating if I am to create something unique for you. Because I also do my own make-up (and hair to some extent, please see above), there's no need to pay for a HMUA unless absolutely desired. My job is to create something amazing for you and I assure that you'll get what you pay for.

All shoots are a minimum of two hours and prices are negotiable if, for example, you supply the wardrobe, can travel to me or want to book a hair or make-up artist.

My rates are a flat-rate £20ph with a minimum of two hours booked with discounts for half and full days. Travel rates are negotiable.

Watch out for studio days and casting calls for discounts on my rates! If I have a date to fill during my travel dates, you may also see discounted rates.

--- TFP ---

I also accept TFP shoots if it offers something different to my portfolio or we are at the same level of experience as each other. If I add you to my "People I Would Like to Work With" list, this means I am happy to collaborate/work TFP with you.

Don't be afraid to ask about TFP work, I won't jump down your throat about it! However, if I cannot accept a TFP shoot for whatever reason, please don't be offended.

--- My Brand and Collaborations---

As I create and run my own fashion brand, 8th Sin (, I am open to loaning or trading pieces for shoots, acting as stylist and/or collaborating with other models and photographers as long as I get full use of the edited photos. I am also happy to collaborate with other fashion brands or style other shoots. Modelling and styling gives me a different creative outlet to my brand work. Please send me a message if you'd like to work with my brand or require my styling/concept experience.

--- Travel Dates ---


--- Published Work ---

Xpressions Magazine June 2018: Vol 1 (as designer)

Femme Rebelle Magazine August 2018 (as designer)

Gothesque Magazine August 2018: Gods & Goddeses Vol. 2 (as designer)

SOUR Magazine September 2018: Issue #66 (as model and designer)

JellyBaby November 2018: Issue #21 (as designer)

Feel free to send me a message, ideally with if you'd like a paid or TFP shoot, shoot length, location and concept or style in mind.

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