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Amazing models line up

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Amazing models line up / Photography by M a g a n d a P h o t o g r a p h y, Models ModelZoi, Models Riona Neve, Post processing by M a g a n d a P h o t o g r a p h y / Uploaded 22nd March 2017 @ 07:46 AM

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After an awesome shoot in a castle in Antwerp, I've shot this photo with the lovely models Riona, Nirmala, Dorka, Fredau and Zoi. What a dream team ;)

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Aristomenis TsolakisAristomenis Tsolakis said, 1508665737

I will say again: What beautiful Κόρες (Daughters) adorn the PP... Χαίρετε Κόρες and M a g a n d a P h o t o g r a p h y.... 2

Ross McKRoss McK said, 1507491351

oh wow! A photographer's dream - what an opportunity!!

Not Björn - ArtistNot Björn - Artist said, 1507480860

Love the contrasts!

wq0pcowq0pco said, 1507450009

talk about a dream shoot or what........

Miss Rogue RoseMiss Rogue Rose said, 1507396715


Cartèlea KelsieCartèlea Kelsie said, 1507391498

Amazing picture!

Flo XFlo X said, 1507359724

A la herb Ritts...

MikeyPMikeyP said, 1507333522


Paul6Paul6 said, 1507332223


oliversedgwickoliversedgwick said, 1507329533


dark shutterdark shutter said, 1507327940


LeafLeaf said, 1502536911

WOW!!!! A fantastic image! :)

aurigaauriga said, 1500972878

Yes, dream team! Love them all!

wq0pcowq0pco said, 1500190851

just amazing, really as simple as that....

Justin2JustinJustin2Justin said, 1490308677

Must have been cold...

SomersetmanSomersetman said, 1490223220

Five beautiful models, perfectly grouped. Lovely lighting and location. What's not to like?

art65art65 said, 1490170386

so much talent in a small space!

Colin1967Colin1967 said, 1490170290

Lovely grouping

The ApothecaryThe Apothecary said, 1490169777

Beautiful capture flawless...