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Hope Alicia Lunn

David is a pleasure to shoot with. Professional, respectful and knows what he’s doing. His studio is awesome too. Loads of props! Highly recommend David :)

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I booked a slot on David's 1920's shoot. He was really helpful from first communication and all the way through the shoot. He helped me understand the lights and how to get the best use of my camera.

He agreed to set up Hollywood lighting for me as well and gave me pointers throughout the shoot.

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Naomi Anne

David is such a fun and talented photographer to model for.

He has a fantastic range of vintage to modern day, corsets, lingerie and dresses. It was so exciting for me to be wearing clothes that were from the 1910s!

The entire shoot that we had was brilliant. It was a truly enjoyable experience and I am very excited to work with him again.

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probably made a friend for life with David and his lovely wife . Lovely people , they are passionate about what they do , there wardrobe is fantastic . I was made very welcome, also with unlimited amounts of tea and coffe . Definitely my kind of people . See you soon 💗

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Madeleine Walker

I had my first shoot with Dave and Pam at his own vintage studio (Studio 3 By Severn). I didn't know what to expect, but when I was a arrived I had a friendly greeting from Dave. Dave is fun and larger than life, with a good sense of humour, and immediately made me feel relaxed. Inside we met Pam, a thoughtful, passionate woman with an eye for detail and fashion.

The studio was very impressive. They had a massive, eclectic wardrobe, with a variety of 20th Century looks. The studio has plenty of space and various backdrops and furnishings, plus plenty of props. They also offered me a selection of beverages.

I shot with both Dave and Pam, and both had different but strong styles. Dave was very methodical, it was clear he had been working his trade for a long time. Dave seemed to create an image in his head, and then position you in the perfect pose. This a different approach to other shoots I'd been involved in, but very valuable, as I was taught the importance of detail and how every movement, no matter how small, makes a difference. And when you saw the images, you saw how much this attention to detail paid off. He also showed me images of the camera throughout the shoot, which created a good relationship between photographer and model.

Pam was also great to work with. She would let you come up with things yourself, but she would also have ideas that were inspired by specific images she'd seem from pop culture, e.g. album covers, and we would work together to recreate certain looks.

I was sent the raw files from the shoot to choose from. Both Dave and Pam's photos were equally as brilliant. Both different, but both just worked. I definitely have favourites from both of them. I have since been sent some of the edits, I thought the raw files look good, but the edits were somehow even more beautiful and refined.

I have recently visited Dave's studio again to be part of an organised group shoot. It was another great experience.

I would very much recommend!

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Ellie Frances

From the moment I arrived, I was made to feel relaxed with such a warm welcoming. David has a great personality which carries throughout the shoot. It gave me confidence whilst ensuring the shoot is an enjoyable experience rather than just a job.

As we shot I would be shown the raw images straight from camera. Already I can tell I have amazing photographs coming my way! The studio really stood out to me for it has everything needed for a successful shoot: outfits to try, props, backdrops and multiple lighting set up options.

If you are lucky enough to model for David, or his group shoots, you will not be disappointed. I would recommend him to everyone 😊

Thank you so much David

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Had the most wonderful shoot with the exceptionally talented David. The moment he met me at the door, I just knew we were going to create some amazing work.

His studio is just a treasure trove of items, and he had laid out outfits for me to shoot. He was open to my ideas and between us nothing short of magic happened.

His wife should not go unmentioned either. Her eye for style and creating sets is just amazing. She saw things that I would never have noticed. They both form the perfect duo.

Loved every minute- I hope to be booked again by them because it didn’t feel like work at all! Fantastic people, great talents and amazing results

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Darcie Louise

I had a fabulous shoot with David.

So friendly and such a relaxed atmosphere. He really knows his stuff and knows how to get a fabulous shot!

Lots of props and clothing. And fabulous backdrops/settings/studio.

I’d highly recommend David. Looking forward to going again for another shoot some time!

