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Spitfire Studio Swindon has 103 references; 103 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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ME Photography

Had a great shoot at Spitfire. Aerlise was there when we arrived and helped us set up and made sure we were comfortable and everything was to our satisfaction. The studio was clean tidy and had plenty of equipment. Recommended from me.

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Richard Law

Spitfire Studios has become my second home for both learning and practicing what I’ve learned in studio photography. I’ve worked with Henry over the last year with various 1-1 studio sessions and the hire of the studio. Communications is excellent, and the staff are both friendly and very supportive. The studio is very well equipped and a great environment to work in. Highly recommended.

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I shot at Spitfire studio on Saturday for the first time.

I can highly recommend the studio, very clean, warm and different props for the shoots!

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My first solo shoot at Spitfire with Aerlise after previously attending one of their lighting workshops. The main studio is well equipped with a good selection of studio flash, soft boxes, etc. plus a good choice of back grounds, and screens. A second smaller studio contains loads of props and costumes and a bedroom set. Excellent space for a relaxed shoot. Look forward to my next one.

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Stephen Edwards

This shoot was at Spitfire studio with Tinkerbella and Jezebelle, amazingly this was my first shoot with Jezebelle, I have shoot Tinkerbella many times. Shooting the girls together was great fun and I have so many stunning images. Pre-shoot comms were excellent both had looked and the mood board and had great ideas for the look and feel of images I was looking for.

The studio was ideal for this shoot, warm for my Art Nude shoot and a good size. This ensures I can stand back and use a long lens to enhance the beauty of these lovely ladies.

Lots of heads and modifiers along with some large on wheels flags/reflectors greatly enhancing contrast or adding a broad fill where needed to my images.

Highly recommended.

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Penny Lee

Shot at Spitfire on Wednesday with a lovely photographer. The studio was clean and easy to use. Lots of stuff inside to use.

Hopefully be back again soon x

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Al Marley

Spitfire is a great space and very versatile, with lots of excellent equipment available.

Its a great choice if you are looking for a studio and would highly recommend it to anyone.

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Vincent Knaus

I stopped in at a Studio Evening and I had a great time. It was nice meeting Henry, Aerlise and Marcus (and everyone else who was there). Very nice group to work with. There is a lot of equipment to use and plenty of space to work in. I will be getting a monthly subscription and I look forward to shooting there soon!

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KatyB (Katex)

I worked at Spitfire studios with Rachel and Marcus for a 6hour shoot, and there are plenty of area to shoot in, so youd never struggle to fill a full day.

Its a good space with lots of props to use, many different backdrop options, outfits and heels to use. Marcus was lovely and accommodating and showed me around. It was lovely and warm and a nice clean toilet area.

I would definitely work here again and recommend it to any photographer or model looking for a space to shoot with has great value for what you get.

Thanks, I'm sure ill be back!


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Have used Spitfire many times in the past and have always got great images - most of my portfolio was shot there.

Helpful staff, lots of equipment and nice and quiet, good little studio for pro and amateur use alike.

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Aperture photography

I used this studio a early part of this month on studio day I found the studio well equipped with lighting and props also tea and coffee making facilities looking forward to next event at the studio

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My first time shooting in this studio today! As a model there was lots to get the creative flow going.

I have to say I love the design on the wall in the second room, if gave a fun quirky backdrop to some images!

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Rebecca Perry

Today was my second shoot at the lovely Spitfire Studio in Swindon & What a pleasure it was! :-) The studio is a great space, nice and warm for us models and I felt so welcomed :-)

Tea coffee and cake provided which is always a bonus! :-)

I look forward to my return next time!

Rebecca Perry


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My second time shooting at Spitfire yesterday. Great studio with lots of space, backdrops, lighting, props etc. Both times the studio has been nice & clean & warm which is what us models need! Easy to find with plenty of parking.

Recommended :)

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It turns out that have been using Spitfire Studios since January 2014. It’s my “go to” studio as it has most, if not all, of the facilities I need. It is fairly spacious, clean, well equipped and warm even in the depths of winter - which is something my models always appreciate! Hire costs are quite reasonable and being a member of the Studio Subscription scheme reduces my hire fees even further and I don’t normally have any trouble getting the slots I am after as long as I plan a week or two ahead.

I think the studio would suit anyone who is confident enough to set up their own lighting etc. and I know that Henry and the Spitfire Team can often arrange assistance for those photographers who need some help with the lighting.


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Xclusive Magic Photography

My first time at this superb location. Studio is very spacious with lots of possibilities for backdrops, props etc.

Many thanks to our hosts Henry & Aerlise who made sure our needs were catered for including their expertise with lighting set-up. Especially nice to try something a little different with the lighting effects which worked very well.

Thank you, and I am sure to be back when I can.

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LE' Dresden

This was up there with the best studios I've worked in. It was easy to find, had plenty of parking, plenty of room to set up and to shoot. And Aerlise and Henry were Just stars. They went out of there way to make sure the light was perfect before we started shooting. And even helped with the building and breaking down of the props which was a big help.

They made everyone who came on the shoot feel welcome. And I already have ideas in which I want to use the studio again for.

You won't be disappointed with this great studio.

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Paul Davies

Had a great first shoot at Spitfire Studio yesterday.

Well equipped, easy to find, plenty of space, loads of parking, helpful and friendly staff.....loads of props. A couple of the lights overheat quite easily but was warned and it was resolved easily by changing to different heads, of which there are plenty.

Must remember to take my tri-reflector next time though as I couldn't find it if they have one. I will certainly be booking this place again though.

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Little Egypt

Great studio with lots of parking.

I had my first visit to Spitfire Studio recently and was delighted to know that the studio was warm, had tea making facilities and was clean. Nice to be in a place with lots of props and clothing options to experiment with.

Thank you

Ellie xx

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This is such a fab studio. I've lost count of the number of times that I've shot here which tells its own story - great facilities, great equipment, great space and run by a great team.

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