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Making the most out of PurplePort Search

By Russ Freeman, written 1365943486.

The PurplePort Search is both simple and powerful. You can narrow down the search results quite dramatically and in some really interesting and unique ways.

Options overview

The top two sections apply to everyone regardless of their account type. 

The next options only apply to models, such as sizes and ages etc. but practically every attribute a model can select is searchable. When you choose an account other than model the model options disappear.

The shoot styles also apply to everyone.

Type, location, distance and results order

The very top section allows you to change the location, distance and a whole bunch of other stuff. You can also order the results simply by changing the show [ ... ]first option.

This is also where you can filter by account type and so it affects options further down.

Applies to all account types

References allow you remove anyone with no references or to set a minimum number of references. This is handy if you don't wish to work with someone with no experience.

Mentoring allows you to find people who are either offering to be or looking for a mentor. Can be model, photographer or anyone.

Experience allows you to find those that claim more than a minimum of experience. It's the sad truth that some people do exaggerate about their experience.

Not in allows you to use a list you have created to say "don't show people in this list" so if you have a list of people you never plan to work with then select that list and those folks on the list won't be shown at all.

Must be in is the opposite of Not in. Suppose you have created a list of people you wish to work with. This option, by selecting your people I'd like to work with list, allows you to further refine the search but restricts the result to only people in that list.

Payment is fairly obvious :-)

WTWW Me allows you to find only those that have expressed an interest in working with you.

Can travel ought to be obvious and the same is true for Work at home.

You've messaged recently is a powerful option to either include or exclude those people that you have sent a message to, not replied to, recently.

Active within allows to filter out all of those people who are less active on the site. On PP no-one can be inactive for longer than 60 days anyway but this allows you to refine it a little more to those who are very active.

Applies only to models

The model only options allow you to filter the results based on the selections models have made on their profiles.

Where there are "from" and "to" options you can select either or both. Selecting a "to" option only uses that as a maximum. Using a "from" option only gives a minimum, a starting from selection.

Shoot styles

The only thing to say about shoot styles is that they are anded together. So if you choose nude and body paint then you are now looking for someone that does both, not someone that does nude or body paint.

Saved searches and the Grey Cog

PurplePort allows you to save as many searches as you like and they are all available at the click of the mouse regardless of whether you have VIP membership or not.

To save a search, which includes all of it's criteria and settings, move the mouse cursor over the Saved Searches button, enter a name for it, and click save.

To select a saved search move the mouse over the Saved Searches button and click on the name of the search you would like to use.

The Grey Cog also has some useful options. For example you can reset the search criteria back to the default any time using the option on the cog.

You can also use the options on the Grey Cog to create a list or add to an existing list anyone that is visible on the search results. This is useful if you are travelling and have been sending messages to people in the areas you have been travelling. You can then use the list, as mentioned earlier, to restrict the search results.


  • When viewing the search results it's much more efficient to open portfolios in a new window or new tab. On a PC use the middle mouse button to click each one, or hold down the Ctrl key and left click.
  • Saving searches and using the list option to exclude people is very powerful.

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