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Added 1396383364 by Joceline/Ariel Anderssen.

sirjohnsirjohn said, 1434648788

Ah! The onion pose!! Very well done

Marc AyresMarc Ayres said, 1434311877

Very clever 😊

Tony BrowneTony Browne said, 1432589266

Great concept !

Patrick.HPatrick.H said, 1415103560

Love this inspired no doubt by the famous Helmet Newton shot of four models fashionably dressed the a second image all nude.

photorunnerphotorunner said, 1406071786

Done very well, Love it.

BiffSnrBiffSnr said, 1404637853


The Pix FactoryThe Pix Factory said, 1401051765


TheJamCasCruTheJamCasCru said, 1398287138

An idea I've been nurturing mentally which you two have executed beautifully. Well done.

MonoFotoMonoFoto said, 1396822803

6-strap sexiness :-)