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Creative Photographer Shows His Before And After Photos Of His Playful Perspective Tricks

Creative Photographer Shows His Before And After Photos Of His Playful Perspective Tricks

By Penelope Purple | Photography Techniques| 11th November 2019, 12:10 | 70 loves | 47 comments | 2 min read

It's always rewarding to see the behind the scenes photos of an interesting image and Barcelona based Photographer Jordi Puig, aka Jordi Koalitic, fulfils that desire with these informative and fun before and after shots! He manages to create these engaging and playful images that really draw viewers in with their strong perspective choices and subject matter. These photography secrets pics show us that ingenuity coupled with some household items and a buddy can really create artwork that pops!

Have a browse through these amazing shots for yourself and let us know your favourite!






























So do we have any winners? Be sure to let us know which images really stand out for you and make you want to try out these photography techniques out for yourself with a comment in the comment section below!

Want more information about some of the camera settings behind these photos? Watch this fun, short video of Jordi Koalitic at work...

See more of Jordi Puig's work here

Original article from boredpanda.com

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Awesome work looked here by chance glad i did, new challenges unfortunately house has no broken windows and wife not willing to allow so will have to find a good friend :)

Gareth212 said...

Super creative!!! I need to expand my mind!

These are incredible. So so inspiring.

Michelle1770 said...

There is to many I like and couldn’t pick just one,I liked3,4,5,6,7,8,10,12,15,16,19,20,22,24,26,27,28 and 29.They are amazing how you are using household items that make brilliant photos they are just brilliant n would like to try some of your techniques

Great to see the creativity of other photographers, and to include their ‘how it’s done’ tricks.

I've seen these before, its amazing! So clever!

AndrewPH said...

Some great ideas. Creative thinking.Thanks for sharing.

Dave Hill1 said...

Great ideas.*****

wild and wonderful creative concepts...

wild and wonderful creative concepts...

PHOTOJOE670 said...

Superb idea

Grumpy said...

Thanks very much for sharing those AWESOME tricks. I will have to study them carefully, I am no good with tricks or Photoshop.

oneday said...

Some really cool stuff and although some might still have some photoshop tweaks for final effect amazing to see so much in camera work done. Love it

What a refreshing change to see clever ideas done without Photoshop. Perspective is an underused tool in our kit bag.

Pompeytog said...

These are freakin awesome, thanks for sharing :)

Mark21 said...

Ingenious and deeply inspiring!

TabbyD21 said...

I see this guy a lot on Instagram, and he's awesome. I love the dirt ones, might have to give those a go!

Always great when photographs show how to do something creative.

DaveEd said...

Genius. Excellent creativity and wonderful photography..

arh said...

I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated this. Need to see how I can save it to study in more depth. Great imagination and perception. Thank you.

That is fantastic. Really creative and well done.

Daphne84 said...

wowww so impressive love this kind of stuff

Lovely stuff and inspirational. Love the blog, keep ti up!

Taz75 said...

The urban crap is so cliched but the shoveling of earth was interesting.

Very Impressive and informative, love this sort of thing.

I love seeing how-to articles. These are really great and out of the box ideas.

JJsPix said...

Interesting to see a new take on some old tricks.

Love stuff like this, it is great to see behind the scenes :)

kayah louisa said...

Wow such amazing images from very smart tricks :) I would absolutely love to get some images like this :)

ShootLondon said...

Love it mixed with some street fashion...

ShootLondon said...

haha cool! That looks like fun, I might have to make some up and have a play :-)

NEWO said...

So good! Great blog

First Vision said...

Yes love it!

YorVikIng said...

Love it. Very inspiring.

Vassili said...


Golding said...

I've seen lots of these before, but so inspiring, great blog!!

sylvie Rose said...

Love it!

Impressive and inspiring!

Timmee said...

Inspiring stuff.

The marbles shot is so beautiful. Such clever ideas. Immense editing skills too!!!


very good.... some nice creativity there.

IrisFerret said...

I've been following his work for quite some time now and I'm always inspired by his creativity and thriftiness

Amazing Shots, Outstanding

These are amazing, superbly unique and such good perspective shoots, great work!!!

Huw said...

Brilliant - thanks!