Thanks again

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Miss Kimberley

I had a 4 hour booking with David at his studio shooting Victorian period fashion which was very enjoyable, David is very welcoming and considerate completely professional and I felt comfortable throughout the shoot. It was well paced shoot and we got through a few different concepts and set changes, I’d be more than happy to shoot with David anytime, the studio is great and has a varied wardrobe for outfits to my relief as it always makes it more enjoyable when outfits for the shoot are provided it takes out the pressure for me as I only have to get dressed.. if only I could do that! We finally got there once I figured out how to put it on which was entertaining, worth it for the shot once it was on.

The shoot flew by in no time at all and I look forward to working there again in the near future ☺️

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Attended the Tudor themed photoshoot on Sunday @ Studio 3 by Severn, and what can I say, was such a brilliant day host was excellent and very helpful with props, lighting and of course the most important element tea & coffee. Models where also excellent to directions really well and posed to an excellent standard.

Would defiantly recommend this studio and looking forward to more events in the future.


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Bethany Unwin

David was wonderful to shoot with! He made me feel really comfortable, he had great concepts and creative ideas. Really enjoyed getting to work with him!

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Pretty Little Jem

I had my first shoot with David and his wife today, very friendly, very professional, they both made me feel very welcome and I had such a good time!

They had so many different ideas and costumes and the pictures look amazing!

I look forward to working with them again!

Thank you!

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Kitty Dawson

I had a lovely and fun shoot with David and others at Davids studio.

He is professional, friendly, creative, fun, easygoing and knows what he is looking for in an image,

as well as allowing the model to put their creativity into the shoot too. We shot fashion-lingerie and I used some of the Studios interesting outfits.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with David, I think it went by so fast!

I also enjoyed working with Kevin and two other photographers for a few hours, after I shot with Kevin.

It was a great evening! I hope I get the chance to work with David again.

Highly recommended :D

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Nigel WHP

This was my first shoot with David and his wife. I had the opportunity to model some amazing original costumes :-) I enjoyed every minute they both have great talent and lovely to work with. Make you feel very welcome and can have a laugh. The studio is also amazing with a massive range of backdrops and props. I can't wait to see the images as I am sure they will look fantastic. I highly recommend shooting with these extremely talented photographers!

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David is a fantastic photographer with a lot of passion.

Upon entering the studio, David was very warm & welcoming. I was shown around the studio and offered refreshments and snacks to grab throughout.

I spent the first couple of hours one on one with David, who had so many ideas. I’m new to modelling so it was important to me to work alongside photographers who would be happy to share knowledge and tips and David did just that. His outfit variation is simply wonderful! I felt incredible in all of them. The next few hours were alongside a couple of photographers David had arranged and again they were great guys. I had a lot of fun and spent the evening laughing!

Thanks David.

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This was my first shoot with David. I enjoyed every minute he has great talent and lovely to work with. Makes you feel very welcome and can have a laugh. His studio is also amazing with a massive range of back drops and props I can’t wait to see the images. I highly recommend shooting with him.

Kim xx

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Joleen Turner

I finally got to work with David, after we've had to reschedule a couple of times and a bit of confusion on the day. A very laid back shoot, David's studio is lovely, with so many costumes and props to work with! We worked through several different sets and David was very professional and respectful throughout the shoot. He's very easy to talk to as well and time just flew by. We managed to get one set shot by his lovely wife in as well. Really looking forward to seeing the images and have no hesitation recommending David.

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Planned on the day as a last minute shoot. I feel lucky yo have had the opportunity to work with David. He was friendly and had some lovely ideas to try out. I had some costumes to capture so we managed to get everything we wanted shot in a short space of time.

The studio has lots of set/background options to choose from which was good.

The photos taken looked great on the camera, I can't wait to see them properly soon.

I look forward to having the opportunity to shoot with David again soon. It was a pleasure. Thank you.

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Amber Belle

I had a great first shoot with David. The evening was relaxed and fun, which I'm sure will come across in our photos :) I felt very looked after and was topped up with coffees all evening (thank you!)

David is fantastic at giving direction and has great creativity. Can't wait to shoot together again some time!

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Michelle Stone

Met David for an organised group shoot, he was lovely enough to pick me up from the station alongside back to Nottingham. Very attentive, caring and funny! I would love to work with him again and highly recommend!

Thank you!

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