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Photographing Male Models - Have You Tried It Yet? (Because We All Want To See More Of It!)

Photographing Male Models - Have You Tried It Yet? (Because We All Want To See More Of It!)

By Penelope Purple | Amazing things| 8th November 2019, 14:00 | 28 loves | 42 comments | 3 min read

Let's draw attention to the fact that so few male models make it onto the PurplePort 'Front Page Images' list in comparison to their female colleagues... Why is this do you think?

There are a number of reasons I imagine; photographers are less inclined to shoot outside of their comfort zones, there are fewer male model accounts, and the fact that the community is perhaps more inclined to celebrate the female form more than the male... Despite these factors, there is still a multitude of gorgeous, talented, camera-ready male models that can help you achieve a more interesting and diverse portfolio!

Wouldn't you love to see a change in the current attitude towards male models? Don't you think they're deserving of more recognition than they're currently getting?

Have you been thinking lately how you might push your photography to the next level and up your portfolio game? Then get organising your next photoshoot with a male model! Don't let your photography get stale by shooting the same thing every time, keep your interest (and everyone else's interest) alive and try something new!

Browse below for some awesome images from the incredible selection of male models on PurplePort.

TIP: Click on the images to be taken to their creator










































There are such fantastic images in this collection, be sure to click on your favourites and give them some love! I'd like to thank everyone who suggested images in my call for male model photos in the Games group. If you'd like to you'd like to check out everyone's submissions click here

We'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic - Would you like to see more awesome images of male models in the Front Page Image Collection? Be sure to leave a love and a comment in the comment section below :)

Are you still a bit daunted by the idea of shooting a male model? Well here's a quick, handy video that might boost your confidence and inspire you to try something different...

Are you wondering why your images aren't in this collection? I can't share amazing photos if they're set to 'members-only' or 'opt-out of social media posts', or if I simply can't find them, use appropriate keyword tags for your photos!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, feel free to message me, Penelope Purple, with an article or interview suggestion.

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Its because most photographers are male and do it just to see a woman in her underwear and not for the art of photography hence why male models are in the minority.

Peter10 said...

When photographing the male nude, how do you usually represent the penis?

I need to get my images seen more. Anyone any tips how to get an FPI??

FunkyGee said...

I do a lot of amateur photography. Every time I get a fresh idea, in fact, And since I'm the only person who's guaranteed to be around, every time I get one of those ideas, I'm almost always my own model.

RussD3X said...

It's a shame to see only 1 or 2 every few pages. But I just admit the one son the FPI are genuinely impressive Shots. There seems to be. A large lack of interest in shooting males in my area which is kind of upsetting for someone like myself. Ah well.

Okay, so I posted my comment and the comment doesn't exist on the blog. Oh well, the blogs obviously aren't meant for substantive discussion.

I don't see any need for a change in attitude. The appreciation of the female form is normal and natural. I have no interest in the modern fetish of trying to destroy traditional, normal, and natural attitudes.

Hairstylist said...

Wow love your work

AndiM said...

Great article Penelope. Love working with men just as much as the women and very honoured to see a shot of mine from earlier this week included!

(Article category: ‘Getting the most out of PurplePort’)

A PurplePort article worth reading, go to: Home, Articles, How to get an image in the PurplePort Front Page Image (FPI) Collection

What I would like to see though is a guide to posing male models, I think a big part of why theyre not used is because people dont know how to direct them.

Some of us have been shooting male models since joining PP and have had almost zero recognition, so the present blog post is very welcome but long overdue.

Ryan Parker said...

I am a Male Model, and actor. I have so many ideas. But purpleport is the only site I struggle to get work

DannyBoy1 said...

Great blog topic and looking forward to shooting with many more photographers on here to create some amazing images.

This could be my ignorance... but surely the fact more male models don't make it onto the front page is down to PurplePort not choosing them, rather than photographers not using them???

I'm a male model and I've never Been on the fpi

I'd like to say a huge thank you to the Togs that book us, we certainly add something to your portfolio! I'm thrilled to have been included with my fellow guys... we look great! #morethanaprop !!

I shoot male models occasionally, Stephen Stallone Thomas is a regular :-) I like him a lot, as he stretches my capabilities...

I love working with male models. I prefer the power and the texture of their skin. I've worked with Darren S and with Sam Dunning. Both great guys

I prefer shooting with make models. I love the skin textures. I like Working with female models too but alas find it a very female dominated environment

Taz75 said...

Please write a blog for male models not for photographers, urging them to be less a dreamer and be relable like female models tends to be. That in itself would greatly increase the chance of more photoshoots. Looking forward to reading my suggested blog.

I have shot with three male models over the last few years, unfortunately none of them were found via PurplePort and they were not on any site. I found them through friends and other photographers. I look for characterful faces for portraits.

Skulpto said...

Brilliant images. I know my portfolio is female dominated

StuArtful2 said...

I've shot with some great male models in the past. I shot one last week and I'm shooting with one on Sunday. The benefits of working with male models are many fold, not least of which is usually a lot less time spent on skin retouching lol!

Brighteyed said...

I work with males, no issue. The last 2 that were booked cancelled last minute... doesn't help the cause does it.

I have had various shoots with male models and have made good friends through doing so, i really dont know what the issue is about using a male model? people are just very strange creatures as my dear old nan would say ..

Being a mature male model and also a photographer I like this blog very much. The main problem I have as a model is my age most people who want to shoot male models are looking for younger. As a photographer Have had any successful shoots with male models

Nick Pearce said...

Nice one cheers

My one and only FPI was thanks to a male model. And I shot with another one yesterday. I'd happily work with both again. They were most excellent.

Carolinebay said...

I've just started working with male models and am keen to do more fashion editorial style shoots with male models. My portfolio recently features a lot of male models.

ProfilePhoto said...

AT LAST. This is an excellent idea. There are groups on here that are almost entirely female. Tattoo groups for example. Males don't have tattoos? Think PurplePort could capture a much larger market share if it was seen as more of a mixed sex platform.

ProfilePhoto said...

AT LAST. So many groups have only female or almost only female model images. Even tattoo group ones where male models are almost non existent. Males don't have tattoos? Think PurplePort could capture a big market if it was seen as a platform also for male

Some wonderful quality Images here. Although I dont get FPI's I have enjoyed shooting with several Male Models at Group shoots. Each to their own I suppose.

K.M. said...

There are only 7 male models within my normal search radius with VIP accounts. Since my default search is set to female I've never seen any of them before. I worked with a male model who posed a casting once.

Great selection of striking male models there and stunning, powerful images. You missed @efe , hes a great example of a versatile, talented, beautiful male model... https://purpleport.com/portfolio/efe/image/3060980/model/?referrer=kittyquinzell

Paul Kent said...

Some great images there. I shall be posting some more of my 'male' work soon....

This site is crying out for more male model work.

Artism said...

how do I upload? ive done some I admit less than I should but its fairly female dominated

Dezau Art said...

great collection, thank you

Vassili said...

Sad mine wasn't picked but some excellent work :)

These are amazing captures of beautiful male models , I have shot with a few male models myself and I really enjoyed the shootings and the content we made together , and yes I would love to see more male models on FPI images