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The Guide to PurplePort Image Collections

By Russ Freeman, written 1365167956.

What's an Image Collection

An Image Collection is a useful tool for gathering together images that inspire, images you love, or images that you wish to use on your next shoot.

There are two options available which you can see when viewing another member's image:

  • Collect: Allows you to collect the image and add it to your own collection
  • Collections: Shows other member's own image collections who have collected the image

These options are only available if someone has allowed their images to be collected ("Collect") or if another member has added the image to their own image collection ("Collections").

How to add images to collections

Adding images to collections is quite easy;

  1. View an image
  2. Click the Collect button at the top
  3. On the popup, find the New collection section
  4. Put in a name, choose whether it's a public collection
  5. Click Create Collection

How to remove images from collections

View your collection, from your portfolio, and then move the mouse cursor over the image and click the little X that appears.

Public vs Private

On PurplePort you can have public or private Image Collections.

A private Image Collection is viewable ONLY to you. No-one knows about it, they can't see it, to all intents and purposes it simply doesn't exist.

A public Image Collection is exactly that. Anyone, even non-members can see it. Also, when you add an image to a public Image Collection the people tagged in the image will get an email or notification for it. Often it can be flattering and can lead to a message exchange and hopefully you both working together :-)


  • Collecting inspiring images.
  • Showing appreciation for images.
  • Gathering images together for inspiration for a planned shoot.

What should I do if someone adds my image to a collection?

If it's flattering then send them a message and thank them...it may lead to a shoot and hopefully to you both creating awesome images together!

If it's not flattering and you think the Image Collection breaks PurplePort rules then please contact us via the Get Help link on the Purple Cog near top right - please do include a link to the List so we can investigate.


There are no real limitation associated with Lists. They can have as many people on the list as you like and you can create as many lists as you like. It's cool like that :-)

Do not do this

  • Do not create a public Image Collection of images you think are terrible. It sends all of the wrong messages.
  • Do not create negative Image Collections at all! One day there might be a bug in PP such that everyone can see it...think about!

Can I stop my images being collected?

Yes you can. From the Purple cog top right select Manage your account. Select General site settings and you will find an option to prevent collection of your images.

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