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I've shot with Colin a few times and its always fun and different.

We have a laugh and get some great images! I'm defiantly going to continue shooting with him.

I would recommend him to anyone looking for a photographer and defiantly recommend his photography club night and photography trips. I can't wait for the next shoot.



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Tink Kaos

Last week, I shot at Colins sweet little studio in Chester for a Thursday club night, on the Ssaturday for a studio day, and Sunday again for another studio day - what an amazing fellow! I got on with Col immediately, he's such a chatty, friendly fellow, and made me feel so welcome. We shot together for a grand total of about half an hour so we shall remedy that soon. I adore Colins' work, I'll corner him next time!

Highly recommended. Cannot wait to shoot at Pathways Studio again, and with the endearing Colin. Much sparkles!


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Shot at Colin's studio Saturday not been for a good year or two. He had certainly impressed me plenty new lights new backdrops plenty props, also shot with Colin for a hour at the end of my studio day, lovely bloke mad as a box of frogs, happily shoot with him again & use his studio. Xx

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I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Colin. I had chance to shoot with him briefly after I worked at his studio for a group shoot.

Colin is fun to be around, great to talk to and has some crazy ideas that turn into awesome photographs!

Definitely recommended by me :)

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Chloe Louise MakeUp said...

Had a great shoot with Colin and my team of girls at Pathways Studio!

Colin was great, knew exactly what way he wanted the pictures taken and nothing was to much trouble! Even when the girls where bouncing round the studio! 😁

He made us all feel at ease and gave us some great advice on how to further our careers!

Great day and a great man! I would highly recommend Colin any day!

Look forward to working with you in the future,

Chlo & the girls X x

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Ismini Nekron

I shot with Colin about two weeks ago, communication before hand was great, he assured me he would pick me up at the station and take me to his studio. (which was a god send as i do not know my way around Chester)

He was full of enthusiasm and reasurred me as i was a bit nervous, due to having wanted to work with him for a long time. The studio was charming, with a changing area seperate, plenty of props, back drops and even a smoke machine that I got to experiment with. Plenty of ideas and suggestions were flowing, i was shown the images as they were taken and i couldn't be happier with what was achieved, i cannot wait to see the end results. Some really spectacular images taken that are going straight into my portfolio.

All around a really humbling experience, Colin was a great laugh and stayed professional throughout.

I would definately recommend and would be more than happy to work with him again!

Thanks again for a great day.

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Danni Wimbush

After doing a few shoots at Colin's studio with other photographers, I finally got to do a shoot with him.

Colin is so friendly and professional; great with a camera too!

I highly recommend Colin!

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Another fabulous studio evening at Pathways last week.

Always a pleasure to see Col.

Always a nice bunch, feels like a nice little gathering and fully enjoy the events.

Very friendly whilst maintaining professionalism.

Col always ensures I get to and from the studio in one piece.

Highly recommended by me with 5 stars as always *****

Thanks Colin, until next time.

Wendy Louise xx

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Alexandra A

Love love love !

Have known Colin for years and every time we shoot its so much fun and we always get fabulous results. Hes so dedicated and hard working, very friendly and puts you at ease before a shoot. One of my favourite photographers to work with. Great photographer, great results. Would highly recommend.

Alex :)

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stacey jane

Today has been a great day !!

Met Colin this morning at the studio - welcomed in with a warm smile and a cup of tea - lovely guy and bonus he is a fantastic photographer!!

We tried lots of different ideas and it worked a dream :)

Top guy made me feel comfortable the whole time! I also have a feeling there will be another shoot with Colin very SOON!! Can't wait! Thanks Colin ;)

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I worked with Colin for the first time at the beginning of March, he had organised and was running my studio day at his studio Pathways Studio. The moment Colin picked me up I felt at ease and relaxed, his communications were great from start to finish. I only shot with Colin for an hour at the end of my studio day but he was an absolute pleasure to work with and the time flew by!

He has a great eye and from what I saw the images look great! Colin is a lovely man and makes sure his models are well looked after. I really enjoyed working with him and at his studio and really hope I can come back again! 200% highly recommended!

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star blue

colin is such easy guy to work with and helped me feel comfortable and confident throughout the shoots and i cant wait to go back again, he is great photographer to work with iv had two awesome shoots now, highly recomended :)

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Just returned from a week shooting in Spain with Colin. Having worked with him before I was thrilled to find out he was involved in the trip. A wonderful fellow who shoots incredible images and is great fun to hang out with and shoot alongside. Really must get myself to Chester sometime soon.

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Neeve Kelly

Colin is such a laid back and friendly person whilst I was shooting with him it didn't feel like work.

The shoot was with both Melissa Tongue and myself, he came up with many ideas and utilised the studio space efficiently. I was impressed with the fact that he allowed for us to be very expressive and creative with the poses, but also gave us direction when it was needed. I liked what I saw on the back on the camera throughout the shoot.

I am looking forward to seeing the results from this shoot, he comes highly recommended!

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Kat Y

Another amazing shoot with Colin, fantastic photographer, down to earth, knows what he's doing and I would love to work with you again, I can't wait to see the results!

Next shoot to be continued, in the woodlands!

Highly recommended!

Kat. Xxxx

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RachelWStylist said...

I have worked on a shoot with colin many times in his studio at group shoots and with colin styling the hair of the model.

I found colin welcoming, friendly and very easy to work with. He made me feel part of the gang and i felt comfortable to approach him with any input on the evening.

Look forwards to working with colin again in the future.


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Rebecca Leah

I had a very successful two day studio days at Pathway Studios in Chester. The communication with Colin beforehand was fantastic, I felt very welcome and he really looked after me. The photographers that use his studio were an absolute pleasure to work with and the overall experience was fantastic! I will definitely be back at Pathways soon!! xx Thanks Colin :)

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MissTaarna spfx mua

was great to finally meet Colin, and work on an awesome shoot together I was the MUA, and created a darker, pastel style look, he was great to get along with, and does amazing work, would recommend him to any other creative, and would love to work together more in the future. can't wait to see the images we created. Taarna x

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Felicia G said...

I had my first shoot with Colin today, I felt comfortable from the start. He was very welcoming and the studio is great. He have me guidance in different looks and poses and was very professional. Would definitely recommend and would definitely work with him again :)

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Lolly Promo-Model said...

Shot with Colin for the first time yesterday. Was quite last minute. He is a wonderfully talented respectful guy and puts the model first. The studio was warm upon arrival (which is a very big thing for me) and there was plenty of refreshments. I highly recommend to anyone

Thanks again for a great shoot Colin. Looking forward to see the results and working with u again on our next shoot arranged upon leaving :)

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